Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 5 Characters that Chilled Down My Spine

Horror movie is probably not my type of movie because I found it useless and non sense. But not all horror movies are totally lame. There are some well crafted horror films that give a chill down my spine. This is my list of nightmare horror characters.

Top 5: Chuckie from the movie Chuckie

Who can forget this ugly little killer doll? He is so creepy that everytime I see a doll, I remember the demon possessed doll called Chuckie.

Top 4: Sadako from the movie RING

A long haired woman with a vengeful spirit coming out of the well is probably an image you never want to remember. That is Sadako out there hunting you and your imagination.

Top 3: Black Eyed Kid from the movie The Black-Eyed Children

Kids could be cute and awesome, but if they look like unnerving whose eyes are solid black, I think I'll pass.

Top 2: Red Faced man from the movie Insidious

This character makes me close my window or one week. What if a red faced man like him appear in your window? I think I'll die.

Top 1: The Evil Dead

A remake of the 1980s movie The Evil Dead is set to be on theater this 2013, but the thriller is simply terrifying. Ugh, creepy.

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