Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Golden Lessons Learned from Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips

I was so overwhelmed when I received the Suplado Tips 2 book from Stanley Chi right in front of my doorstep. You know the feeling na parang pinadala ng langit? It’s not because I am in dire need to learn to become suplado or something, it’s because I think there is something I need to know about being suplado na pwede kong magamit para sa ikauunlad ng bayan at ng buhay. Sa title pa lang, I already laugh out loud, wala lang, catchy kasi at saka medyo intriguing.

I believe (naks, pang impromptu speech lang?) that everyone has an innate supladoticities and supladacities. Ok, those two words I just mentioned do not exist, so please excuse me for that. Sometimes, we need to bring out the best of our being suplado slash maldito or suplada slash maldita. Bakit? Because of the following things I’ve learned from this book:

  1. Being Suplado or Suplada can save your life
Siguro kaya suplado or suplada ang mga Taekwondo players kasi they know that their martial art techniques alone could not save them from trouble. I mean it’s not enough to defend yourself. Kelangan may angas, kelangan may “whoaaaaa”(Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, pahiram ng word..hehehe)..yong may pagka suplado or suplada ang dating para pag sumipa, WAGAS!!!!...And sometimes, being suplado or suplada alone is enough to save your life. Just take a look at the example on one of the stories featured in the book (If you want to know the story, oh eh di bumili ka ng sarili mong libro.. tseeee…. #SupladoMode). Hindi makaporma yong mga construction workers at mga tambay sa kanya because she’s suplada and this has helped her initiate the courage and the confident to walk alone. Isang suplada look lang sa mga bastos na tambay, ligtas na sya.

  1. Kung Suplado or Suplada ka, ikaw ang BIDA
I used to hear my lola rambling about pinoy teleserye. She always prefers a teleserye with a bida na palaban. Yong tipong kapag inaapi, gumaganti. Not the Mara/Judy Ann Santos type na walang ibang alam kundi magpaapi kay Clara/Gladys Reyes type. Just take a look at one of the comic strips featured in the book. He used to be an underdog kasi wala lang. He doesn’t have the good look and the suplado appeal to get the girl he wants. Pero he learned to become a better a person with a suplado touch, and now he is the bida of the story.

  1. You have a bright future if you are a suplado or suplada
Oo nga…believe me, oh well, that is at least based on Stanley Chi’s book ha. LOL…do that at your own risk..bahala ka. I just read one of his tips sa book. Sabi dun, kapag nakikipagtawaran yong potential employer mo sa sweldo mo, sagutin mo ng “If you can’t afford me, don’t hire me”. Oh di ba ang angas

Dati, negative yong dating sa akin ng Suplado or Suplada. Kasi di ba sa English “snob” ang ibig sabihin nun? But based on the stories and the fictional stories and the tips from the book, I think it’s not bad at all. Promise. Kaya kung ako ikaw, magpractice ka na maging suplado slash maldito or suplada slash maldia and let’s build a SUPLADO WORLD.


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