Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Things You Should Know Before Going to Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant Davao

One of the tourist destinations here in Davao City is the Jack’s Ridge. This is where you can dine in to Davao’s best restaurant while overlooking the City. I went there together with the Davao Rushers to meet a rusher from Manila. Yes, it was an eyeball and it was my first time to visit Jack’s Ridge.

Jack’s Ridge could be a good venue for everything. You could celebrate your birthday there, a wedding anniversary maybe, a date or in our case, an eyeball. BUT, before you go there, I believe you need to know these five things about Jack’s Ridge.

            1. Location

Jack’s Ridge is located in Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City, this is the highest area here in    Davao City. Below is the map to show the actual location of Jack’s Ridge.

2. Transportation

I think the most convenient way to reach Jack’s Ridge is through a taxi, that is if you don’t have your own car or transportation. It would take about 15 to 20 minutes to travel from the downtown to Jack’s Ridge. The taxi fare ranges from 80 to 100 pesos.

3. No Foods Allowed

That’s right, Jack’s Ridge is not a good place for picnic. If you are planning to bring foods, well, don’t, because the guard will beckon you to leave the foods in the guard house. Don’t worry, Jack’s Ridge has a lot of Restaurants where you can dine in, so it’s safe to say that eating is allowed there. Well, you can bring cake(in a box) there but you need to pay a corkage for that.

4. No Entrance Fee

You read it right, Jack’s Ridge has no entrance fee. Just submit yourself for checking at the guard's house and you can get inside Jack’s Ridge for free.

5. Picture Taking Allowed

You can point and shoot your camera anywhere just like this

Go visit Jack’s Ridge and don’t forget to bring your camera for an unlimited picture taking.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peak: The Rescuers- A Must Watch Japanese Movie

In commemoration to the Japan-Philippines Friendship Day, 8 selected Japanese movies have been featured to showcase Japanese culture and lifestyle. Since the admission was free, I did not hesitate to watch the first movie featured entitled Peak: The Rescuers.

This movie is all about the story of a volunteer mountain rescuer named Sampo. For Sampo, mountain is his life, it is his home. Despite the threats of danger and possible death in the mountain, Sampo chose to appreciate its innate beauty and he even encourages those mountaineers that he saved from near death predicaments to come back in the mountain. When a new volunteer Kumi joined the mountain rescuer team, she was inspired with Sampo’s passion with the mountain. Triggered by her attempt to follow her father’s footstep as a rescue leader and Sampo’s expertise, Kumi learns the peril of her new job. Kumi and Sampo together faced the raging storm for a rescue mission and what awaits for them is an overwhelming challenge of a mother nature that leads them to know more about each other and their perspective in life.

Well, I can see two contradicting points in this movie. Sampo emphasizes that you should never abandon life while the rescue team leader said a reckless attempt to save somebody’s life may invite more death. If we are going to view on their perspectives, they are both agreeable. In the case of Sampo, as a rescuer, a volunteer per se, it is his responsibility to go amidst danger just to save the people from their own predicaments. He never blame people, as long as somebody needs his help, he will go and risk his life because he will never allow somebody to die. However, in the case of the rescue team leader, the lives of the volunteers are his responsibility. So when worst comes to worse, he will never allow his people to come saving the lost people in the mountain because for him, this will compromise the life of his team. Well, it’s true, although they are trained, they are only human and mother nature is not an easy challenger.

The story is good, very inspiring and I was in fact moved, but there are some inconsistencies in the plot that would make the movie unrealistic. For instance, why would amateur mountaineers would go trolling in the mountain in the middle of the snow storm? Stupid right? And why would authorities allow these people to trek the mountains even the weather is bad? While I have nothing against mountaineering, I am sure in real life, one would not go if the weather is bad. Also, there are some scenes in the movie that I wish have been visually emphasized. There’s a scene in the movie where a rescuer needs to amputate the leg of a stuck mountaineer so they can get out of the crevasse before the snow freeze them. That scene has been cut, it may be gruesome and gore, but that would be a big plus for this movie.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and I learned a lesson from the movie. It made me realize that everything in this world is worth risking for. So I am going to rate this movie 8/10.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tips for 8th Korean Language Test (KLT) Passers

Annyong Haseyo Chingu. 

Are you one of the passers of 8th Korean Language Test? If yes, I would like to congratulate you for reaching this far. You are now on your way towards getting a job in Korea under EPS or Exam Permit System.

But wait, passing the examination does not always guarantee a secure job in Korea. That was just the first part of the process. After passing the exam, prepare yourself for a bloody and painful process not to mention time consuming and money demanding procedures. We chose to take the challenge, so just hang on there and believe that everything will happen in God’s perfect timing.

I know that more than 8000 KLT passers out of more than 9000 who passed are still waiting for EPI and contract from a Korean Company. But for some passers like me, we could not expect our EPI to become available pretty soon because we don't even have a data on our EPS account, I have some good advices for you while waiting.

      1.      Exercise to become physically fit

Based on my readings, most of the work in Korea requires physical strength and stamina. This is the reason why most of Korean companies prioritize boys than girls. If you are working here in the Philippines in an office or in an establishment where you can just sit there for 8 hours, well, it’s not the case in Korea. You must be aware that jobs in Korea may require you to lift objects, stand in a long time, operates heavy machines and what not. This may sound dangerous and heavy but if you are physically fit, nothing that a Filipino worker could not do. While waiting for your data or EPI or contract, exercise everyday. This will not only kill your boredom but also increases your patience because exercising will make you busy. Go and jog around every morning, practice lifting heavy objects and increase your physical stamina. There is nothing to lose anyway if you will do this.

     2.      Practice Korean language

I read somewhere in the forum that a Filipino who can speak good Korean is considered a good worker. Take at least 2 hours everyday to practice and review your Hanguk Mal. Do not just rely on what you learned during the examination. Just because you passed the exam doesn’t mean you’re good to go. What we learned during the KLT I believe are just basic. It’s not enough that you can just read and write in Korean. Practice basic conversation like Annyong Haseyo, Sillehamnida, kamsahamnida, Annyonghi Giseyo, and more basic Korean phrases. You may not be able to appreciate it today, but when you are in Korea, you will really find it handy. Learn the basic conversation like asking a telephone number, or introducing yourself, or asking for the bathroom and more. Don’t just sit in front of your computer checking your immigration status, Review your Hangkuk mal and this will help you live  a better life in Korea.

      3.      Believe  and Pray

God has allowed us to reach this far, and I think he would not leave us hanging here. Believe that this is his WILL for all of us, so keep praying fervently for this petition. Do not just pray for EPI or for data or for contract, pray also for a good company, a good co-workers and a good job. It is good that before you do everything else, you first pray for that. At this point of time, nobody can help us get a secure job in Korea but God alone. He is our only strength because we could do nothing if he will not allow our documents to pass through HRD Korea or being selected by a Korean company. Prayer is our best weapon. Take this as a test of faith.

The tips I stated above are based on what other Filipino workers in Korea suggested in different forums and Facebook groups. I just thought we need all these tips while waiting for our turn to be selected. I know it’s hard and cumbersome, but we are still doing this because we know that this is the way to help our respective families. Let’s do this chingu, we can do this. AJA!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Suggested Jogging Spots in Davao City

Jog your way to health and fitness. This has been my health mantra for the past few months. After I was diagnosed with vertigo, I decided to take extra effort to exercise for my health’s sake. I realized health has not been on my list of priorities and I think it’s high time to work out for my health.

Jogging is first on my list. Aside from it is free and doesn’t really require too much of your time (you can do this 3 times a week, 1 hour per day), there are also a lot of convenient places here in Davao City where you can jog. These are the top 3 jogging spots so far that I can recommend here in Davao City.

  1. Magsaysay Park
If you want to commune with nature while jogging, well I think Magsaysay Park is the best place for you. Magsaysay Park is situated fronting the sea, so you can have a full view of the sea while running.

You can also jog on their mini oval. Usually, people are using this as a skating rink or biking arena, but you can also jog here.

The mini plaza is also a good spot for jogging at Magsaysay Park.

Magsaysay Park is located at Magsaysay, Davao City adjacent to Uyanguren. This place is very accessible, you wouldn’t find it hard to go there.

  1. People’s Park
Clean environment and fresh air, these are what People’s Park can offer you.

This is a place where people can just hang out, talk, laugh and appreciate nature.

But this is also a place where people jog. 

In fact, this is a place I recommend for those who just want to jog and stretch. 

  1. SM Car Park
If you are staying near SM Davao City, I would recommend SM Car Park as a jogging venue.

Well, the best time obviously to jog is morning time, or else, you will jog while battling with cars and what not. SM Car park is very spacious and since it is vacant in the morning, you can turn it into a jogging space.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Attended Social Media Day 2012

Social Media is undeniably one of the most effective way to communicate and interact with people around a globe nowadays. No wonder why Facebook and Twitter attract more users everyday. There are a lot of social media platforms available online where you can share your photos, status and your opinion on whatever topic is trending.

As an avid user of different social media platforms, I joined the 3rd Social Media Day here in Davao City. I received a free invite from Davao Bloggers and I said yes because I know this is an event I should not miss because we are making history here in Davao City. As far as I know, this is the first time that Davao City participated in the SOCIAL MEDIA DAY.

What is Social Media Day anyway and who started this?

According to Mashable, the one who started the Social Media Day:

"Social Media Day is an annual global event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Whether we’re reporting about new online networks on Mashable or listening to inspiring stories from our readers, we’ve seen how this increasingly connected world is quickly changing lives across the globe."

So on the night of June 30, 2012, a social media day event was organized by the Davao Bloggers here in Davao City and I am proud to be one of the participants in the first ever Social Media Day Davao.

I have learned a lot in the panel discussion. Four social media enthusiasts graced the said event and discussed with us how Social Media helped them in their respective advocacies.

Then we also played Quiz B, it's all about Social Media trivia. We played a lot of fun and exciting games. Overall, I enjoyed the event, and I learned.

And in case you would like to know, aside from this blog, I am active in the following Social Media platforms:

Twitter: @malditongserjz
Facebook: Facebook.com/malditongserjz
Plurk: Plurk.com/eigrihs
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116553319740467021415/posts
Tumblr: privateshirgie.tumblr.com