Saturday, December 1, 2012

EXILSHAPE- The New Technology by Bioessence

Photo credit to Bioessence FB page
Innovation is the key to stay on top of the game.  Bioessence, with 18 long years in the service of beauty and wellness has committed to be in the bandwagon of new innovations and technologies. To attest to this promise, they presented to us a new technology called EXILSHAPE. It is the latest slimming treatment that helps reshape the body and rejuvenate the face through the fastest and most powerful non-invasive aesthetic device called Exilis.

Exilis is a safe device seeing that it has been approved by the US FDA. Basically, it will help reduce fats, tightens skin and reduce wrinkles in a non surgical way.

Yes, you heard right. This is a non surgical treatment. It uses safe thermal waves to heat your skin and target the fat cells. Despite the heating effect of the device, you will remain relaxed and comfortable. It has real time monitoring and constant feedback as to the skin’s temperature to ensure safe treatment.

Bioessence Gold Davao together with the celebrity endorser Nikki Gil and Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero explained to us the perks and benefits that customers can get from this new innovation. 

For those who want to undergo treatment for body contouring, this device is the most effective and the fastest solution. It accurately targets the deeper fat layers. The built in thermometer constantly rechecks the tissue temperature for safety and above all, it’s a risk free treatment with no side effects.

Exilshape can also help you for the reduction of wrinkles and facial remodeling. It uses Collagen refill technology based on natural healing process. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t need to worry because this is convenient for all skin types. You will notice dramatic improvement of skin density.`

Bioessence selected Nikki Gil to endorse this new product because aside from her credibility as an actress and as a host, Nikki Gil is a perfect role model for a disciplined lifestyle. Her diet, exercise and constant “me time” with Bioessence are the reasons why she looks slim and fresh all the time. When asked if she ever endorsed the product to boyfriend Billy Crawford, she will definitely endorse it if the later will ask her to. She accepted the offer to endorse the Bioessence because she has been a loyal customer ever since.

The Exilshape is the company’s way of thanking all the customers for patronizing Bioessence for 18 long years. With this new technology, Bioessence has just marked a milestone in their service.

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