Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Guidelines for Selecting Blog Template

Relax, don't panic, you;re in Provoked Thoughts page. Yes, I changed the template. After four long hours of tweaking, editing, arranging, imagining, singing (yes, because I'm working with music background), and "whatever"-ing, finally the revamp is over.

First of all, I would like to thank Hack Tutors for providing this free template. I have been using my previous template for more than one year and there's a sudden urge for me to change the template as New Year is fast approaching.

After spending some time reading and researching for selecting the right template, I have come up with the following guidelines in selecting a template. These guidelines are my own guidelines based on the information I got from different tutorial websites.

1. SEO-compatible Template

If you are monetizing your blog or if you want a traffic friendly template, then search for free SEO friendly theme. You can get these templates for free. Make sure you download a template branded as SEO friendly. You can ask the creator of the template if you are not sure about it. The template that I am currently using is an SEO-friendly theme as confirmed by the creator.

2. Niche-related Template

You can't use a template about technology if your blog niche is all about food. I mean, you can, but it may look awkward. Read first the description of the template before using it. Sometimes, the title of the template is enough indication about the niche it supported. In my case, the template that I am using is good for blogs with General topic.

3. User-friendly Template

Consider your visitors also when selecting a template. While it is good to consider the aesthetics and the general appearance, you should also check if it can easily be navigated. Check the positioning of the menus and links. Try the demo version of the template first so you will know.

So that's it. Feel free to comment, suggest or feedback regarding the template that I am using right now.


  1. Nice! What type of template would you recommend for an "anything goes" blog? :)

  2. You go to the Hacker Tutorial link I've shared above....this template is called "Social Eye" can try their other template called "Platinum"

  3. Great suggestions! What I usually take into consideration is a blog that isn't cluttered and is simple. Not to much color so as not to confuse the readers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. No problem...I just got this info from other I am sharing this also to fellow bloggers

  5. Great tips, do you have any free template site to recommend. I'm still not satisfied with the template I am using in some of my blogs though


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