Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Schooldays Struggles

I visited Grandmother’s house last weekend and I saw this dusty and dull box in one corner of the house. It contains notebooks, papers, folders and what not. It looks familiar to me, so I checked it and found out those were my schooldays notes.

I hauled the content of the box to reminisce schooldays but instead of being overwhelmed by my past, I was frustrated and depressed for five seconds because I realized that I am a self proclaimed trying hard art enthusiast slash essay moron slash lousy grade school/high school/college student. I swear I wanted to burn the box right away because I know my future kids wouldn’t be proud of this. But the other side of my brain said I should keep it for the sake of memories.

This post would degrade me personally, emotionally and professionally, but I just want to share anyway. Here’s the pessimistic side of me writing about my glitches and struggles as a student. 
1. I suck at Essay

I’ve read all my college and high school essays and now I know the reason why I always got low scores for my essays during school days. Aside from grammar issues, I can’t seem to find the main point on my writings. Those were the days when my basis of a good essay is the number of words. The more words, the better, and it end up pointless because some concept and some unnecessary words had been repeated just to come up with a paper-filled-with-words essay.

 2. I have the worst handwriting in the world

I remember the days when I envied my classmates who can write neat and well literally. I even tried to buy the same brand of ballpen and pencil that my “Best in Writing” classmate used for the belief that I could also write as good as her. But No, Nada, Never, Aniyiyo… handwriting never improved at all. I almost cried when I saw these papers and notebooks. I couldn’t even understand my own handwriting. 

3. Art is my Forte…..NOT

I saw this folder project for our art subject when I was sophomore and I almost cried. I wanted to cry not because I remember those good old days, but because it reminds me how I struggled just to complete that art compilation folder and pass the 0.5 unit art subject. Would you believe that these artworks are made by a second year high school guy?

 4. I’m a cover page sissy

You know that cover page of a project where you need to write your name and the name of the teacher and specify what project is that for? We used to do it manually when I was in High School because computer printer does not yet exist during that time. If I could remember, the only printer we had that time is a dot matrix printer which is not ideal for a cover page because it’s not colorful. So when I saw these cover pages, I just laughed because they’re too girly. Look at these:

And they all looooookkkk baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!!!!.....

I read somewhere that if you want to be happy with your life, you must have to accept everything about yourself including the “not-so-likeable” ones. We are all not perfect and at one point in our life, we ponder on things that we don’t like about ourselves. But some things like my handwriting could never be changed and the only way to become happy with it is just to grasp and accept it. The important thing is that I tried, and I never stopped doing it. If you will let me do it now, I swear I can still write and draw the same way as before. Because I can’t do it well doesn’t mean I should not do it.  That’s the work of my hand, and I’m proud of it regardless of whether it’s good or not.


  1. Yes, accept it so you'll be happy, don't worry lahat tayo dumadaan sa ganyang situation... thanks for sharing..

  2. you're not alone, my penmanship is not also good. =)

  3. Hey, that's not bad. I actually love the turtle :) And I can't draw. Like seriously. How wonderful of your grandma to keep your old works.

  4. Ano ka ba? Ang doktor nga ni hindi mabasa ang nakasulat sa resita walang paki-alam. BTW your art works are brilliant.

  5. Whoa! You must have saved them for a long time. It may be bad with the way you look at it, others may learn a thing or two from it ^_^

    Bigla ko tuloy namiss yung mga test papers at mga kung anu-anung papel meron ako nun sa bahay namin. :D

  6. I thought that it is not your real name. well I hate essay too, and i hate to draw flowers on my project, but you are actually doing better than I am before

  7. I also keep all my notebooks and paper works even from elementary until college but those nasty termites gradually consume them so i decided to burn them. This post makes me sad about my things and furious (again!!!) to the termites. Grrr...

  8. cover page sissy sounds so cute!
    i hate doing cover pages. takes so much time. :(
    but for the really creative and expressive, it's so nice

  9. yeah sometimes we just look at the negative things, like me, i love to sing but I can't and my siblings are all musicians! all my friends loves shopping and they know how to dress and makeup! while i'm only comfortable in jeans and tshirts and i don't wear make and I don't like partying... sometimes we keep on looking at the negative things, but actually there are traits in us that is also good! you just have to accept yourself for who you really are, and eventually you will accept your flaws and be comfortable with it! ;)

  10. Your grandma is so sweet to keep those things!

  11. I feel happy to see your old school stuff because they remind me of my own happy and bad memories of the yesteryears in school.

    To me, it is inspirational looking at the old quizzes, and exam papers, and notebooks, and how they witnessed our everyday struggles as students.

    Lovely discovery from the corner house.

  12. mabuti ka pa nga may mga remembrance ka pa.. isa pa, walang pangit or bad pagdating sa art. ^^.

  13. it's always nice to look back at years gone by... too bad I have very little things to remember my days as a kid...


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