Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why I Like Reading The Morning Rush Book

The Morning Rush Top 10 book is a compilation of Top 10 entries from different categories as heard on The Morning Rush program of Monster Radio every morning from 6 AM to 10 AM. It is hosted by Chico and Delamar (Gino recently joined the team) whose wit and humour perfectly blend with the listeners’ (also known as rushers) waggishness and jocularity. Whoever materialized this idea to compile the radio show into a book is a genius. And because I am a certified rusher (whether you agree or not), I will make my own top 10 reasons why I like reading the book. So this is totally my own perspective as a reader, a rusher and a listener. I have reviewed a lot of books already on this blog, but this one is so special to me, you will soon find out the reason why blogging this review has a special place in my heart. To make things more challenging, I will use the acronym CHICO DELLE as a compliment to the hosts.

Top 10: C as in Choi

Choi is a Bisaya word which means Cool or Nice. It’s cool to read this book because you will be able to learn the latest pick up lines and original jokes. What made it more appealing is because some of the entries are based on true story. The real reason why it’s CHOI to read this book is because you will realize that you can just laugh at life. Whatever situation, whether sad or happy, you can always find reasons to laugh.

Top 9:  H as in Hearty

Hearty means sincere.  When you read the book, it’s just like “feel-good”. No negative vibes, just positive vibes. So it’s safe for me to say that reading this book is good for the heart.

Top 8: I as in Interactive

So this is the reason why making a review of this book is special to me. It’s interactive, meaning the content of the book does not come from only one source, not even Chico and Delle. All entries came from the so called “rushers” and one of my entries has been included in the list (I’m not bragging, just sharing). To be exact, it’s on page 84 of the book. The topic is all about Celebrity First Name and Last Name, my entry landed on top 9 using my Twitter name serjz. And my entry goes this way:

“Ano ang Last Name ni Paris?”- GUMP

So you see, this is the reason why I listen to the program. It’s interactive, thanks to the Social Media and Text Messaging for making this possible. It’s a good feeling to hear your name mentioned on radio and to hear people laugh at your entries. Much more when you read your entry published on the book.

Top 7: C as in Champion

Champion as in Winner. Needless to say, that when we say Champion, it’s the ultimate reward that one could ever get. It’s so rewarding to read the book. I don’t know why, but for me, reading the book worth the time.

Top 6: O as in Overrated

Overrated not as in redundant, Overrated as in Glorified. You can’t help but to admire, sympathize, agree, disagree, thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs suck, tumble, roll and fly with the entry sender. In short, it’s a total entertainment.

Top 5: D as in Decent

Some entries are naughty, some are below the belt, some are lame but if you are going to read them all at once, you can conclude that the book itself is decent. Just because it’s a joke book doesn’t mean values education is compromised. It’s in the mind of the reader at all. The mere fact that the book contains tidbit of learning is enough to be considered decent.

Top 4: E as in Emphatic

Because it came from different kind of people from different walks of life, everybody could relate to the categories and the entries. Sometimes, the entries are not funny, but because you could just relate to it, you can’t help but laugh and sometimes smirk.

Top 3: L as in Laughtrip

This is the best thing that this book could offer. Laughter is the best medicine, so they day, and you can get it from various sources. And if you could not find one, go grab the TMR top 10 book and you will experience unlimited laughter. I just want to warn you that to read this book, you go to a quiet place where nobody can see you. I tried reading it in public (jeepney, mall and church), believe me, this book made me look like crazy, promise. If you really want a laugh trip, go gather your friends and read it loud with them. I’m sure you all will enjoy it.

Top 2: L as in Loud

There’s no room for silence here, no room for demure. It’s an all out laugh. Read the book and be who you are. If you laugh at the entry, then laugh, if you want to cry especially on the last page of the book, then cry. This is a book that would help you show who you are.

And the top reason why I like reading the TMR top 10 Book: E as in EDUCATIONAL

Who says you can only learn from Math, Chemistry, Values and English books? TMR Top 10 book can offer great learnings that only open minded readers can acquire. It will open your eyes to the different dimension and situation of life and I believe that it is when our eyes hves been opened that we can experience real education.

If you want to give something as a gift for your love ones this Christmas, I recommend The TMR Top 10 book, because you will not only give them the book, but also C H I C O and D E L L E- Choi, Hearty, Interactive, Champion, Overrated, Decent, Emphatic, Laughtrip, Loud and Educational experience in reading the book.


  1. Good review done through an acrostic. Keep on reviewing books for others to think twice and to be enticed to love and read books. I'm also a bibliophile. I'm not only reading books, but I collect them for ready reference.

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  2. thanks sir for the comment..I have also book collection and planning to give it away before new year

  3. hindi nyo po ba ipaparaffle ung book hihihi

  4. @tungaw parang gusto ko yong idea na 175 lang naman, bibili kaya ako ng 5 books tapos magpapablog contest ako, tapos ang price is The Morning Rush Top 10 book..hahaha..parang nice idea

  5. wow gusto q rn mabasa yang books n yan:) nice post

  6. oo nga pa blog contest ka .sasali ako .good reviews about the book

  7. hehehe....pag iisipan ko..baka po mahirapan ako sa shipping...

  8. woww..pahiram ng book!!! LOL! mahanap nga ito sa mga bookstore. :)

  9. oo...ang dami nito sa bookstore..National Bookstore or Fully Booked

  10. havent' tried getting my hands on it. maybe sometime. :)

  11. Will try to read this. Thanks!

  12. ayos sikat ka na brad, at nakakatawa ang mga banat ng jokes :)

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  13. iisang entry lang naman po yong pumasok...pero ok na rin...happy na ako

  14. I love reading books that make me laugh. And I guess this is one that I can have para tumawa. At, congrats at nakapasok ang joke mo. hehehe. Paris Gump! Lol

  15. kaisaisang entry..


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