Friday, March 16, 2012

Top Indications that you are Celebrating Araw ng Davao

Today, Davao City commenced the 75th annual celebration of Araw ng Davao. This year’s theme is “Pag-higugma sa Nasud, Pag-amuma sa Siyudad”.

Let’s do Bisaya101 for the sake of those who can’t understand Bisaya.

Pag-Higugma means Love.
Nasud means country.
Pag-amuma means care or nurture.
Siyudad means city.

If we are going to translate it verbatimly, it means, “Love the Country, and Nurture the City”.

Amidst the scorching heat of the sun, people of Davao set aside businesses and work just to witness the 75th Araw ng Davao celebration. Davaoenos celebrate this event in a unique way. This is where you can see Davao’s unique culture and products. In line with the celebration of Araw ng Davao, here are my top 5 indications (as per observation is concerned) that you are actually celebrating Araw ng Davao.

1. Unique vehicles on parade 

This group of guys share the same interest with motorbikes with height as tall as their knees.

But the most adorable one is this motorbike with funny shape.

This one is the most annoying vehicle here in Davao. This is a tricycle with a very loud sound system installed.

And of course, the famous tricycle or we call it traysibot.

I was not able to spot the “padjak” and the electric vehicle. You can see all of these here in Davao.

2. Araw ng Davao is Banderitas Day 

I don’t know where this Banderitas concept originates. I think banderitas can add merriment to the festivity, so Davaoenos put this in every corner of Davao City.

You can see it here:

You can see it there:

And you can see it everywhere:

And notice that banderitas here in Davao have different shapes, sizes and colors…..and sponsored products.

3. All major roads closed 

If you are a commuter, you will really find it hard to take a jeepney for your route or even a taxi. Almost all major roads have barricades just to celebrate this event.

That is why this is also the best time of the year to walk around the city.

4. Business everywhere 

One good thing about Davaoenos is that, they are opportunists (in a good way of course). Instead of just being a bystander, they take this opportunity to earn money. That is why during Araw ng Davao, you will see Davaoenos selling almost everything in the street.

Ice cream: check

Secondhand Stuff toys: check

Pets: check

Fruits: check

Magic tricks: check

Pamaypay: check

And of course, Durian!!!

Araw ng Davao converts highways and parks into a marketplace.

5. The Davaoenos 

It’s the people of Davao who make this event a special and unique. This is their way of saying that they embrace Davao including the glitches.

And for all the Davaoenos out there, happy 75th Araw ng Davao.

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