Saturday, September 29, 2012

Five Reasons Why There Are So Much More at SM Lanang Premier Supermarket

I joined the exclusive media mall tour for Davao Bloggers at the newest and the grandest mall in Davao, the SM Lanang Premier. It’s safe to say that we are one of the first few people to visit the Supermarket area since the mall tour was held one day before the official opening of the mall.

Photo Credit to Cris Nierva of Davao Bloggers

I was so amazed not only with the vast area of the supermarket but also with the fresh trends they offer that you could simply say, wow, there are so much more at SM Lanang Premier. At first glance of their supermarket, I could simply declare that they were indeed able to justify their name as the newest premier shopping destination here in Davao City.

Here are my top 5 Reasons why there are SO MUCH MORE at SM Lanang Premier Supermarket:

1. The SWIPE machine

When you enter SM Lanang Premier Supermarket, you will be greeted with this virtual Customer Assistant at station 1 which will untiringly explain to you in loop what Swipe Machine is all about. If you wonder what it is, well, it is a machine where you can swipe(obviously). Swipe what? You can swipe your SM Advantage card, Prestige or BDO Rewards Card into this machine so that you can get a list of discounts and giveaways. Exciting promos and freebies await for those who are well informed, so the promo list will be your gateway to the never ending promo from the SM Supermarket.

2. Well Organized stations

In the pursuit to offer convenient way of shopping, SM Supermarket established Stations so you can easily locate what you are looking for. They have up to 8 stations and each station offers different kinds of items. There is a station which maintains an ideal temperature to maintain the freshness of the items and the shelf life especially for veggies, meats, fruits and seafoods. There is a station where you can find all your HRK (Hotel, Restaurant and Karenderia) needs. There is a station where you can shop for appliances. And yes, SO MUCH MORE.

      3.    Safety Measures

     As added safety measures, there are available sneeze guard panels for their fresh products to protect it from bacteria or virus exposure. You know when shoppers are checking out the items, fresh products are prone to germs. To ensure shoppers that products are protected, they installed sneeze guard on it. They also have spit guard for store personnel. Aside from that, the store also has humidifiers for vegetables and seafood to trap moisture and prevent dehydration. Tongs, gloves and plastic bags are provided to assist shoppers in choosing and handling fresh items.

      4.  Queue Busters

      This is a feature especially installed for those who are allergic at waiting. They have what they called speed lane where you can checkout the products even while you are still shopping. After you finished shopping, you don’t need to queue in a long line because you have technically check out the products already and all you need to do is pay. Amazing right?

      5. Press for help

Asking for help or assistance from store personnel is never this easy. All you need to do is press the button and a friendly and reliable customer assistant will attend to you shortly. 

But wait, there are so much more that the SM Supermarket can offer. 

 If you want to experience all these exciting shopping trends, go and visit SM Supermarket at SM Lanang Premier. You will experience fun and exciting grocery trip.

Shop Now!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

Street children are practically almost everywhere. They are just like mushroom sprouting everywhere. The existence of juvenile kids is not only a result of poverty but also uncontrolled population. Their parents have no capability of raising them and providing them comfortable life so they go out of the street to look for alms so they can feed themselves.

Street children are susceptible to various influences. They can be exposed to drug addiction, prostitution and early pregnancy that would lead to produce more street children. While there are some institutions and organizations that help street children find shelter, some of them are left unnoticed because either they are not willing to submit themselves to these institutions or there are too many of them that Government and organizations could no longer accommodate them all.

I was moved when I saw this kid sleeping unprotected a few meters away from our office:

At the burger station, I saw another kid sleeping beside a garbage can.

As I mentioned earlier, these kids are vulnerable and susceptible to different kind of influences. So I am thinking, as an act of love, I will commit to influence these kids in a good way. Because there are two types of influences, it can either be good or bad. Before they are drowned by bad influences, I would like to take a move and become a better influences to them.

Here is my plan. I will commit part of my income to be used for this advocacy. Then, I will buy foods in bulk and some bible story materials. Then I will go out of street, gather as many street kids as possible, tell them to listen to my Bible story in exchange of foods. I am just like hitting two birds in one stone. I can feed their stomach for one night and at the same time, introduce them to Bible characters through my story, and who knows, the moral lesson of the story will help them become a better person.

This is just one small act of love that I would like to commit before the year ends. And with God's intervention and provision, I know this project is possible.

Let's Move and Let's Love.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top iPhone 5 Rumours That Did And Did Not Come True

Before Apple unveiled its latest iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5, it has kept its silence amidst the surge of rumours on how iPhone 5 will look like, how powerful it will be, the new features, and much more. Some of these rumours have reliable sources while some may be brought by strong hopes for a feature that they want to see with the new iPhone. On the other hand, some rumours are created by speculators who just want to join the bandwagon.

Wherever these iPhone 5 rumours are coming from, some came true and some did not. Here are the top iPhone 5 rumours that did and did not come true:

1. Display to finally reach at least 4 inches – A lot of people are certainly looking forward to iPhone’s breaking out of their historical 3.5 inch screen size. And Apple did not disappoint these people by giving them a bigger 4 inch screen size for the iPhone 5. Still quite smaller than the fierce competitors’ screen size ranging from 4.5 to even more than 5 inches but people can’t underestimate iPhone 5’s 4 inch retina display considering its whopping 1136 x 640 pixels resulting to a 326ppi pixel density.

2. iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector – iPhone 5 got rid of its 30-pin port that has been on the previous iPods and iPhones and replaced it with a smaller, eight-signal plug. This can still work with the older 30-pin cables and speaker docks provided that the user will buy an adapter to connect these traditional devices with iPhone 5’s new dock connector.

3. iPhone 5 will have a thinner screen – Rumours also came out that Apple will be using a thinner display for the iPhone 5. It turned out that Apple did pull this one off by removing a layer that used to be in the previous iPhones and built in the sensors directly into the display. For this reason, the iPhone 5 was able to have a thinner dimension.

4. iPhone 5 will have a unibody construction – Even reputable techie and gadget websites strongly believed that this rumour will come true where the iPhone 5 will have a sort of u-shaped back plate that will cover the back and the sides of the new iOS smartphone. The argument here is that, the unibody structure will give a stronger and thinner exterior, improved reception quality and better new look. On the other hand, even if Apple did not push through with this design, iPhone 5 owners can still enjoy the smooth glass and aluminium exteriors with crystalline diamond cut edges which can still spark admiration for its aesthetics.

5. The NFC technology will be included in iPhone 5 – Two reasons could have brought out strong hopes about this feature. First is the inclusion of the Passbook application in the iOS 6 and the other reason is the fact that other flagship smartphones already have this technology. Apple is certainly not into following trends which is evidenced by their persistence with their 3.5 inch screen size. Also, they strongly believe that the Passbook feature will work well, even without the NFC feature as long as there is an internet connection which is pretty much prevalent these days.

6. iPhone 5 will be powered with an A5X chip – For being the same chip that is currently with the latest ‘new iPad’, a lot of people thought that this will be the same type of chip that will be in the iPhone 5. Fortunately, Apple included a much better A6 chip which is capable of performing even twice as fast as the A5 chip in the iPhone 4, giving the iPhone 5 owner an amazing web browsing, maps navigating, and other iPhone 5 functions performing, especially if connected using a high speed internet connection.

About the author:

Mara B. has been writing about satellite TV, high speed internet, broadband providers, latest and upcoming gadgets and operating systems, SEO tips, and living a trouble-free life with what technology has to offer. She also writes for Broadband Expert, an independent broadband providers comparison site.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

SM Lanang Premier Davao Offers So Much More

Another flagship mall of SM City will come to Davao City soon. Presenting, the SM Lanang Premier Davao:

The SM Lanang Premier Davao is set to open this September 28, 2012 with a promise to offer us "So Much More". 

Here are what await to the FOODIES out there:


The Green Coffee
Dairy Queen
Sumo Sam
Hog's Breath Cafe

Here are store surprises for Beauty and Lifestyles:

Forever 21 PH


For the Shoppers:

SM Supermarket

The SM Store

For your Events and Entertainment:

IMAX theater

SMX Convention Center
Sky Garden
SM Bowling

I will update the list of store surprises at SM Lanang Premier Davao soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Makinig sa Mga Kuwento ng Makata(The Stories of a Poet) ni Gloc 9

Rapping at par excellence. Ganyan ang masasabi ko sa bagong album  ni Gloc 9 na Mga Kuwento Ng Makata o MKNM. Alam na natin ang kredibilidad ni Gloc 9 pagdating sa pagrarap. Ito yong tipong lahat ng tao makakarelate sa kanyang mga makatang awitin. I have witnessed how Gloc 9 justified his own brand of music from Diploma to Talumpati. And now comes a new album with the same Gloc 9 style but with new attack . 

Alam na naman natin na usual topic ni Gloc 9 sa mga rap nya ay about politics, mga isyu ng kahirapan at pangarap sa buhay. Ang masasabi ko lang sa MKNM ay mas lalong lumalim ang sakop ni Gloc 9. Let's take the carrier single Sirena. The song is all about the struggles of gays in the  pursuit of acceptance and understanding. When I first heard the song and about the concept of the song, medyo kinabahan ako sa aking idolo na si Gloc 9 kasi this is a risk on his part. Risky sya kasi hindi nya naman to experience. This is something he could not relate. If you will listen to his previous albums, lahat yon nasusulat nya base sa kanyang perspektibo bilang ama, mamamayan at bilang tao na nangangarap. He is an expert in expressing his thoughts based on his experience through rapping. At bilang isang ordinaryong tao naman sya noon, lahat tayo nakakarelate kasi it's all about dreaming, about poverty and about love. Eh sino ba ang hindi naranansang mangarap, sino ang hindi nakadanas ng kahirapan at sino ang hindi umibig? Diba lahat naman tayo? Kaya relate na relate tayo kasi alam nya ang mga ito. But with his new song Sirena, he expresses the song in the perspective of a gay. Eh alam naman natin na hindi gay si Idol Gloc 9 diba? But I was surprised how gays and even not gays accepted the song.  Gloc 9 nailed it and I will not be surprised if MKNM will set a record on Gloc 9's music career. Kung naging maganda ang outcome ng Talumpati album, mas lalong susuportahan ng tao ang MKNM ni Gloc 9.

What is good about MKNM is that bigatin ang mga nakacollaborate ni Gloc 9 dito. He collaborated with Ebe Dancel in the song "Sirena, Jay Durias for "Hindi Mo Nadinig", Bamboo Manalac for "Salarin", Chito Miranda for "Pison" and Billy Crawford for "Bakit Hindi" at marami pang iba.

Ito lang masasabi ko sa bawat kanta ni Gloc 9 sa album na ito:

1. "Balak ni Syke (Syke's Plan)"

“Kung may alak, may balak”... that’s what syke’s says.. pero ginawa ang album na ito na may balak pero walang alak. What a seamless and clean introduction. Pure talk with sense!!!!

2. "Apatnapungbara" (featuring Ian Tayao)

I can’t seem to decrypt the message of this song. For me, it’s all about being a poser. Yon bang ipinakilala mo ang sarili mo na makata pero hindi naman.

3. "Silup (Semordnilap of the Tagalog word Pulis which means "Police")" (featuring Denise Barbacena)

A song tribute to our Policemen. The girl’s voice here is so powerful that the song keeps repeating on my subconscious after I heard it.
Well this song comes to the rescue of our policemen. This is in response to the recent news and events that affect the name of our policemen. We have to understand that they are all in the same boat, but not all of them are corrupt. We should not generalize all of them because if there are unfaithful policemen, there are also loyal and honest ones.

4. "Alalay Ng Hari (King's Assistant)" (featuring G-Dawg a.k.a. Gordon Lambatan)

I like this song. Parang pang chill lang. Ganda pa ng message. If I guessed it right, this song is a tribute to the original King of rap Francis M. This is Gloc 9’s message of gratitude to Kiko.

5. "Sirena (Mermaid)" (featuring Ebe Dancel)

I may say that Gloc 9’s rap is in perfect combination with Ebe Dancel’s Balladish/RnBish voice. I think this song is a perfect choice for carrier single. If Silup comes to the rescue of policemen, this song is to rescue gays from judgment and misunderstanding.

6. "Hindi Mo Nadinig" (featuring Jay Durias)

RnB meets rap. For some reason, the tune of this song sounds familiar to me. Jay Durias’ presence is so powerful in this song. This one is a love song about a hopeless romantic man being denied by love despite the fact that he exerted effort to achieve it. Well sometimes, some things are just not meant to be.

7. "Salarin (Malefactor)" (featuring Bamboo MaƱalac)

I was excited to hear this song when I found out that this is collaboration with Bamboo. I like the combination of Bamboo’s savvy voice and Gloc 9’s mass appeal. Nice job!!!

I was expecting either Bamboo to sing Tagalog to adjust with Gloc 9 or vise versa. But both of them used their own style and identity in this song. However, this is a song that not everybody could recall easily despite the nice message of this song. The song is all about poverty.

9. "Inday (Pinoy slang for maid)" (featuring Cathy Go)

If Sirena is for gays, Silup for Policemen, this song is for our ever loyal and faithful house maids. Sobrang makakarelate ang mga kasambahay natin dito. This song would inform everybody na kahit katulog sila, they once have dreams. Minsan din silang nangarap at nangangarap, but then again, sa hirap ng buhay, wala silang choice but to accept odd jobs para lang makasurvive.

10. "Bakit Hindi (Why Not)" (featuring Billy Crawford)

I am not sure how Billy’s popularity can help this song to the mainstream but if we based it on the musicality of this song, I think this is something you can play in social gatherings even with the elites. Tungkol ito sa pangarap at sa pagpupursige na abutin ito. Lahat ng mga nangangarap can relate to this song.

11. "Malakas (Strong)"

A filler and at the same time an intro to the next song Pison featuring Chito Miranda. Astig kasi may chipmunk.

12. "Pison (Steamroller)" (featuring Chito Miranda)

Kakaiba to kasi parang electronic ang genre. Parang challenge for Chito and Gloc 9. Alam naman natin na iba ang genre nila but they tried to appear and sound electronic in this song.
This song is a warning. Warning sa lahat ng mga nangangarap at parang reminder na rin.

13. "Thankful" (featuring Maychelle Baay of Moonstar88 and Bambu)

Ito talaga bigatin..... kasi naka English ang rap ni boss Gloc 9. Although parang nakakapanibago, pero ok na rin. Mas gusto ko pa rin tagalog rap nya.

14. "Hari ng Tondo (King of Tondo)" (featuring Denise Barbacena)

This is all about the life in Tondo. This song is so catchy that I could even sing along with the song even I heard it for the first time. This song speaks about injustices, poverty and crime.

15. "Kung Tama Siya (If He Is Right)" (featuring Jaq Dionisio of Kissjane)

I felt nostalgic when I heard Jaq Dionisio in this song. I like the song because of her. The song is all about risking life for the Country. Para sa mga nagdudunong dunungan at nagbabaya bayanihan. Kung sino man yong “Sya” na tinutukoy ditto, it remains a mystery. Maaring si Dr. Jose Rizal, or an gating mga magulang or an gating Presidente.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Your Guide To Selecting an Ideal Dream House

What is your idea of an ideal dream house?

I bet you are visioning something in your mind a duplex house with pool and mini gym. Or perhaps, a simple house design but complete with sophistcated amenities and green environment.

Your dream house will reflect your personality. This is an indication of whether you are a simple person or a wild one. An ideal house for me is relative. A house design could be neat and perfect for me but dull and unintersting for others.

If you want to envision an ideal dream house, here are some suggestions I can share with you.

1. Safety

Before you think of the design of your dream house, it is important to consider the location. Where would you think you want your house to be constructed in such a way that you can sleep tight at night without worrying for the safety of your family? Well, there is really no safe place per se, but you can always think of a location where you are well guarded and a friendly neighborhood. Usually subdivisions and villages can offer you security service that would keep your house and your family safe from intruders.

2. Environment

Always go for a place where your kids can inhale healthy air and drink clean water. Your dream house must be located in a place where nature is the queen, ergo there should be a lot of trees around and green is the dominant color. It could either be a condominium fronting a beach or a house in a forrest inspired subdivision. Nowadays, most of the condominiums are situated in beach front, for example the Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Sunny Isles. Imagine yourself overlooking Miami beach right in the comfort of your own bedroom.

If you want to know more about real estate properties built in front of the beach, you can checkout Seaside Properties Group, Inc. They offer various luxury real estates from Miami Beach to Palm Beach including luxury oceanfront condos in Key Biscayne.

3. Design

After you have insured the Safety and the Environment of your dream house, start visioning the design of your house. You could go for simple or sophisticated ones. Start browsing some catalogue or real estate websites to get an idea about modern and good house designs.

Try to find  Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami or Luxury real estate broker in Miami and ask about ideal designs fit for you.

You know you are living your dream house if you live comfortably, happy and worry-free with your family. Start dreaming now and work for that dream as soon as possible.