Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Conzace Smackdown- An Opportunity to Play with the Viruses

I am about to hit the sack but I can’t feel the presence of the spirit of sleep in my body, so I decided to just play some Facebook application just to kill the time. I found this cool Facebook application called Conzace Viral Smackdown. It is a game application sponsored by Conzace Heavy Duty Immunity that aim to make us all aware about virus prevention and cure.

So basically, in this game, you will play along with the viruses. It sounds interesting to me so I immediately tried it out. To play this game, you need to install a web camera in your computer unit.. The only graphics you will see here are the viruses, germs and microbes, you are the main character of this game and your environment will be used as the game interface.

The mechanics is simple, you have to swat, dodge, and kick the microbes, germs and viruses respectively to earn points.

For level 1, yellow microbes will come out of nowhere in the screen. You need to swat over these microbes using your hand to prevent them from attacking you. Every microbe you hit with your hand worth 2 points. 

For level 2, this is more challenging because you are not only going to deal with the yellow microbes, but also the green germs. Like the yellow microbes, green germs will also appear from nowhere and you must not hit them. Green Germs must be avoided, so you must dodge to avoid green germs and at the same time swat to hit the yellow microbes. For every yellow microbe you hit, you will earn 2 points, but 3 points will be deducted if a single Green microbe touches you.

For level 3, you are going to deal with three enemies, the red virus, the yellow microbes and the green germs. You must kick out the red viruses by hitting them with your hand, the same with the yellow microbes, and you still need to dodge to avoid the green germs. For every red virus and yellow microbe you hit, you will earn 5 points, and 5 points will be deducted for every green germ you failed to avoid.

I have fun swatting the yellow microbes, dodging over green germs and kicking the red viruses. The game is very interactive because you are the main character. I didn’t know it’s fun to combat our health detractors. So at the end of the game, this is my SCORE:

How about you? How many germs, microbes and viruses you think you can manage to fight? Can you surpass my 158 score? Only one way to find out, you play the game. You must LIKE the CONZACE FACEBOOK PAGE first and start playing the game.

What are you waiting for? It’s your chance to smackdown the threats to our health.


  1. Wow! Haha nice game. unfortunately I can't try this now.. I don't have a webcam!

  2. Yeah, that's the only downside of this game....but that is where the fun thrives..anyway, I suggest you try it once you have the chance

  3. natawa naman ako sa game mo haha ...

  4. hehehe...nakakaaliw naman...try mo na...

  5. haha,kaaktuwa ,it is really fun seeing yourself fighting with the viruses.

  6. yeah....that's how interactive this game is...try nyo po

  7. waaa! kewl game... may webcam ako pero ang problema, ang hina ng internet connection ko... pero ang saya tingnan oh... hahaha ^__^

  8. ok naman sya laruin kahit mahina ang connection...masaya talaga...subukan nyo..


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