Saturday, July 23, 2011

Watch NBA All Star vs. PBA All Star Smart Gilas Pilipinas Replay

Today, July 23, 2011, we will witness a great event in the history of the Philippine Basketball association. NBA all star will play against the PBA All Star Smart Gilas Pilipinas.

To those who can't watch the game at the Araneta Coliseum, you can watch it online via Aktiv IBC channel. A livestreaming video below will be up at exactly 7:00 PM today, July 23, 2011. Please check livestreaming video below.

These are the youtube videos of the game of PBA versus NBA:


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Part 1

Part 2

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Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Interesting Aspects of the Japanese Movie Departures

In celebration to the Japan-Philippines friendship month, the Japanese FIlm Festival or known as Eiga Sai invades Davao. I have the chance to watch their opening movie which is "Departures"
This is the synopsis of the movie as quoted from their flyer:

When the orchestra in which he plays cello disbands, Daigo KOBAYASHI (Masahiro Motoki) abandons a career in music, and moves with his wife Mikan(Ryoko Hirosue) to his home town in the northeastern perfecture of Yamagata. He finds a "help wanted" advertisement that seems to offer good terms for work with what he assumes is a travel agency, and goes for an interview in an office with new coffins lining the back wall. The company owner, Sasaki (Tsutomu Yamazaki), hires him with no more than a glance at Daigo's resume, at which point Daigo asks what exactly the company does and is told the work involves the ceremonial "encoffinating" of corpses prior to cremation. He is reluctant, but Sasaki urges him to take the job and he accepts, telling Mika the work involves "ceremonies". In this way he begins to travel around Hirano, in Yamagata, with Sasaki.
A beautiful suicide victim who turns out to be a cross dressing boy; a tearaway teenager dead in a motorcycle accident, an elderly grandmother who admired the baggy white socks favored by her grand daughters with their high school uniforms: Daigo encounters death in various forms and, although he is uncertain at first, begins to understand this work of "encoffination" and somehow a respect for life as well.
Mika, though, finds out exactly what sort of "ceremony" the work involves. Appalled, she demands that he quit, and when he refuses, leaves for her family home back in Tokyo.
He becomes alone again since his mother died several years before and his father having deserted the family when Daigo was a boy, but continues to believe in the value of the work he is doing.
As winter turns into spring, he begins to feel confident in himself and his new career, but now a series of significant events take place in close succession: Mika returns, the mother of a close childhood friend suddenly dies, and he receives word that the father he has heard nothing from in 30 years has also passed away.
As an encoffineer, as husband, as a son, and as a human being: how will Daigo deal with life and death among the people who are dearest to him? A final departure, to a happy farewell...
The movie itself is very interesting as it depicts about an unusual topic about encoffination. You will appreciate the job of encoffiners here and you will be able to realize that this one is not an easy job. Like any other jobs, this  one is also a passion and a skill. Not everybody could do this, and maybe nobody wants to do this. But if you get the hung of it, you will find this job interesting.
I'd like to note some interesting part of the movie which I think mean something to the title "Departure"
1. Eating with the barehand scenes
I've seen several scenes wherein Kobayahashi ate with his barehand together with the boss. And that eating scene happens after an encoffination. I think the implication of this scenes is "ACCEPTANCE". They have already accepted that to encoffinate is their fate, this is their job and they should not feel grossy about this. Imagine holding a dead body and eat with barehands afterwards, that's so unhygenic. But if you have already accepted and treated this as part of your life, as your official job and as you, then you can eat by all means without any apprehension.
2. Departure cases
There are a lot of departure cases happened in the movie. Aside from the literal departure of soul from the body, KOBAYASHI himself experienced several departures. First is when he is 6 years old, when his father departed from them to be with other woman. Second is when his mother passed away. Third is when they have been disbanded. Fourth is when they departed from Tokyo to go to his hometown. Fifth is when his wife left him when appalled with his job. And lastly, when his father died. There are also a lot of small departure scenes like that of octopus, salmon, etc. We all experience departure and this already part of life. Whether we like it or not, departure is part of life.
3. Season Changes
Changing from one season to another could be unnoticeable, but we should note that this one means something in the movie. The changing from one season to another means change is natural. Even nature change from one season to another. And if we say goodbye to one season, we will be facing with a new season. Life comes into phases, we will go through different phases of life and change is part of it.
A drama with a comic relief, Departure is a movie we should all watch as we could be able to realize life and learn to respect it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rendezvous with the Fishes and the Sea

We have this unique opportunity to visit the under water world during the company outing last July 16, 2011. When asked if we want to go scuba diving, my first questions was, "Can I dive eventhough I don't know how to swim?". They just smiled at me...:>

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is Charice Pempengco a Member of Illuminati?

I was just intrigued with the news that Charice Pempengco is a member of Illuminati.

The young international singer denied the accusation that she is a member of the Illuminati group. She even did not know that there is such a brotherhood ever existed. She confirmed this over her twitter account as response to @crstinaponce. She said:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ligo na U, Lapit na Me- My Unkabogable Review

I've known this book for quite some time, but I haven't got the chance to read it. When I learned that the novel has a movie version, my curiosity has been triggered. There are about 7 copies of this book left in the National Bookstore, so I bought one for 200 pesos. That would not hurt my pocket anyway.

The story revolves around the life of a street smart guy named Intoy who has an informal love affair with a rich, beautiful and sophisticated lady named Jen. Their relationship is vague and it's cumbersome to understand their status. They're not lovers but they are doing what lovers are doing. So they preferred to call their relationship as "Friends with benefits and perks". But Intoy has fallen in love with Jen, something that he is afraid to confess to Jen. Jen on the other hand got pregnant, and the sad part is, Intoy is not the father. Jen suddenly disappeared after confessing that she is pregnant, and the story ended up with Intoy finding for his first love.

I have to warn all the readers that this book is a little bit of a spoiler. I think the author, Eros Atalia, did it on purpose for a sequel. But content wise and story wise, I commend you read this book.

It's all about choices in life. We all have several choices, but among all choices, there can only be one right choice. It is about a realization that we may have a lot of choices, but the other choices are just useless if it is not something we really prefer. I will itemize some elements in the book that would support this theory.

1. Multiple Choice

The story has started in a classroom setting where Intoy and Jen are taking a Physics exam. Part of the exam is multiple choice. We know that the common instruction for a multiple choice is to select the correct answer. Among the four choices, there is only one correct answer. When I was still schooling, most of my classmates like Multiple Choice type of exam. Because they don't need to think an answer if they don't know the answer. You just have to select the answer among the choices. However, the choice is still useless if it is not the correct answer. The author used Multiple Choice to make us realize that we may have options and choices, but there can always be one correct answer.

2. Ideal date of suicide

While taking the exam, Jen texted Intoy who is just sitting in front of her, asking him to suggest the ideal date of suicide. To commit suicide here is not a choice because apparently Jen has already decided to commit suicide, she is just asking for a good choice of date to take her own life. Intoy didn't take the question seriously, so he suggested the options from January to December and end up dumping all the choices for the reasons he specified. The author would like us to realize that we may have all the options and choices in life, but none of these choices can answer our questions. Not all choices are solution to our problems. There are times that it is better for us not to take a choice or an option.

3. Coffee versus Beer

Coffee and Beer are two most common beverages here in the Philippines, but both of them have different characteristics and effect. Apparently, Intoy prefers coffee over beer. He described how he loved coffee compared to beer. The author would like to emphasize that there are times that we need to choose between two opposite things in life, and our choice depends on how we feel over the element.

4. Jen versus Venus and Joy

In the story, Intoy has informally hooked up with three different girls, first is Jen, then there's a prostitute named Venus and the other one he met in the beerhouse named Joy. Venus and Joy are just a rebound because he wants to forget Jen. But whatever he do, Jen is still reigning on his heart and mind. The author would like to make us realize that there are some things that we would like to choose, but it is not included in the selection. So we end up settling on choosing on what is only available, but the unavailable choice is still what we aspire to choose.

They say to choose is a freedom. The choices in life are the best manifestation that we human has a freedom. Our life depends on the choices that we are making. BUT, sometimes, the choices that we have in life are the ones that suppressing our freedom.

Here is the trailer of the movie version of Ligo na U, Lapit na Me:

And something to brag about. Sir Eros Atalia, the writer of this book, has sent me a comment regarding this review via Facebook:


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kasambuhay Habambuhay, Short Film Anthologies Part 2

Here is the Part 2 of my post about the 10 short film anthologies. If you want to read my part 1 post, you can read it here.

6. Oh! PaRa Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!  

This is a musical anthology that every in love teenager could relate. Directed by George Agcaoili, this is the story of Nikos, the famous teenage guy from the Nestea bottomless commercial, in his love affair with Matina.

Nikos and his family are on their way for a family outing. Everybody has their own agenda, and when the father of the family provoked everyone to speak, they all ended up interrogating Nikos for being quiet the whole time.

Nikos is actually struggling over his feeling with Matina. He learned some inside information from Betina, Matina’s little sister, that he is not actually the type of a guy that Matina would date and consider to be a boyfriend.

There’s a book entitled “Ang ABAKADA ng Matamis na OO” that has been passed from generation to generation . This is a manual on how to make a girl you like to say YES. And with the support from a family, sacrificing the supposed to be family outing and bonding, the whole family helped Nikos gain self-confidence. He finally got the guts to go back to Matina’s house and express his feeling through the help of alphabets. Only to find out that Matina is not in the house and did not hear his sentiments.
But the good thing there is that, Nikos realized that it’s not bad at all that a family will intervene on the affair of the hearts of a teenager.

Featured Nestle product is Nestea.

7. Downtown

This is a quiet Love story directed by Stephen Ngo. In a chinese community, there is an old man who live a solitary life since his wife left him. But despite the situation, he knows deep down in his heart that he still loves his wife and he misses her so much that he even makes a cup of coffee for his wife despite her absence.

One day, he tried to restore everything as to how it used to be. He spent the money from his coin bank to buy cleaning materials and clean the whole house. He built a barbell to work out and gain some muscles. He got a haircut and shave, and he feels young again.

 He jogged downtown early in the morning and went to the place where his wife used to do her morning routine. And when they saw each other, they are reunited and realized that they are nothing without each other. It ended up with a man saying to his wife “Uwi na tayo”.

Featured Nestle product is Coffe Mate.

8. Tingala sa Baba

This one is one of my favorites. A kiddie drama anthology directed by Henry Frias set in a playground.
A chubby rich kid and a thin poor kid play seesaw in a school playground. Due to the imbalance of weight, the poor kid always ends up at the top and the rich kid always ends up at the bottom. They’re not moving anyway. The rich kid got bored to always stay at the bottom, so he negotiate with the poor kid to do anything just to lift him up. The poor kid neglect to do so as this would put him on danger, but the rich kid negotiate and offered food and 20 pesos, something that the poor kid could not refuse, just to stand and jump to lift him up. The poor kid agreed, but no matter how he tried to stand and jump, nothing happens.

The rich kid did everything to be on the top. He feed the poor kid and bought him ice cream. When the poor kid’s sister arrived, he offered the ice cream to her so the two of them can help the rich kid reach the top. 

The idea works and the rich kid finally reached the top. In the end, both the poor kid and the rich kid got what they want. The poor kid got the money and the foods, while the rich kid experienced to be on the top of the seesaw. It’s a win-win solution for both the rich and the poor. 

Featured products are Drumstick and Koko Krunch

9. Cooking ko, Cooking mo

A Balagtasan inspired anthology directed by Chris Martinez. This is a story about the two competing families. 

The Montano couple and the Capuli couple once lived a peaceful life. When the Montano couple gave birth to their first child, they opened a carenderia on their backyard so they can raise their son. They gained a lot of customers and the business has progressed. When the Capuli gave birth to their daughter, they also decided to open their own carenderia as the Montanos “Cooking Mo” carenderia could not accommodate the customers anymore.

The Capuli has become the threat to the Montano when some of their loyal customers transferred to their neighbour slash competitor. And so, the war between the two families has started.

When Romina, the daughter of Montato, and Julius, the son of Capuli, grew up, they in love with each other. And to avoid the conflict between their parents, they decided to run away and elope. Romina becomes pregnant, so whether their parents like it or not, they ended up in marriage. The marriage between their son and daughter reunited them and made them friends again. So they decided to merge their business and named it “Cooking Ko, Cooking Mo”. 

Featured Nestle Brand is Maggi Magic Sarap.

10. Sign Seeker

This sweet and charming short film directed by Carlo Directo is all about Love. Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Solenn Heusaf, this is the story of Bien seeking sign if heaven will allow him to date Kacey. He was teased by his officemate to invite Kacey for a date, but he is just afraid enough to tell Kacey about this. 

He asked for a sign from the alarm clock, strawberry for breakfast, green traffic light, dog, horse in the parking lot, elephant in the parking lot and a clown in the elevator. All signs are in favour for him to date Kacey but he doesn’t have the courage to invite her for a date.

The story ended when Bien saw the most obvious sign of all, the text on Kacey’s hat which says “Date Tayo”.

Featured Nestle products are Fitnesse and Fruit Selection.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kasambuhay Habambuhay, Short Film Anthologies Part 1

Nestle Philippines, Inc Presents 10 short films about life, magic and bottomless fun. This is in celebration to the 100 years of Good Food and Good Life. This is also a celebration of how Filipino films have evolved. The 10 movies featured will depict the talent of Filipino not only in acting but also in crafting a story and enhancing the production value of the films.

Here are the first 5 short films featured in Kasambuhay Habambuhay:

1. The Howl and the Fussyket

This film is directed by Chris Martinez. This is a short film about perseverance and determination to do what you really want to do and become successful in it. The story revolves around the life of Aaron Lumibao, a low profile pupil who volunteered to represent their section in a declamation contest. The teacher has no other choice, so she was forced to assign Aaron for a declamation contest.

Aaron’s mother is trying to convince him to just join any other contest, just not a declamation contest. Aaron could not pronounce the words well, he has speech impediment. He often mispronounced p as f and he could not just declaim well. The contest piece is entitled “The Owl and the Pussycat” but he pronounced it as “The Howl and the Fussyket”.  But Aaron is firm on his decision to join the contest.

Good thing that Aaron has a supportive family. His mother, father and sister help him in this challenge. They hired a speech coach, an acting coach and a fashion designer to prepare Aaron for the contest. Due to his determination and willingness to win the contest plus the support of the family, Aaron finally performed his declamation in the contest with correct diction and expression. But he ended up on second place after being defeated by the defending champion. Aaron really felt bad about the defeat, he is really frustrated that after all the effort, he still ended up on second place. But his mother consoles him and made him understand that it’s part of the game. After all, they are still proud of him. Aaron joined another contest after one year, still a declamation contest, but this time for “lingo ng Wika”,and this time, Aaron finally did it.

This is indeed a very inspiring short story starring Eugene Domingo, Kiray Celis, Dennis Padilla and more. Featured Nestle product is Bear Brand Powdered milk.

Watch the film here:

2. Unplugged

Unplugged is a short movie about disconnecting to the digital world and reconnecting to the natural world. The short film is directed by Raul Jordan. In this anthology, Michael, played by Marvin Agustin, brought the whole kiddie football team to his Lolo Nestor’s place, played by Eddie Garcia, for camp training.

Lolo Nestor does not like the idea of kids still being hooked up on their PSPs, cellphones and other gadgets. So he imposed a rule to the whole team. If they want to stay in the place, they must surrender all their hi tech gadgets first. Rule number 1 is to disconnect to technology. They could not bond and enjoy their stay if they will keep on connecting on their gadgets.

Rule Number 2 is to reconnect with nature. They will have to experience the basic of life, a life that is gadgetless, technologyless and connectionless. The kids enjoyed the basic life. They played with insects, go fishing and live a natural life.

Rule Number 3 is to Love Freely. After you disconnect, you reconnect and then love like a child. It is as if living life in a brand new perspective.

Michael on the other hand found a new love of his life in the personality of Isabel, played by Kaye Abad. He was able to understand the three rules imposed by Lolo Nestor.

The kids really enjoyed seeing the basic equipment such as a film operated camera, a typewriter and the first issues of X-men and Superman comics.

At the end of the film, there’s a big revelation about Lolo Nestor. He too actually is a technology user. He even caught posting on Twitter. But of course, he can always disconnect and reconnect to the real world. It is not bad to connect with technology, but too much of everything is not good anymore. Once in a while, we need to disconnect and reconnect to what is real. Featured Nestle product in this anthology is Milo.

3. Silup

SILUP is a reverse of the word PULIS. Obviously, this is all about the story of a policeman played by Sid Lucero. In this film directed by Jun Reyes, it shows the two faces of the policeman.

His first face is a tough, brave and astig policeman. He is the peacekeeper and he must show a face of courage so he can take his responsibility.

His second face is a loving and soft-hearted grandson willing to sacrifice for his grandmother.
The story shows that behind every brave policeman is a family man which has also his own personal issues and concerns.

Featured Nestle product is Bear Brand Evap milk.

4. Isang Tasang Pangarap

Sid Madirazo takes us into the world of miracles in this short film. This is a story about a simple man named Elias played by Ramon Bautista who does not have any dream in life but to drink a cup of coffee per day.
He always sees to it to provide 5 pesos per day so he can buy a pack of 3 in 1 coffee. The time has come that he lost his bicycle to a loan provider and the only prized possession left is his 5 pesos coin and a red cup. He doesn’t care at all, as long as he can drink a cup of coffee. But an unexpected thing happened. He was able to realize that he can read the future by just looking at the bottom of an empty cup of coffee. This miracle has spread like fire on youtube and news channel. The people crowded around the house of Elias to seek for miracles. Elias has never been happy with all these attentions, money and power given to him. He realized that until his red cup has broken. So he gathered the people in the gymnasium and revealed that there is actually no miracle. He borrowed the speech of Elsa from the movie HIMALA. But after the ritual drinking of coffee, everybody has found the miracle that they are looking. Thanks to the cup of 3 in 1 Nescafe for making people realize that they are their own miracle.

5. Sali salita

This I should say is a genius work of A/F  Benaza. This is a story of a boy who seeks attention from his mother. His mother is a scriptwriter and been busy all the time. So he played and does things to get his mother’s attention but to no avail. Until he accidentally taps on his mother’s laptop and broke it.

The young boy was saddened by his mother’s coldness toward him because of this incident. His grandfather paid a visit to their house and this has somehow lightens the boy’s burden. But because he is still affected by his stupid mistake, he doesn’t have the urge to play anymore. So his grandfather suggested a game that would not make his mother mad at him.

The game is all about crafting a story out of imagination. The drill is, they will write all the words they want in a piece of paper. Any word would do. May it be a name, an event, a place or whatever. Then they will put all these papers in a can, and they will pick one by one. They will create a story out of the words they picked up. The boy has somehow enjoyed the game and the story they weaved out of the random words they picked out from the can.

The mother secretly listened to the story weaved by the grandfather and the grandson. But the grandfather has to leave, and the boy is left with a story without the ending. So to ease the sadness, the mother, who somehow enjoyed the weaving of story game, finished the story for his kid. The story has ended and well weaved, so as the relationship of the mother and son has been weaved again restored.

Featured Nestle Product is NIDO.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to Activate Facebook Video Calling?

The latest addition to the Facebook features is video calling. Now, you can call and talk with your friends and network face to face. It's just like using SKype or yahoo messenger.

You can activate video calling in three very easy steps:

1. Go to
2. Log in using your username and password
3. Click Get Started button

That's it and you can call your friends now.

Achieve Your Dreams, Invest in Good Education

What will you do to achieve your dreams and goals in life? I believe everyone of us has our own dreams. Dreams could be in different form, it could be a dream of a happy family, a dream of a comfortable life, a dream of fulfilled lifestyle.

We could also take this into material level. You may aspire to get your dream house:

Or your dream car:

If other people were able to achieve all of these material possessions and comfortable life, you too can get it. It’s just a matter of preparation and determination. You could not get all of these overnight. If you want to achieve your dreams and your goals in life, you should prepare yourself, and in preparation I mean getting good education. Education can take us all to our dreams, it is a good weapon we can use to get a good life.

You should be careful enough in choosing the right education program for yourself. You must go for a career that you really like to pursue. For example, if you are into computers and programming, then you can take Information Technology courses. This course will help you prepare for your future. There are also several online degree programs in information technology that you would like to try. Or you can enroll also in colleges near you. Just decide for yourself what kind of program you would like to take and the skills you would like to Develop. A successful career always relies on the skills. If you want, you can also take Online Schools. I heard that online schools have better programs than in colleges because the subjects are concentrated and you will really learn from it.

Now, the real challenge here is on how to get good education from a good college without spending too much. You can use the internet technology to find some student aid programs. You can visit Federal Student Aid College Finder to help you start with this.

If you really want to achieve your dreams, then you must invest. Invest on good education as this will prepare you for your future.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pre Nuptial Shoot at Libingan ng mga Bayani

I have compiled here the pictures of a prenuptial shoot at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I don’t know the idea behind the photoshoot. But for me, I think it’s not appropriate especially that this is where the body of our considered heroes lie.

So, what do you think of these pictures?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Unexpected Heroes in Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The third Transformers movie really deserves a clap with a standing ovation. I have nothing negative to say about the movie. Everything for me is perfect including the God Damn hot leading lady.

 She’s a perfect girl for me as a replacement to Megan Fox, she’s very beautiful, but I’m not going to talk about her. I’m here to talk about the “underdog” characters in the movie which turn out to be the heroes on their own rights.

Needless to say, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and Sam really outshine everybody in the movie as they are the leading characters. I watched the movie with great expectation on Optimus Prime because he is the main character. But I think supporting characters also played a very important role in the movie. While the whole world focused on Optimus Prime and Sam, I want to speak out for those characters which play background roles but deserve an acknowledgement for their heroic acts.

They are the following:

1. Jerry Wang

The NASA top secret regarding the mystery of the dark side of the moon has been kept and passed on from generation to generation with only selected people. And one of those who know the top secret is Jerry Wang who happens to work in an office where Sam is working as a messenger. This man saw the potential of Sam to help them with the “dark side of the moon” thingy because he knows Sam has connection with Autobots and aliens, so he got the courage to approach Sam eventhough he knows his life is at stake. This man died later on in the movie because a Decepticon attacked him in his office  but he has been successful in passing the important information to Sam. So I considered him a hero for that act. Without him, Sam could not warn the US National Intelligence about the threat brought about by the Decepticons.

2. Carly Spencer

She’s Sam’s girlfriend. I thought she was just an ordinary leading lady who always hides under the hood of the leading man and a subject of a helpless love interest seeking for his man to save her from danger. But hell no, she herself risked her life when she approached Megatron to make him realize that merging Cybertrone in the earth would not make him the ruler. Megatron could have killed Carly by telling that hurtful truth, but he was able to realize that Carly has a point. Because of that, Megatron attacked Sentinel Prime, the head of the invasion operation and the threat for his leadership. That was such a smart move by Carly and she deserves a kiss, I mean, a clap.

3. Megatron

You may have hated him in the past two Transformers movies but Megatron did a heroic act on the newest Transformers movie. If not because of him, Optimus Prime may have been killed by Sentinel Prime.  Thanks to Carly for convincing Megatron that Sentinel Prime will rule the earth if there plans will become successful. This triggered him to attack Sentinel Prime which about to kill Optimus Prime.

4. Wheelie and Brains

I haven’t expected these two pets will play a very important role in the movie. All the while I thought they are just there for comic relief. They’re funny and cute and charming, but of all the heroic acts, what these two little creatures did in the movie received a clap recognition in the cinema. Bumble bee could have been killed by the Decepticons, but thanks to them for destroying the machine of their opponents.

5. Dutch

He is the man behind the computers of CIA. He helped the CIA agents to cross over the bridge to attack the opponents. If not for his big brain and for his big heart to save the whole world, it could have been difficult for the soldiers to defend the world.

The reason why I highlighted these characters in the movie is because I want us all realize that all of us can be a hero. Whatever role you are playing, whether supporting or leading or just a cameo role, you can be a hero, everybody can be a hero.

How to Make God the Center of your Life?

Today, I learned something new in the church. It’s all about making God the Center of our life. This is an aspect of my Christian Life which I have taken for granted. It is not enough for us to just serve God, go to church, praise God, read the Bible and pray everybody. Just because you are all doing these stuffs doesn’t mean God is already the center of your life.

We mean it or not, we focus most of our time in our daily lives on our tasks, activities, etc. Our attentions are being diverted to worldly things. Pastor Jay Cruz of Davao City Alliance Gospel Church has itemized the following important things we should consider if you want to put God at the center of your life.

1. Decide that God will be the ruler of your life by following his standards

It’s easy to say that God is the ruler of your life. In church, we can hear it from almost anybody. It’s just that easy, but it is difficult to manifest in your life. What kind of standard you are following to live your life? If you really want to live your life with peace of mind, follow God’s standard and let him rule. You will know that God rules your life if you always prioritize him above any other things. Remember his words in Matthew which says “seek ye first thy kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. Let him rule your life and you will get the kind of life that you deserve.

2. Obey wholeheartedly the command of God

Along with allowing God to be the ruler of our life, obeying God is a must. We know the story of Jonah, the Bible tells us to listen and obey God’s commandment, if not, there are always consequences.

3. Love the Lord with your whole being

By whole being we mean not only the spiritual aspect. This involves all our aspects. From physical, to emotional and everything. If you love God with your whole being, nothing will go wrong in your life.

We always complain to God why our life sucks, but the question is, did you allow Him to at least manage your life? If you want to get the life that you want, let Him rule over your life.

God Bless brethren.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Presenting the X-Men First Class and the Nemesis

They are invincible. They are powerful. They are gifted. They are mutants. They are the X Men.

I am a super fan of X-Men. My childhood would have not been that fun without the X-Men. I remember we used to imitate characters of X-Men during my third Grade. I imitated Cyclopse because he is so cool. He is always wearing that special shade, and don’t you ever dare touch his shade or else a laser fire will blow up your face.

Marvel, the creator of X-Men just recently released X-Men First class movie. Since I am a fun fan, I haven’t missed the chance to watch the movie because I know they will feature the first batch of X-Men in the Movie. I found out that X-Men is not the original name given to people with special power. They were used to be called “Mutants”. They are also human, but some part of their genes have evolved, that’s why they possess special powers and extraordinary abilities and this have made them different from other people.

Mutants used to hide themselves from the public. Despite the peculiarity in their personalities, they still tried their best to live normally.

Here are the Mutants in the X-Men First Class.

Real Name: Charles Xavier

Mutant Name: Professor X

Mutation: Mental telepathy and Reading of Mind

Real Name: Erik Lehnsherr

Mutant Name: Magneto

Mutation: Generate and Control Magnetism

Real Name: Raven

Mutant Name: Mystique

Mutation: Shape Shifting

Real Name: Henry Hank McCoy

Mutant Name: Big Foot/Beast

Mutation: Super Smart/big foot

Real Name: Armando Munoz

Mutant Name: Darwin

Mutation: reactive evolution

Real Name:Sean Cassidy

Mutant Name: Banshee

Mutation: Supersonic soundwave

Real Name: Angel Salvadore

Mutant Name: Angel

Mutation: Flying and spitting acidic saliva

Real Name: Alex Summers

Mutant Name: Havok

Mutation: Absorb Energy And Discharge as blast

And yes, Cyclopes is not included in the first class. I saw Professor X and Erik tried to recruit Wolverine in the first class but he replied “Go fuck yourself”. So it’s just like a cameo appearance in the movie.

I don’t know if he is considered on the first class.

And of course, X-Men won’t be complete without the nemesis, the Hellfire club. Here are the opponents of the X-Men First class:

Name: Sebastian Shaw

Mutation: Absorb Kinetic Energy

Name: White Queen

Mutation: Telepath and transform her body into diamond

Name:  Azazel

Mutation: Teleportation

Name:  Riptide

Mutation: Whirlwind

In the movie, I found the reason why Magneto revolt against Professor X and why Professor X could not walk and how they’ve come up with the name X-Men and why Beast looks like what he is right now. I still want to know how did they convince wolverine to join the X-Men and when did Cyclopse came in? Calling Marvel, we are waiting for X-Men Second Class.