Friday, January 27, 2012

The Cyberspace Acronyms Using Website Logos

Cyberspace acronyms are the internet counterpart on reacting to jokes, stories and conversation. Through these acronyms, one can express his response if the conversation is channelled by cyberspace through social media, chat platform and emails. Who would have thought that a simple cyberspace acronym LOL is equivalent to laughing while slapping your thigh and throwing your head back? That’s Laugh Out Loud anyway.

Website Logo on the other hand is the image representation of a particular website. This is part of a branding so that users will have a recall if they see the logo. Usually, logo should be as simple as possible. It will represent your website, so it should look clean. No wonder almost all social media and websites are using a simple alphabet to represent their logo.

While we are into this, let’s reroute from a serious blog post to a light and maybe funny one. This idea dawned on me while I was riding on a jeepney going home from work. I will post common cyberspace acronyms using the website logos.

Let’s start with this:
      1. FTW= For The Win.


1.       2. BTW= By The Way


1.       3. BB= Be Back


 4. BBS= Be Back Soon


     5.  FFT= Food For Thought


     6.  SFT= Sorry For That


     7.  SW= So What



Sorry, I can’t define, I’m sleepy. LOL


  1. Good Evening!

    They are all eye-catchy and you really have to use them so that people will use it too, as well as recognise your creation.


    Vicky David

  2. Bwahahahahahaha! I love the last one the most. Win yan! That's truly a FTW and I expect you to BBS. Hahaha!


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