Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who I want to Meet in Neverland?

I Just watched the mini series Neverlands and I am so amazed with how they played with the prequel of the story. Just before Wendy, John and Michael arrived at the Neverland, Peter Pan's adventure has already began. There are a lot of twisted stories and information we can get from the prequel. How Peter Pan found Neverland? Why Captain Hook is so angry with Peter Pan? What is the relationship of Captain Hook to Peter Pan? Tinkerbell? Indians? Tiger Lily? The crocodile? and a lot more. I don't want to spoil you, so you better watch Neverland.

Neverland is my dream destination. There are a lot of reasons why everybody want to go there. One of my ambitious friends said he want to go there to meet Peter Pan. My womanizer cousin told me that he want to go to Neverland to flirt with Tiger Lily. My ageing teacher shared to me her greatest dream, to go to Neverland and stay young forever.You see, Neverland has all the answers to all our wildest dream. But we all know it's pure fiction. I grew up dreaming to be like Peter Pan, to fly high and be courageous enough to fight for my life. However, there are three things in Neverland that fascinate me. They are the group of creatures I want to meet in Neverland. Who are they?

They are the following:

 1. Indians
This is the tribe which Tiger Lily belongs. I didn't meet a real Indian in personal yet. Indians could be dangerous but they could also be friendly. I want to meet their tribe in Neverland. I want to dance with them, hunt with them and shout "wa...wa...wa...wa..." with them.

 2. Pirates

I want to meet Smith and Captain Hook. I want to touch his hook and to interview him why he is so brave in conquering Neverland and yet so afraid with the crocodile. I also wonder how wine tastes like in Neverland. So maybe one night drinking with Captain Hook with Smith dancing like crazy would be a good idea.

 3. The Pixies

They could not speak our language, and yeah, they don't even speak. They can just communicate through their mind. They said, the wings of the pixies in Neverland produce sound when they are flying. I want to hear that sound, especially Tinkerbell's wings. I wonder how awesome it is.If Peter Pan will bring me to Neverland, I will surely find the Indians, Pirates and the Pixies.

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