Tuesday, November 1, 2011

House for Sale in Davao City- Bambu Estate South

Stay and Redefine Life- that is what Bambu Estate South can promise you. If you are looking for a place in Davao City to live in where you can redefine your lifestyle, then Bambu Estate South is the right choice for you.
Two types of houses are for sale in Bambu Estate. This is developed by KISAN LU Lands, Inc.

Introducing NORI:

This house model has a very sophisticated design which suits your modern taste of lifestyle. It is a two storey house with carport on the ground floor. Just take a look at the ground floor plan below. The kitchen, dining and the living rooms are in perfect locations for your perfect family time.

And wait, there’s more on the second floor. The Master’s Bedroom and the two Bedrooms are located in the second floor. This model has also a balcony and a hallway. Just take a look at the floor plan below.

The Nori Model has a lot size of 150 square meter and a Total usable floor area of 94.04 square meter. Here is the tabulation:

Ground Floor:

Living area: 10.35 sq. m.
Dining area: 8.05 sq.m.
Kitchen: 4.80 sq.m.
Common Toilet & Bath: 2.60 sq.m.
Stairwell: 3.70 sq.m.
Carport: 15.00 sq.m.
Porch: 1.54 sq.m
Second Floor:
Master’s Bedroom: 17.59 sq.m
Master’s Toilet & Bath: 3.45 sq.m
Bedroom-1: 5.00 sq.m
Bedroom-2: 8.91 sq.m
Common Toilet & Bath: 2.99 sq.m
Hallway: 3.06 sq.m
Stairwell: 5.00 sq.m
Balcony: 2.00 sq.m

Another house model for Bambu Estate is the MAKI.

For those who have elegant taste and artistic style, this house model is perfect for you. Just take a look at the perspective above and you will see how elegant this two storey house is. But Maki does not only offer elegance and good aesthetic appeal, it also promises comfort for you and for your whole family. Just take a look at the ground floor plan below to see what I mean:

The Dining Area is set adjacent to the kitchen for convenience. It has also a carport and a porch. The ground floor has a bedroom, bathroom and living room.

Now, let’s go to the second floor.

The master’s bedroom is located in the second floor, and not only that, there are also two bedrooms available, two common bathrooms and the hallway.

The Maki house model occupies a lot size of 150 square meter and a total usable area of 115.98 square meters.

Here is the tabulation:

Ground Floor:

Living area: 9.97 sq.m.
Dining area: 11.81 sq.m.
Kitchen: 6.74 sq.m.
Hallway: 2.72 sq.m.
Guest room: 7.25 sq.m.
Common Toilet and Bath: 3.64 sq.m.
Stairwell: 4.63 sq.m.
Carport: 17.33 sq.m.
Storage: 1.17 sq.m.
Porch: 1.12 sq.m
Second floor tabulation:
Master’s Bedroom: 12.89 sq.m.
Master’s Toilet and Bath: 3.64 sq.m.
Bedroom 1: 7.25 sq.m.
Bedroom 2: 10.15 sq.m.
Common Toilet and Bath: 4.06 sq.m.
Hallway: 5.79 sq.m.
Stairwell: 5.82 sq.m.

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