Friday, April 20, 2012

Girbaud offers 50% discount exclusive to Le Jean members

While sales have become synonymous to long weekends, Marithe + Francois Girbaud shows that you don’t have to wait for the next long weekend just to get a great deal! Girbaud offers a 50% discount on its best-selling accessories and all basic jeans and knits for men and women, exclusive to the members of its loyalty program, Club Le Jean.

Make your Thursdays to Sundays count by visiting any Girbaud branch from April 19 to 22, and April 26 to 29, and simply present your Le Jean card and rewards booklet to avail of the discount.

Become a Club Le Jean member today and enjoy rewards on every purchase, moneyless shopping using your gift points and stamps, and the chance to swap your old pair of denims for a brand-new pair of M+FG jeans!

For more details, visit any Marithe + Francois Girbaud branch today. Girbaud is available in SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, Ali Mall, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, Festival Supermall, Gateway Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, NE Pacific Mall,Pavilion Mall, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, NAIA Terminal 3, and now in Robinsons Tacloban, KCC Mall General Santos, and Robinsons Calasiao.



For more information, please contact:

Luvi Joquico
Advertising and PR Specialist
Mobile number: 0922-8294194

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 Product Specification and Price

I'm craving for Nokia Lumia 800 right now. Too bad it's not practical for me to buy a new cellphone unit now because my current unit is still in good condition. But if I am going to buy a new cellphone now, I would not think twice to buy Nokia Lumia 800.

Aside from the specifications and the applications, I just love the physical feature of the phone.

 Display size: 13.7"

"Curved 3.7" AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen display seamlessly integrated into a smooth one-piece body"

And for the quick glance at the specification of this smartphone, plese refer below:

Dimensions: 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm
Weight:  142 g
Display size: 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7" (252 ppi)
Display Type: AMOLED capacitive, 16 M colors
Glass Type: Corning Gorilla Glass
Memory: 16 GB storage, 512 MB RAM
Camera: 8 MP, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual-LED flash
OS: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
CPU: 1.4 GHz Scorpion
GPU: Adreno 205
Battery: Li-lon 1450 mah

The Nokia Lumina 800 with Windows phone is currently available only for Globe users. Guess what, you can get one for yourself for only P1,499 a month with My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo 999.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Satisfy your Food Cravings at Davao’s Tita D’z Buffet Restaurant

Today is a hump day and I just woke up with only one thing on my mind…. FOOD!!!!.... I decided to pig out today, and if it is about limitless food trip and bottomless drink under limited budget, the best option is Buffet Restaurant.

There are a lot of good buffet restaurants here in Davao City, and since I craved for seafoods, I chose Tita D’s Buffet Restaurant. It is located at Rizal St., Davao City. For only P129.oo, you can eat all you can.

And look what they have on the menu today. Lots of seafoods on the tray:

But I started my plate with the main dishes. I have pork, chicken and chopsuey  for veggies:

after a few minutes, I have a clean plate again:

And now, it’s time for the second plate, it’s time for Seafoods Moment 101. I have crabs, squid and an oyster with some veggies.

I finished the plate in a minute. I devoured it like crazy and it end up like this:

Two plates down and I’m almost full. I was just so surprised for the capacity of my stomach to accept food today. For my third plate, I put only fried rice and three pieces of lumpia.

I don’t want to commit gluttony, so I decided to end the pig out on the fourth plate. I have fruits and kakanin:

And that’s it. I’m satisfied with my meal.

If you have special occasions like wedding, graduation, birthday or any event in your life worth celebrating with food, Tita D’z is the perfect choice for you. In fact, there was a wedding reception held on the other table when I was there.

So here’s my rating:

Food= 8/10
Place= 8/10
Accommodation= 7/10
Customer Service = 9/10

Average rating is 8/10 which is not bad at all. 

Happy Eating.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Animation 101 Workshop at Jobs Academy Davao

I responded to this open invitation in Davao Bloggers Facebook group for Free 3 hours workshop at Jobs Academy Davao. I originally enrolled for Photoshop workshop, but I decided to shift to Animation workshop instead because it sounds exciting. I have already attended a Photoshop workshop before in another school, so I think it won’t hurt if I am going to try something new.
I didn’t know that the pre-requisite for animation workshop should be a skill for drawing and an obsession over anime. Well, I watch animes but I am not really a fan type. Nevertheless, I still attended the workshop as I may be able to acquire some skills or knowledge that can help me in the future. Who can say no to new learning, right?

The school building is located at the LDL Building, C. Bangoy St., Madrazo, Davao City. It looks like they made a serious renovation of this building because the last time I checked, the school building is not as awesome as this.

This is the map of the actual location of Jobs Academy Davao:

The animation laboratory is on the third floor of the building. This is the legendary Animation Studio of the school:

My eyes drooled over the work of art posted on the wall of the laboratory:

I felt like I don’t belong to this place since I suck at art, but I am excited at the same time:

And looking at the facilities, I know the school is serious about putting up this animation workshop business:

These are the drawing tables where students can draw the piece of their imagination:

The room can accommodate up to 10 students:

And guess what, I’m with talented kids and I am the only one in the room who can’t draw. LOL

Our teacher started sketching something on the board to commence the workshop:

And after a few seconds, she was able to come up with different perspective of a human head:

After a few discussions and tips, it’s our time to draw our own human head perspective and my drawing table is waiting for me:

So I sketched to the best of my abilities. And I was able to come up with what looks like an alien head side view and front view.LOL

In the workshop, we had learned how to draw the proportion of human body. We also learned how to draw female body and male body. Our teacher also demonstrated how to draw a body from a different perspectives and poses. And guess what, I learned a lot, but since this is an animation workshop, we should show what we learned by drawing it. Drawing is my weakness, and though I learned a lot from the lesson, I am not confident enough to put it all into practice. But we can’t go home unless we have output, so I really tried my best to come up with good output. So I started working for my characters:

First, I drew the body proportion of my male and female characters. I decided to come up with two kiddie superhero characters. According to the lesson, we must draw first the body volume, and this is my output:

I sketched my way for the hair of my characters:

Since they are kids, I decided to use a barbed wire type of hair so they will look like astig. Ok, I know this is the lame excuse for my incapability to draw a good hair. LOL

Then, I started working for the arms and hand part of my characters:

And since my concept is all about astig kiddie superheroes, I made them stiff hands that can crash an iron enemy.

And of course, the whole superhero drama would never be complete without a costume. Since I am a superman fan, I decided to use capes for my characters.

For the final touch, I worked on the face and the shoes of my character. This is my final output:

I deserve a pat on the back for this. LOL. It may look like an output of a kindergarten kid, but I am still proud of this because I made it.

You want to take a peek at the works of my classmates? These are their creations:

Nevertheless, I enjoyed and at the same time learned a lot from the workshop. If people who can’t draw like me enjoyed it, what more if you are really into drawings and animations? I think summer is the perfect time to attend this kind of workshop. If you are interested, just visit the Jobs Academy Davao for more information. Aside from animation, they also offer different workshops and courses. Go now and make your summer productive by attending workshops like this.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Do Christians Suffer?

I just watched this movie entitled Joyful Noise. The movie is “Glee-ish” except that their soundtracks are Christian contemporary songs instead of worldly songs. There is one scene in the movie where a special kid, in the character of Walter, is in emotional state. Then his mother (played by Queen Latifah), knowing that his son is mentally challenged, asked what’s bothering him. Then Walter answered in what could be unexpected to come out from the mouth of a special child. He cursed God for his condition. He said that he is already tired of people mocking him, teasing him, laughing at him and even ignoring his opinion because of his condition. He blamed God for his sufferings and he even questioned his mother why she still serve God by leading the church choir where in fact she should defy Him for giving her a son with mental problem. 

I think Walter represents the general humanity. We are all prone to burden; it could be social, physical, emotional or financial. Regardless of your status, religion or race, we have all issues. And if burdens become unbearable, we suffer. Nobody is exempted to suffer, even the Christians. Just because you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour doesn’t mean you are free from the bondage of suffering.

When C.S. Lewiss, the author of Chronicles of Narnia, was asked why Christians suffer, she answered “Why Not? They are the only one who can bear it anyway”. I chuckled and at the same time agreed because it’s true. Christians believe that there is an entity up there that they can trust with their sufferings, so instead of summoning to liquor, drugs or even death, they pray on bended knees for the strength to carry the burden. Sufferings are designed by God so He can draw our attentions toward Him. Remember what Jesus said to his disciples, “Carry your own cross and follow me”. Each of us has our own story of suffering. And sometimes, believers of God carry heavier cross than non-believers. It’s not easy to be rejected by the Community because of your beliefs, or because you are different, or because you have misunderstood personality. Sometimes, you will feel that the world is casting down stones on you for various reasons. 

In church, we taught to intentionally accept the fact that suffering is a part of Christian life. This is where the big WHY resonates. If I am a son of God, why do I need to suffer? Why do I need to experience what non-believers are experiencing? Why I still thrive in a world where sinners live? Even Jesus Christ asked “why” when he suffered in the cross. Nobody can answer that because God is working beyond our comprehension. But we all know that everything happens for a reason and that includes suffering. If you happen to be in the darkest moment of your life, like you experience health problems or losing a love one or being rejected, don’t ask why, instead ask what. Ask God what lesson or message would He like you to know for this particular suffering. In due time, you will know why terrible things happen in your life. Just hold on to your faith and know that every Christian is not exempted for sufferings.

It is also important to understand that suffering is a language that God can understand. He knows how it feels to suffer. Sometimes, we are too comfortable in life that we forget to pray and thank God. When we suffer, we pray the most sincere prayer of all. It is when we are in desperate need to resolve the problem that we pray on bended knees. But oftentimes, instead of getting closer to God, we blame Him and stay away from Him which is not a wise decision. Suffering could be a reminder that we are under the Grace of God. That he can take everything, including our life, at an instant. So when worse comes to worst, the only option we have is to draw closer to God and entrust everything to Him.

Embrace suffering and faithfully follow Jesus Christ. God will reveal his purpose in your life soon.

Be blessed.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Irony of Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire (Book Review)

As we all know, Catching Fire is the second installation of a three books series of Hunger Games authored by Suzanne Collins. As much as I want to relish the hang over I got from the movie version of Hunger Games book 1, the bookworm part of my brain is itching to start the second book right away.

While Hunger Games is mischievous and tricky, Catching Fire appears to be mysterious and ironic. I am not sure how Suzanne Collins came up with the title, but I’m sure the fire here symbolizes the main character of the story, Katniss, she’s known as “The Girl on Fire”, seeing that she came from District 12 where they extensively use fire to produce coal as their main product.

The 239 pages book is full of action and mind fiddling scenarios that you would not want to miss a single turn of event in the story. I guess this is more exciting than the book 1, I felt the same intensity when I read the Harry Potter series, but I am not comparing them though.

I’ll be careful not to be a spoiler on this review, but I have to cite some part of the story to support my perspective about the irony of this book.

Ironic because……

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark who just won from the 74th Hunger Games would again return to the Arena for a Quarter Quell. Ok, let’s consider the fact that the reason why book 2 exists is because of another fight or games, but it’s ironic because after you made the readers believe that the two star-crossed lovers will now live happily ever after, you will summon them to another fight in the arena, and worst to fight with fellow victors, and if worse comes to worst, they’ll fight with each other. It’s just like you are watching a fairy tale movie, then the prince and the princess now live happily ever after, and then suddenly you will get them killed each other.  This is no fairy tale I know, but you are defeating the purpose of the concept of being a Victor. Nevertheless, the thought of seeing Katniss and Peeta in the arena again sparks my interest as a reader.

Ironic because……

The idea of Quarter Quell is sick. Quarter Quell is a milestone for Hunger Games, it is a special edition of the games every 25 years. For the 75th Quarter Quell, the tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors. Now, I will give Suzanne Collins a standing ovation for coming up with this idea, but not for the character who formulated the concept. Games would be more exciting and bloody if you will get the best among the best to fight in the arena, but gamemakers should have foreseen the possibility of defiance and rebellion because the pieces they are using in the game are not just ordinary pieces that they pulled off from random tributes of each district. They will be dealing with smart, strong and mighty victors. You are just like putting one bomb after the other, and you know what will happen if this will explode. This idea seems to be idiot in the expense of the character, but surely, Collins did a wonderful job to come up with this twist.

Ironic because…..

In order to defeat your enemy, you must be friend with them. I remember that old cliché which says the same thing about befriending your enemy so you can easily defeat them. Katniss and Peeta were advised to be friend with other victors so they can create a strong alliance. But being friend with the enemies made them unbearable to kill them.

But you cannot solve the mysteries behind these ironies unless you read the whole story. I think the whole perspective of the story will support the title fair enough to conclude that there are reasons behind the satire plot. And it is for you to find out if you will read the book. One thing is for sure, after you read the whole Catching Fire book, you would want to immediately start the Book 3- Mockingjay.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Stone Could Hold HIM- A Rumination of the Easter Cantata of Davao City Alliance Church

I was blessed enough to attend the Easter Cantata of Davao City Alliance Church in commemoration to the Easter Sunday 2012. This is to acknowledge the day Christ our saviour rose from death. The church’s theme is “No STONE Could Hold HIM”. Needless to say that the phrase emphasizes how powerful our God. The message is all about hope in the midst of despair, that we have a God that can conquer everything, even death.

The choir members appeared in Black suit, but the red necktie of men and the red sashes of the ladies dominated my eyes. I am not sure if there’s a message behind this outfit because choir members usually wear white. Black maybe represents despair, remorse or grief over the death of our Savior. However, the dominating red represents joy or victory. And since they’re wearing red over black, I think it would make sense if I’m going to interpret this as Victory over Death.

The choir started with “Jesus is the ROCK in a weary land”, and I think this first line of the song explained everything about the theme “No STONE could hold HIM”. Logically, rock is much much bigger than a stone, and if Jesus is being compared to a rock, then no amount of stone could really hold him. This is the literal perspective of the theme.

The narration adds color to the presentation. It tells the story of the journey of Jesus Christ from the day he was tempted in the desert up to the day he was crucified on the cross in Calvary. With the combination of the narration and the song, it is as if I am watching a movie and at the same time reading a book. The voices of the choir members are powerful enough to affix my attention. The sincerity in the voice of the narrators are entertaining enough for me to understand the story they are trying to share.

Aside from the narration and the message in song of the choir members, Dr. Levi Quir supported the message of the song by giving emphasis on the power of Jesus Christ to overcome the stone that holds him after his death in the calvary. When Jesus died on the cross, his dead body was contained in a tombstone. It has been sealed so that nobody can steal his body. Opening the tombstone has corresponding punishment. But after three days, the tombostone had been opened and Christ’s body had disappeared . The angel confirmed that Christ’s has risen from the death. Our Christ did not remain lifeless on that sealed tombstone. With that fact, Dr Quir encouraged us to rejoice in the reality of a resurrected Christ and to Trust in the power of the resurrected Christ.

If no stone could hold our living God, then there’s no need to worry about life. Circumstances, problems, adversities and trials may come our way. But as a Christian, there’s nothing to be feared of, because Jesus Christ is our rock in a weary land and he is our shelter in the time of storm.

Have a blessed Easter Sunday everyone.