Friday, April 5, 2013

The World's Famous Brothers

 Isn't it cool to become famous together with your brother? We have several brother tandems that have been famous all over the world in different categories. Here is my list.

RELIGION: Cain and Abel

I think that the most famous brothers in the Bible is Cain and Abel.  Who could forget these first two sons of Adam and Eve according to the book of Genesis. They are brothers but they are completely opposite. Abel was a keeper of a sheep while Cain is a tiller of the ground. Competition arise between them and we know how Cain killed his brother Abel because of jealousy.

GAMES: Super Mario and Luigi

If you are a 90s kid, you probably encountered a classic game called Super Mario brothers using a so called "Family Computer". Mario and Luigi, the plumber brothers are the reason why I spent more hours in front of family computer than my books and notes. Until now, there are some digital version of Super Mario brothers game. But I still prefer the good old version.

MOVIE:  Thor and Loki

 Ok fine, they are not really brothers because Loki is just an adopted son of Thor's father, but they treated him like real member of the family despite the fact that Loki is bearing the enemy's blood on his veins. We have been entertained by the rivalry of Thor and Loki, and that made them famous.

SCIENCE: Orville and Wilbur Wright

Who could forget the Wright Brothers? The inventors of the flying machine or what we call the airplanes. Opening the possibility for humans to fly would be enough credit for them to be famous.

ENTERTAINMENT:  Prince William and Harry

The Royal Brothers. To say that every girl in the world would surely want to marry any of them is an understatement. Well, aside from the looks, they got the wealth and the royal blood. Who wouldn't want that? huh?

There you go, the world's famous brothers. If I missed something, that means, they're not famous enough to be included on the list.

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