Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Animation 101 Workshop at Jobs Academy Davao

I responded to this open invitation in Davao Bloggers Facebook group for Free 3 hours workshop at Jobs Academy Davao. I originally enrolled for Photoshop workshop, but I decided to shift to Animation workshop instead because it sounds exciting. I have already attended a Photoshop workshop before in another school, so I think it won’t hurt if I am going to try something new.
I didn’t know that the pre-requisite for animation workshop should be a skill for drawing and an obsession over anime. Well, I watch animes but I am not really a fan type. Nevertheless, I still attended the workshop as I may be able to acquire some skills or knowledge that can help me in the future. Who can say no to new learning, right?

The school building is located at the LDL Building, C. Bangoy St., Madrazo, Davao City. It looks like they made a serious renovation of this building because the last time I checked, the school building is not as awesome as this.

This is the map of the actual location of Jobs Academy Davao:

The animation laboratory is on the third floor of the building. This is the legendary Animation Studio of the school:

My eyes drooled over the work of art posted on the wall of the laboratory:

I felt like I don’t belong to this place since I suck at art, but I am excited at the same time:

And looking at the facilities, I know the school is serious about putting up this animation workshop business:

These are the drawing tables where students can draw the piece of their imagination:

The room can accommodate up to 10 students:

And guess what, I’m with talented kids and I am the only one in the room who can’t draw. LOL

Our teacher started sketching something on the board to commence the workshop:

And after a few seconds, she was able to come up with different perspective of a human head:

After a few discussions and tips, it’s our time to draw our own human head perspective and my drawing table is waiting for me:

So I sketched to the best of my abilities. And I was able to come up with what looks like an alien head side view and front view.LOL

In the workshop, we had learned how to draw the proportion of human body. We also learned how to draw female body and male body. Our teacher also demonstrated how to draw a body from a different perspectives and poses. And guess what, I learned a lot, but since this is an animation workshop, we should show what we learned by drawing it. Drawing is my weakness, and though I learned a lot from the lesson, I am not confident enough to put it all into practice. But we can’t go home unless we have output, so I really tried my best to come up with good output. So I started working for my characters:

First, I drew the body proportion of my male and female characters. I decided to come up with two kiddie superhero characters. According to the lesson, we must draw first the body volume, and this is my output:

I sketched my way for the hair of my characters:

Since they are kids, I decided to use a barbed wire type of hair so they will look like astig. Ok, I know this is the lame excuse for my incapability to draw a good hair. LOL

Then, I started working for the arms and hand part of my characters:

And since my concept is all about astig kiddie superheroes, I made them stiff hands that can crash an iron enemy.

And of course, the whole superhero drama would never be complete without a costume. Since I am a superman fan, I decided to use capes for my characters.

For the final touch, I worked on the face and the shoes of my character. This is my final output:

I deserve a pat on the back for this. LOL. It may look like an output of a kindergarten kid, but I am still proud of this because I made it.

You want to take a peek at the works of my classmates? These are their creations:

Nevertheless, I enjoyed and at the same time learned a lot from the workshop. If people who can’t draw like me enjoyed it, what more if you are really into drawings and animations? I think summer is the perfect time to attend this kind of workshop. If you are interested, just visit the Jobs Academy Davao for more information. Aside from animation, they also offer different workshops and courses. Go now and make your summer productive by attending workshops like this.


  1. I really LOL-ed on the Alien Head and the "Palusot" pats.(my boss actually asked my why am i LOL-ing) . hahah good job my friend!!! O:) an entertaining and educational blog post as always!!

    1. hahaha... Good to know I was able to entertain you...

  2. Interesting, very entertaining..and lastly It made me laugh :) oopzz..I'm anime fanatic I love to draw I wish I was there in the workshop like you, well done...:)

  3. il go summer davao nxt yr.. i can join workshop animation. jz txt me 09067917824.


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