Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

Street children are practically almost everywhere. They are just like mushroom sprouting everywhere. The existence of juvenile kids is not only a result of poverty but also uncontrolled population. Their parents have no capability of raising them and providing them comfortable life so they go out of the street to look for alms so they can feed themselves.

Street children are susceptible to various influences. They can be exposed to drug addiction, prostitution and early pregnancy that would lead to produce more street children. While there are some institutions and organizations that help street children find shelter, some of them are left unnoticed because either they are not willing to submit themselves to these institutions or there are too many of them that Government and organizations could no longer accommodate them all.

I was moved when I saw this kid sleeping unprotected a few meters away from our office:

At the burger station, I saw another kid sleeping beside a garbage can.

As I mentioned earlier, these kids are vulnerable and susceptible to different kind of influences. So I am thinking, as an act of love, I will commit to influence these kids in a good way. Because there are two types of influences, it can either be good or bad. Before they are drowned by bad influences, I would like to take a move and become a better influences to them.

Here is my plan. I will commit part of my income to be used for this advocacy. Then, I will buy foods in bulk and some bible story materials. Then I will go out of street, gather as many street kids as possible, tell them to listen to my Bible story in exchange of foods. I am just like hitting two birds in one stone. I can feed their stomach for one night and at the same time, introduce them to Bible characters through my story, and who knows, the moral lesson of the story will help them become a better person.

This is just one small act of love that I would like to commit before the year ends. And with God's intervention and provision, I know this project is possible.

Let's Move and Let's Love.

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