Thursday, May 31, 2012

How The Mockingjay Survived? –My Shameless Review of Suzanne Collin’s Third Hunger Games Book

Mockingjay is the third and final installment of Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games trilogy. This book is all about the story of survival and the cost of Freedom. Unlike the previous two books, Mockingjay brought the hunger games to the ultimate level as the war has been triggered by the rebellion spearheaded by soldier Katniss Everdeen. This is the worst Hunger Games ever, but the most rewarding one because this is where the Districts finally get the freedom they deserve from the claw of the Capitol.

In Book 1 and Book 2, the arena for the Hunger Games was specifically set to make the killings more entertaining and challenging. But in book 3, there is no arena because there is no Hunger Games. The people of the district have reached the threshold of the capitol’s domination, and with a single spark of the fire started by Katniss, the people revolt against their oppressors. Mockingjay is a symbol of rebellion and at the same time hope. Mockingjay is no other than Katniss Everdeen.

But as what I’ve said, the third book relates the story of the survival of the Mockingjay. How the 17 year old and the vulnerable Katniss Everdeen survived the war? It’s not surprising that she survived the tragedy because the existence of the mockingjay is a story of survival itself. Mockngjay is a hybrid bird, it is a combination of the Jabberjay and the mocking bird. These birds are genetically created by the Capitol to help them establish a communication. But they soon killed these birds but some of them survived in the wilderness. The union of the mocking birds and the jabberjays has resulted to a mockingjay. You see, Mockingjays exist unintentionally, and so do Katniss Everdeen. So I think, Mocingjay is the perfect symbol of rebellion. Both the mockingjays and Katniss should never have existed.

Back to the question. How did she survive? The story maybe complicated and cumbersome, but if you are really looking into the core concept, it is telling us that in order to survive, you must always secure your basic needs. Yes, the basic needs that we learned from our Home Economics subject are the reasons why Katniss survived, and so do we. It’s a reflection of life, that no matter how complicated the situation is, we can still survive as long as we secure the basic needs. And what are these basic needs?

  1. FOOD
Apparently, food is a scarce in the story. From book 1, book 2 and book 3, the author described how the people struggled to fill their stomachs. There are several accounts in the book where the author clearly narrates the scarcity of food. There are some instances where they need to divide the food and make sure that everybody is getting their fair share. There are also some moments where their shares could not satiate their empty stomachs but they have no choice but to succumb to the reality that food is limited. You know that feeling that you still want to eat more but there’s nothing to eat anymore?  In the first place, food is the main reason why there is Hunger Games, why there is rebellion and why there is war. Food is the most important element to survive, at least according to my teacher, so people will do anything and everything to put something in their empty stomach. Without food, survival is at stake. Food plays a vital role during the war, you can see how Katniss found refuge when she saw canned goods and when somebody offered her a hot meal during the war. We can’t deny the contribution of food to the survival of the mockingjay.

I get it, education is not just about gaining knowledge and wisdom, but it is a very effective weapon to survive. In reality, education is our first weapon to join the corporate world. Without this, landing the first job is not that easy.
In the story, I learned that education is also important in war. You will read how Katniss reacted in the story when she was obliged to train for the war. She’s just like, Hello, I won the hunger games and war is all about killing, so why do we need to learn all these stuffs? But because it’s a must that everybody must undergo training to join the war, she patiently learned to load and unload the gun, train, run, and what not. Instinct alone could not help you survive. It is important that you know what you are doing. If not for the training, I doubt it if Katniss has survived the war. She has been confronted with a lot of challenges, she was even burned, but she survived, thanks to the training.

War equates injury. And when there is injury, you need that first aid kid to survive. In the book, the presence of the hospital, patients and medical practitioners are everywhere. You can see them In the in the districts, in the capitol and even underground. Even during the Hunger Games and Quarter Quell, medicine helped Katniss to survive. In fact, this is the first donation she got during the Hunger games in book 1. You will read a lot about morphling, about hospital rooms and first aid in the book. Katniss ended up sick physically and emotionally, and because of the medicine, she was able to survive.

Everyday, we live to survive, we fight to survive, we work to survive. You see, life is all about survival, but the only secret to stay alive is to grasp on the basic needs. Go back to the basic.
Happy Hunger Games.
And for the last time I say, May the odds be ever in your favour. I can’t wait for the movie version.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Relax and Eat at Wings and Dips Davao

I had this terrible headache over the weekend. I don’t know why, maybe because I have been adjusting to new working schedule and my body clock is trying to become flexible to adapt to new working time. As a good steward of this body, I know I have to do something to pacify the pain, and no, I am not referring to some sort of medication, although it would help, but I know what my body is asking me- FOOD. I love to eat, that is why when my body feels something bad, I scout for food for comfort regardless of whether I’m hungry or not. So I guess what happened during weekend was one of those days where I need to find a relaxing ambiance and eat my heart out.

My feet brought me here:

“Wings and Dips” is located at The Peak of Gaisano Mall, Bajada Street, Davao City. This is one of food chains you would like to visit at The Peak.

So I ordered Fish and chips with rice and Potato Fries

Ok, I know this is carbo-redundancy, but I don’t care, I just want to eat. I paid 140 pesos for this meal and I’ve waited for about 20 minutes. Just when I am about to lose my patience for waiting that long when I am the only customer, the food arrived and I suddenly starved.

I tried their fish, it was crispy, firm and, ahmm, and….. and…. Ok, delicious. Just look at it:

I really enjoyed the fish and their dips and their fries. I was so full that I could not even finish my plate.

I paid another 20 pesos for this cold and sexy iced tea.

I almost forgot my name (exagg) and yeah, I totally forgot the headache.

When you are at The Peak of Gaisano Mall, try Wings and Dips.

Very clean restaurant:

The ambiance is very relaxing too:

And the staffs are accommodating:

Wings and Dips also serve Pastas like Pesto, Marinara Puttanesca, Bolognese, Mushroom Carbonara, Presto with Gambas, Spanish Style Bangus with Pesto and Garlic Hungarian. Try their lasagna too, and a lot more.

For the patience invested for waiting for my meal, my rating for Wings and Dips is 7.5/10.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watch Dream High- an Inspiring Korean TV Series

In Korean, Dream High is pronounced as “Deurem Hai”.

Ok, let’s do a short Korean101 here.

This is how you should write “Deurem Hai” in Korean:
드림 하이

The first syllable is read as “Deu”

Where,  ᄃ is “D” and ᅳ is “eu”. Put them together, read it as Deu.
The second syllable is “RIM”

Where ᄅ is R,  ᅵis I and  ᄆ is M. So read it as “RIM”
The Third syllable is read as “HA”

Where ᄒ  is H and ᅡ is A.
And the last syllable is simply I

Where ᄋ is a silent placeholder and  is of course I. So simply read it as I.

Put them all together, you can come up with an English word “Dream High” and pronounced in Korean as “Deurem Hai”.
 드림 하이

See, I learned.

I am not really into TV drama series because I have no patience to wait for the next episode. I hate their cliff hangs because you need to wait for another 24 hours to exactly know what will happen next. I prefer to watch movies because the story starts and ends in one sitting.

But since I am trying to learn the Korean language, I thought watching Korean movies and TV series would help me understand the language. I randomly selected Dream High from the list of downloadable Korean movies and TV series and patiently watched the 16 episodes of the show. I never regretted watching this show because I have learned a lot of Korean words and it is very inspiring. I can really relate to the characters seeing that I am a dreamer. Like the characters on this TV show, I also have dreams of my own and reaching the goals is not really that easy.

Let’s take a look at each leading character of the Korean TV series Dream High and see if you can relate to them.

Meet Song Sam Dong:

This guy is very talented. He can sing and he can dance, but the setback is, his talent is very raw. He grew up in a community where being in a limelight is not a big deal. For as long as you have something to feed for your stomach for daily survival, then you’re good to go. Song Sam Dong just lives his life together with his mother. He is not aware that given the chance to polish his talent, he can really soar up high. His father is a real performer, but since he passed away, he left them nothing but the love of music. When Song Sam Dong is selected as one of the students of Kirin Art School under the “Special Class” (students with talent but did not pass the audition), he knows that performing on stage is what he want to do in life.

This is how Song Sam Dong looks like when he first arrived at Kirin.

But time and situation lead him to change for a better Song Sam Dong.

Of all the characters in this show, I can relate more to the character of Song Sam Dong. He dreamed, he learned, he loved, he was hurt, he was ridiculed, he was rejected, but he still survived and made it to the top.

She is Go Hye Mi.

She’s the leading female character of this show. She’s beautiful, she’s so talented and she’s so smart. However, her talent, her beauty and her intelligence are superseded by her arrogance, pride and prejudice. She’s a girl with no emotion. Her heart is like a stone. That is why despite her talent, she did not pass the audition and assigned under Special Class together with Song Sam Dong.

Go Hye Mi is just like a diamond in the rough, she’s too precious but unless all the iniquities will be removed, she won’t shine at all.

A heartless and emotionless Go Hye Mi:

She then turned into happy and nice Go Hye Mi after she has been tested with several hurdles in life.

With her ruthless attitude, Go Hye Mi found true friends because these friends of her love her and accepted her without expecting in return from her. She then realized later on that life is too good to stay unhappy. She embraces her talent, changed what needs to be changed and only after that realization she was able to conquer the stage and outshine others.

Of course, you should also meet Jin Guk:

A happy go lucky rich kid. He loves trouble and dreaming is not his cup of tea. But unless you know his life story, you wouldn’t understand why he is acting that way. This dreamless guy once saw somebody singing and dancing, and he knows right at that instance that he love to do the same. Being enveloped by his negative emotion and his rotten relationship with his father, Jin Guk ignored the desire to sing and dance. However, it is his destiny to own the stage. An uninterested Jin Guk joined the Special Class to find the real meaning of his life and to seek his Father’s attention. With the passion to perform on stage and the desire to become a successful performer to prove to his father that he is a son he would be proud of, Jin Guk easily owned the limelight.

Meet the best friend of Go Hying Mi, Yoon Baek Hee:

 She’s the underdog loyal best friend of Go Hye Mi. She really likes Go Hye Mi that despite the fact that she’s not getting any appreciation, she still remains to be her best friend. After getting insults and bad words from Go Hye Mi, Baek Hee outshines Go Hye Mi during the audition at Kirin. She was hurt how Go Hye Mi treated her that she did everything to the best of her ability to remorse against Go Hye Mi. Baek Hee has been a successful student at Kirin, but her vengeful heart made her unworthy of the limelight. She violated rules and even attempted to kill Go Hye Mi because of her hatred to her former best friend. Baek Hee soared up high and reached the pedestal of her career, but she’s still threatened by Go Hye Mi and she’s afraid that her former best friend would shine brighter than her. She finally achieved her downfall after she cheated on her music composition class. She’s so desperate to regain her crown until an unexpected turn out of events happened. Yoon Baek Hee learned to stand up again, forgive Go Hye Mi and move on her life. She started from the bottom again with reconciled relationship with Go Hye Mi, and success is sweeter this time because she did it all without hatred in her heart.

This charming sweet girl is Kim Pil Suk.

When you say talent, nothing can beat Kim Pil Suk.The problem is that, she’s so fat that nobody is interested on her. Although she passed the audition, Kim Pil Suk volunteered to join the Special Class because she knows she has no place in the Art School with her BIG appearance.

Kim Pil Suk almost gave up on her dream because she just can’t discipline herself especially when it comes to food. But her love interest at school named Jason challenged her for 200 days diet program. Inspired by Jason, Kim Pil Suk worked hard to lose weight. This is how Kim Pil Suk looks like before:

After the change in her figure, Kim Pil Suk found it easy to reach her dream as a singer and as a performer, and of course, Jason.

And speaking of Jason, meet this proud boy:

He is one of the best students at Kirin, but he is too proud to take everything easy. He thinks he knows everything that he sometimes skips school and practices. But Kim Pil Suk helped him to dream and to set goals in life. Just because you’re awesome and you’re great don’t mean you can just take everything easily. If you know you are good enough, you still need to set your priorities and goals.

Everyone of us has a dream. We run our own race. But we must also know that reaching a dream is not just a simple task for us to do. Sometimes, this is also test of character. The question is, are you willing to be polished? Are you brave enough to go through life’s adversities for your dreams?

You could only say YES to these questions if you dare to DREAM HIGH.

My rating for this TV show is 9.2/10. I deducted 0.8 because of a little bit corny ending. Oh no, did I just spoil you?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ultimate Pampering Experience at Bioessence Serenity Spa Abreeza Branch

Bioessence or Essence of life is a spa clinic originally established in Davao City. The clinic has already 51 Branches all over the Philippines. Here in Davao City, there are two branches of Bioessence. The main branch is located at the Circumferential Road, Marfori Street, Davao City. The recently opened branch is located at the third floor, Abreeza Mall, Davao City.

I availed Bioessence Abreeza branch services courtesy of the Gift Certificate issued to Davao Bloggers who attended the press conference in celebration of the branch’s First Anniversary. When I arrived at the clinic, I could not stare the clinic staffs in the eye because I know this is a girl thing. But I was surprised when I spotted some male clients. I remember what Dra. Guerrero said during the press conference. According to her, they also target male clients because everybody has a skin. Every human being with skin can be their customers and that men nowadays are becoming vain. That is why it is not surprising that some of their clients are men.
The staffs of Bioessence Abreeza are very accommodating. They will not make you feel awkward because they will talk to you in a very nice way. One of the staffs asked me what kind of treatment I would like to avail. Since I am not really into skin treatment and, yes I am not vain, I said I would just go for the basic facial spa and massage. That’s it and I’m good. But what is good about Bioessence is that, they will really evaluate you and they will really suggest what kind of treatment you need. The staff suggested I should take Purification Facial Spa instead because my face really needs serious treatment. I could not agree more to what she said because I grew up in a lifestyle where skin care is not an utmost priority. In fact, this is the first time I visited a skin clinic because for me, it’s just a waste of money. It’s not that I don’t care about the way I look, but for me, as long as I look clean and I feel clean, I’m good to go. Dra. Guerero emphasized that it is important to really find some time to take care of your skin especially if you are still young. Ageing could not be defeated, but you can age beautifully and Bioessence can really help you on that aspect.

Since this is a serenity spa, the ambiance of the clinic is really comforting. You can feel it from the smell and the red and blue lightings. Despite the fact that the clinic is not that big, the environment is so relaxing.

The name of the staffs who organized my treatment is Ate Relyn. She ushered me to a room with a bed pre-arranged for my Purification Facial spa session.

I don’t know what these are and I could not afford to ask more questions since this is a serenity spa. All you need to do is just lie down and listen to the soothing music.

She first covered my body with white blanket and my hair with white towel. Then she massaged my face and then she applied some liquid. I felt how the liquid penetrated the pores on my face. It was so itchy and a little bit painful, but the itchiness dies down after about 5 minutes because maybe the liquid has a cooling effect. She let my skin absorbed the chemical (or whatever you call it) for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, she steamed my face. It was hot, but not hot enough to burn me. I can’t explain why but the steam makes me want to go to sleep. It has this soothing effect on my face. Then after steaming, ate Relyn started picking the black heads out of my face. I thought this procedure is painful, but Ate Relyn’s hand is so good that I didn’t feel the pain for every pinch she made on my face. After quite sometimes, all the blackheads had been removed and she started the last procedure which is the masking. She put cucumber on my eyes and cream all over my face. The cream was so cold and for the whole duration of masking, I slept. Ate Relyn woke me up when she removed the masking on my face.

After more than an hour of treatment and a short nap, the treatment is over. Thanks to Ate Relyn for a wonderful facial spa experience.

After the treatment, Bioessence staffs gave me advice on how to take care my skin. They are all so kind to me.

Thank you Bioessence Abreeza for a very excellent service and a memorable Spa Experience.

They would like me to be vain so they offered me these products. Well, I think nothing to lose to try, so I accepted the offer.

What I learned today? It’s not bad to pamper yourself once in a while. This is not for pleasure, but this is a need. Hey, we only have one body and one life, take some time to stress out. Visit Bioessence Abreeza branch now to inquire for the services they offer or call them at (082) 226-2305. Tell them you were referred by this blog or just mention my name (Shirgie) for referral.

Go and experience ultimate pampering service at Bioessence Serenity Spa Abreeza Branch.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Petra Mahalimuyak hosts Kanta Pilipinas ONLINE!

Sing. Learn. Laugh. Share.

Entertainment has gone beyond television these days. It is high time to get viral for every Filipino. TV5’s biggest and newest singing reality search, Kanta Pilipinas introduces the most popular face of online with Petra Mahalimuyak. Megan Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak is the 20-year old YouTube sensation who graduated at the Center of Asian Culinary Studies Philippines. She came from Las Vegas where all her viral videos were made. Set to captivate more Filipinos after deciding to migrate and work in our country, Petra Mahalimuyak continues to be the most famous endorser of Samsung, Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, KFC and Globe Tattoo. Today, she unveils another exciting program following her viral videos online as the official online host of Kanta Pilipinas.

After the hair-raising auditions and aspirants from Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo, Batangas and SM North, Kanta Pilipinas would like to extend auditions online through a series of webisodes at Kanta Pilipinas

Hosted by Jhai Ho- Ang Pambansang Angry Bird ng Pilipinas, auditions received in the different regions fell short of the expectations of the aspirants with limited time and venues for all to participate. TV5’s Kanta Pilpinas is the first singing reality search to hold online auditions through its website and due to the clamor to give more chances to those who were not able to join the on-ground auditions and to save more time and money, online auditions will continue until June.

Petra will feature video clips of auditions held in different regions and may soon feature also those who fell short of the audition judges’ expectations to give more chances to those who aspire to make it in showbiz.

Each Kanta Pilipinas webisode will feature particular lessons on how to get the attention of the judges and how to learn from the audition experience. It is definitely the right time for Filipinos to develop a culture of realizing what best to do on auditions and Petra will show you how and will provide you tips to get those votes.

Kanta Pilipinas online auditions will also be featured at each webisode and Petra will definitely notice what strengths and weaknesses each aspirant has to make the succeeding auditionees learn from the experience. At Kanta Pilipinas, we strive to make a difference and strive to give chances to those who need the boost. It is the country’s first to open the system and process open to the public through Kanta Pilipinas webisode to better interact with the viewing public and make the program suit every Filipinos’ taste. Kanta Pilipinas Facebook Page users will have the opportunity to react and comment on each webisode for the staff to consider and make the program suit the audience’s satisfaction.

Humor makes every mistake tolerable and viral. It is through those vivid details overlooked by each aspirant during auditions that may actually be the reason why the judges’ voted in or out each contestant. Kanta Pilipinas would like to show what most common Filipinos are interested with at auditions. Another of Kanta Pilipinas’ firsts, webisodes will feature the culture of Filipinos at auditions and how we have actually grown as a country in singing reality searches. Is the birit still the hirit? Find out at Kanta Pilipinas webisodes!

Making more Filipinos learn about what makes a star shine at auditions is best to share to all families and friends. Truly first and not a franchise program from another country, TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas is yet another marvel at Philippine television and now online. It is time to get the 27 million Filipinos online move from games to learning about our culture and push nationalism at Kanta Pilipinas. What makes Filipinos the best singers in the world will be more explored at Kanta Pilipinas webisodes. Let’s get the our Pinoy teens share our very own Filipino talents at Kanta Pilipinas. We believe in the Filipino talent and this we should always continue to share online everytime.

Sing. Laugh. Learn. Share Kanta Pilipinas webisodes hosted by Petra Mahalimuyak at Follow updates and more info at Kanta Pilipinas Facebook Page- and on Twitter @Kanta_Pilipinas #kantapilipinas. You can also view the latest videos from the Kanta Pilipinas YouTube channel. Mabango ang #KPniPetra dahil dapat ipagmalaki ng Pilipino ang Pilipinas! Tara Na! Kanta na Pilipinas! Ipakita na ang galing ng Pilipino! Soon on TV5!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Try the World’s Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken at Lyndon’s Davao

The business’ slogan is:

Worlds’ Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken

And I was just like…….. ah…hmmm… come again?

While other food businesses exerted extra effort to create a pleasing slogan for their food, Lyndon’s has risked the company’s credibility to provide delectable foods to customers by degrading their own product. I think this is just a reverse psychology, because advertising in a positive way is already overrated, and in fairness, the slogan is effective because this got me curious.

Check out Lyndon’s menu:

So we ordered Lyla's Awful chicken:

Nothing’s really special with their chicken and I can’t see any sign of awfulness in the first place. When I tasted it, it doesn’t taste awful, but it also doesn’t taste good. In short, while their chicken have unique taste, I can’t really find anything special about it, just so-so. So I’m gonna rate the Lyla’s awful chicken 8/10. Not bad at all.
We also ordered the Sizzling Scallops:

It looks good but it tastes hoooottttt and sppiiccccyyyyy…. Those who love to eat spicy foods, this one is perfect for you. I almost give up with this. And for the hotness and spiciness, my rating is 8/10.
We also have Sinigang shrimp on our table:

This one I think is the best sinigang ever. They have the perfect taste of a sinigang. And for that, 9/10 is my rating.
They also offered us the Pancit Canton.

For the yumminess, I will rate this 7/10

We enjoyed the dinner at Lyndon’s so far.

And sorry for the aftermath.

But of course, a visit at Lyndon's would not be complete without trying their Worst Ribs. And I knew it, it's not worst at all. For the World's worst ribs of Lyndon's, I will rate it 10/10.

Lyndon’s is located at Wheels and More Compound, Bajada Davao City. They also have a branch at Roxas Boulevard, Davao City.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Up Close and Personal: Iya Villania for Bioessence

Kapamilya star Iya Villania visited Davao last weekend to celebrate the First Anniversary of Bioessence Serenity Spa- Abreeza branch. She is the newest endorser of Bioessence along with the fellow Kapamilya Nikki Gil.

Iya Villania has evolved from a simple texting game show host on TV. she impresses us with her versatility as an actress, she charms us with her pretty face on Myx and she helps us start a positive and healthy day on her morning show  Umagang Kayganda.

I think Bioessence picked a perfect endorser because Iya Villania possesses the following:

1. Unden-IYA-bly beautiful

Well, look at her:

I know she’s beautiful on TV, but when I saw her in person, I can really describe her in one word: GODDESS

My heart skips a beat when I saw her standing and talking right in front of me. And to be honest, I totally forgot what she said during that interview.

She’s just so beautiful that somebody from the member of the press candidly asked her if she has ever undergone surgical treatment especially on her face. Instead of being embarrassed by the question, she just laughed it off and confidently answered that her beauty is natural.

Bioessence played a vital role to keep Iya and all their clients beautiful. According to Dra. Emma B. Guerrero, the President of Bioessence, it is important to stress out once in a while. You should not just work and work and work. Sometimes, you need to get a massage or pamper yourself. This is the sole purpose of Bioessence. They offer services that would help you rejuvenate your cells and stay young and beautiful despite the hectic schedules and stress from work.

Aside from Bioessence, Iya also shared to us her secrets to natural beauty. Drink a lot of water, apply moisturizer and sun block, and most of all SLEEP.

2. Miss Congen-IYA-lity

Iya’s affability is so natural that you would not doubt her sincerity. If you will ask her any question, she will openly and pleasantly answer it without further ado. She can relate to the media, to the customers and to the staffs. She even stayed with us for some extra chit chats and picture taking after the press conference.

With Iya’s congeniality, I’m sure Bioessence can reach a wide range of market. The Marketing Director Mr. Jules Cabanero would like to market not only to rich clients who can afford these kind of pampering services. They want to reach out even to those who are not earning that much that is why they see to it that the price of their service is affordable. 

I also found out that Bioessence conducted some livelihood training for blinds so they can learn massage.

3. Multimed-IYA talented 

Hosting- CHECK
Acting- CHECK
Singing- CHECK
Dancing- CHECK
Charming- CHECK (kidding..hehehe)

She can do all of the above, therefore she can be considered a multimedia star. With these talents, Iya is still one of the most bankable Multimedia talents today despite the rise of the new talents in the entertainment industry. So, I asked her, “How did you manage to stay on top of the game?”

Her reaction was:

And she said: 

“Sandali lang ha, bigyan mo ako ng time para iabsorb lahat ng sinasabi mo. Because honestly, I didn’t feel it. I’m not Judy Ann Santos, I’m not Anne Curtis.”

But I would like Ms. Iya Villania to know that, yes, she’s not Anne Curtis, she’s not Judy Ann Santos, but she’s IYA VILLANIA. She has a name of her own and she doesn’t need to live under the shadow of others because she got the talent, REAL talent.

Nevertheless, Iya thanked me for acknowledging and appreciating her passion. She’s so humble that she even denied that she’s really a big star because first and foremost, her self is her biggest critic and as far as she is concerned, she’s not a big star, and that she always instil in her mind to do her passion with all her heart regardless of what other people would think. This is the reason why she’s not affected when she reads tweet attacks questioning her fame and her talent.

And in case you don’t know what real talent means, just look at Iya Villania.

And look at how Davaoenos supported her:

Thank you Ms. Iya Villania for visiting us here in Davao. I will forever cherish this moment:

Of course, my sincerest gratitude goes to Bioessence Serenity Spa for sponsoring this event. I am proud to say that Bioessence is Davao’s original. 18 years, 51 branches and endorsed by famous celebrities, Bioessence has already gained their reputation in terms of skin care and spa in the Philippine Business Industry.

INNOVATION is the keyword. The company’s President Dra. Emma B. Guerrero   always sees to it that their business is always on the bandwagon of beauty industry. That is why she attended several trainings and courses abroad to use the latest trend for Bioessence. So if you want to stay beautiful and defy the signs of ageing, Bioessence is the perfect choice for you.