Monday, November 28, 2011

Andrea Chénier-A Verisimo Opera

As an opera, Andrea Chénier is expected to not onlyentertain the audience with the music and talent of the performers but also totell a heroic story that ended cruelty and injustices.
According to Wikipedia, the opera was firstperformed in Teatro alla Scala, Milan on 28 March 1896.Since then, each generation has their own version of casting and production. Thereason why the opera stayed is because of the brilliant music and the greatlyrics provided by Giordano. It is called a “verisimo” opera because it isbased on the reality.

      a.     Casting

The audience can onlyunderstand the characters and their roles in the story through the smartselection of casting. Over the years, the casts of Andrea Chénier opera showcase real talent andperformed from the heart.

With under two hours of music, it is not easy to select casts of about15 characters. It is in the hand of the production team to come up with a greatlist of casting that could be able to satisfy the expectation of the audience.

The main role, Andre Chénier, is a very good opportunity for the artistto showcase the skill and flaunt of voice. The artist has performedpassionately and dramatically. As an audience, I can say that the artist isvery credible to perform the main role. It is also a big factor that he enjoyedthe piece and the role.

As a leading lady in the play, there’s a pressure in the role ofMaddalena. As an audience, I have a lot of expectations for the artist who willplay this role. It is important also that the production must decide properlyand select the right artist to play this role. As I’ve watched the opera, I cansay that the artist has provided a strongperformance. She was able to act her way from being a simple beauty to being anultimate leading lady to Andre Chénier. Aside from that, the character of Maddalena possesses a verybeautiful and clear voice.

Anothercast worth noting is the artist who played the role of Gérard. He is the protagonist of the story. His isthe most awkward role of all. He started as the servant of Maddalena’s familyand later on become an activist together with Andre. I admired the artist whoplayed the role of Gérard. He was able to portrayGérard’s character as a man driven by his resentments and passion. He also useshis strong voice to give justice to the role.

Some casts who performed in the small role had also appeared with dramatic virtues and powerful voices. The story of Andre Chénier is a very powerful piece for an opera. Ifcoupled with a balanced casting, this repertory piece will come out strong andinfluential.

      b.     Performance

Being a part of theAndre Chénier opera is an opportunityfor the artist to showcase not only their dramatic skill but also theirpowerful voice and the convincing approach. Throughout the years, the opera hasbeen performed from one country to another and in different generation.
Performance wise, I can say that the artists have properly related thestory in a way that it conforms to standard expectations ofwhat really Italian opera is like, and it clearly belongs to its time andplace, Italy in 1896. Modern performers of the opera may not know how people inItaly do things during this year, but they are professional enough to act. Thesmooth performance, in no doubt, has brought as back to the time and place ofthe said event.

Aside from the abilityto tell a story with movement and costume, the power of this opera lies on thepowerful voices of the artists especially the one who played the role of AndreChénier. As a main cast of the opera,he owns the stage when he performed and gave way to other characters when it istheir time to perform.

Truly, this opera is a perfect example of using music and art inrepresenting story in an intellectual and artistic manner. Neglecting therelevance of the story and the life of a sweet poet that they are trying toconvey, the whole production and the performance factor itself are sure winner.

      c.      Production 

The costume, the musicand the art are what comprise the production of the opera. There have been alot of versions of this opera, but comparing all these versions, the only thingthat has not changed is the story. Needless to say, the music, the performancesand the aesthetic approach differ.

A recentlypublished book entitled “ANDREA CHÉNIER-Opéraen quatre actes d'Umberto Giordano” by Patrick Guyot reveals thenew production of this at the Bregenz Festival (Austria). According to thebook, the scene is set in water on the banks of Lake Constance. This is indeeda very stunning approach of setting the opera that entails the story thathappened during the French revolution. What they are trying to achieve actuallyis to give audience a “Hollywood” feel when watching the opera and based on thefeedback, the audience really love it.

Back to the previousversions of the opera, the production design and the aesthetic value of theopera did not compromise the relevance of the story.  Watching the opera is just like a time travelfor me. Suddenly, I felt like I was in the era of pre-French Revolution. I’veseen the costume and the way French people fashioned themselves in this era inbooks and some references, but the production team has put all these intoreality. Needless to say, the production brought us to a late-nineteenth-early-twentieth-century.

Of course, part of theproduction is the orchestration. The scoring is very heavy and bold, this issomething that they need to get their teeth into. There are sometimes that thesoloists were concealed by the orchestra especially on the climaxes.Nevertheless, the attentiveness of the orchestra to the conductor’s directionended up in a very superb performance.

The orchestra is verytricky especially on their performance during the opening prelude. Unlike anyother operas I’ve witnessed, the orchestra here did not only play as anaccompanist but rather a part of the production.

I think the success ofthis opera is just a mere result of the proper casting and production design.There’s a power in the story, and what better way to share it is through superbperformance.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jericho Rosales for Vantage

JERICHO Rosales continues to shine not only in his constant and steadfast pursuit of artistic excellence but also in his career as one of the top and most credible celebrity product endorsers in the country today. Jericho was recently named by entertainment magazine Yes! as one of the Most Beautiful Celebrities and Top Celebrity Endorsers of 2011 and today, an exciting new product adds up to his list of product endorsements: Vantage Razors!

Vantage is a brand of safety razors exclusively designed and distributed by Bloomworks Inc., --- a fast-growing company with more than 12 years of expertise in the health & beauty, food and fashion industries in the Philippines. Vantage Razors are manufactured by one of the pioneer razor companies in Brooklyn, New York, USA, which has been in the business for over 135 years.

Vantage Ace 2 Double Bladed Razors are exceptionally designed to provide a keen, smooth shave resulted from aggressive research and development to give men superb quality blades for a closer shave. It also features Dermaglide, a special lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E that reduces razor drag and skin irritation for superior protection and comfort.

Jericho embodies the ideal Vantage Man as he epitomizes the values of hard-work and dedication. It could be said that one of Jericho’s advantages in his career is the confidence that he exudes especially when he is well groomed with a clean shave in doing his work every day.

“I’m so motivated every time I go work with a clean shave! I feel extra confident knowing that I’m well groomed and Vantage really helps in giving me that added excitement knowing that I can do my work confidently and with ease each day,” says Jericho.  His management team, Manila Genesis, has confirmed that Jericho recently agreed to renew his contract with ABS-CBN and he is currently busy with an exciting line-up of projects, which fans can surely look forward to.  The first season of his innovative reality show on ABS-CBN, I Dare You, which he co-hosts with Iya Villana and Melai Cantiveros, recently ended and already ABS-CBN is calling for schedules of Jericho for the second season. Jericho will also return to primetime via the upcoming and much talked about soap Padre de Pamilya where he will star opposite Piolo Pascual, Maricar Reyes, and Christopher De Leon. Darnel Joy Villaflor, who directed the top-rating soap Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, will direct Padre de Pamilya!  He is also seen on ASAP Rocks every Sunday where he gets to showcase his hosting, dancing, and singing prowess. With the success of his current full-length award-winning album, Change, under Star Records which turned platinum, Jericho is also working on new materials for his next CD. A thanksgiving concert signaling his 15th anniversary in the business is also in the works.

A multi-awarded actor whose recent works include playing the lead on ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series Green Rose opposite Anne Curtis, Jericho explains that one of his future plans is to eventually become a producer/director. “I feel an incredible sense of rush and adrenaline each time I learn something new about the art of filmmaking. I observe the people working behind the camera and I get very inspired by them. I am happy because the process of learning is never-ending and there is so much to explore and learn.”

Fans are also looking forward to see Jericho in the silver screen for an upcoming film, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, directed by Jun Lana, which will be Regal Films' official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival.  He is also set to co-produce and star in an indie film on human trafficking entitled, Alagwa.

With the many blessings that he received this year, Jericho can’t help but to feel grateful for the people who continue to support him.        

“I really feel privileged because I am passionate about what I do and I want to make a difference in other people’s lives through the gifts the Lord has given me. He has blessed me through the many people who continue to support me all these years: my family, ABC-CBN, my friends, my fans, and my team. I’m also very thankful now that I am part of the Vantage family. I will carry on and continue to better my craft. ” says Jericho.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 5 Best Indoor Activities on Weekend

I am not sure how many people would agree that weekend is the best part of the week. For me, there are a hundreds of reason why I love weekend. Aside from the fact that this is the part of the week that we are free from being a corporate slave, weekend is almost synonymous to “stress-free”. It is only during weekend that we can clearly define and spell the word “RELAX”. During Mondays and Humpdays, we sometimes almost to forget the word RELAX as we are bombarded with deadlines and pressures.

Hey, let’s forget about it for a while. Let’s try to make our weekend meaningful by naming the top 5 best indoor activities that you can do during weekend. Although outdoor activities are fun, we could not afford to always go to the beach or to a picnic during weekend, so it’s best that we will just spend our weekend doing some indoor activities with family and friends sometimes.

Here are my top 5 best pick for best indoor activities on weekend:

1. Video gaming

This is my first suggestion if you want to have a relaxing indoor weekend activity. You don’t need to worry about foods and location for this. All you need is a coin operated machine to play video games or if you have your own video gaming gadgets at home, you can also use it and stay in the four corners of your room. What is good with the video gaming is that, it will temporarily take you to its own world. When you are in a different world, regardless if it is virtual or not, you tend to forget the hassles of the reality. Video gaming could also be addicting, so you also need to put a limit on using this and always remember to go back to reality. Spending weekend for video games is not bad at all. It is not a sin to at least take a couple of hours to relax and be entertained.

2. B-I-N-G-O

If you want something that is “monetary-challenging”, then you can go to BINGO houses to gamble and play. BINGO is a number game wherein you need to form a particular pattern in a number board in order to win the jackpot. This is one way to release stress in your body because this game is quite entertaining. But always make sure you play the game to be entertained because there are three possible outcomes on playing this game, you may go home even, rich or broke. Nevertheless, you play for the purpose of entertainment. So regardless of the outcome, you at least enjoyed your day playing BINGO.

3. Online Casino

For those who want to take their weekend into a different level of entertainment and challenge, you can actually still do that at home. All you need to have is a computer machine and an internet connection so you can play online casino games. It is safe to call this a virtual casino since you are actually just like playing in a Casino in Las Vegas without leaving the comfort of your own home. With the help of the internet technology, you can now enjoy the Casino with your shorts and slippers while lying in your couch. Think of a perfect and relaxing weekend. You can play blackjack online or slots game to experience fun during weekend.

4. Dance Revolution

Another Arcade gaming that you may want to try is the dance revolution. This is for people who want to get wet with perspiration without leaving the roof. If you are somebody interactive and athletic, dance revolution is your perfect indoor activity.

5. Movies

It’s Saturday, you have pop corn, DVDs of Harry Potter Series and Smallville TV Series, soft couch, and a wide screen TV. Wow, nothing can beat movie marathon on weekend. You can also visit your nearest cinemas and theatres to watch the latest movies like “The Breaking Dawn”. Watching movie is our escape to reality and I will be forever grateful to the moviemakers.

I would not change my weekend for the wealth that this world can offer. For me, weekend is HAPPINESS and nothing can take my happiness away from me.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Itchyworms 15th anniversary at Metrobar

Rock band The Itchyworms celebrates their 15th anniversary at Metrobar in West Avenue, Quezon City in a full-length special concert on Nov. 25 (Friday, 9:00 p.m.).

Produced by Liza-Marie’s Global Productions, The Itchyworms Live at Metrobar will showcase the band's impressive body of work, which dates back from the band’s early years in 1996 where they headlined some of the hottest bars and nightspots of Manila.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guiltless Pleasure with Soyami Soya Chips

Nowadays, junk foods are everywhere. You go to malls, convenience store and even sari sari store and you will see a whole lot of potato chips, candies and a lot of foods that may good in the eye and the tongue but may not work well with your health. That is why we call these stuffs junk foods because it contains ingredients that can harm our body immune system.

I have nothing against junk foods. In fact, I for one is a big fan of chips and sodas. You can’t take it away from me because they are my best buddies when I am on movie marathon or when I am taking a break from work. Junk foods technically are already a part of my life. But lately, I realize that too much of a junk food may compromise my health. Yes, I can’t feel my body complaining right now, but I am not getting any younger. Time will come that my body will remorse against me for not being conscious of what I am eating. So I tried my best to avoid chips and sodas or any unhealthy junk foods on that matter so I can prove to my body that I am a good steward. However, you know how life gets dull when you abruptly remove something that has been a part of your system already, in my case that’s junk foods.

I was so desperately looking for a substitute for my craving for junk foods, this may sounds addicting, but that’s the reality. I am a certified junk foods addict and I can’t help to compromise my health just to satiate this addiction. If there’s a genie in front of me and will ask me for my three wishes, that could be the following:

1.A chips with no MSG
2.A chips with high Protein and Calcium
3.A chips with 0 % Transfat

And you know what? The Universe granted my wish. All my three wishes can be found in one product that could be a substitute to that nasty junk foods, and that is no other than the great and mighty Soyami Soya Chips.

So when I learned about this product, I checked it at Robinsons in Ayala Malls here in Davao. Just to make sure that the “healthy rumor” is true, I immediately checked the label.

Right at that moment, I confirmed that the rumor is true. Here is the label of Soyami Chips.

With 0% trans fat and 0% cholesterol, I did not hesitate to checkout all three flavors of Soyami.

When I tasted it, I can’t explain the guiltless pleasure I got from eating Soyami. Well maybe I can explain it using the acronym SOYAMI. Here are the reasons why Soyami Soya Chips is a perfect alternative for junk foods.

S- Soya made

Unlike any other chips, Soyami is made of Soya, a Real Soya. And one thing we are sure about soya is that, it’s healthy.

O- Over Healthy

This is the first time I encountered a chips that would not compromise your health. I did not hesitate to eat it because I saw the label, I know where is made of and I believe in the product. In fact, I made it a part of my healthy diet and lifestyle.

Y- Yummy flavors

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s tasteless. If you think Soyami comes in a boring and dull flavour, you are wrong. We can’t call it a perfect substitute for junk foods if it didn’t come with a variety of flavours. There are actually three flavors of Soyami, one is Original flavour, then we also have the Pizza flavour and the last but not the least and my favourite, the White Cheddar flavour.

A- All in One

Prior to Soyami, I have three favourite chips. I like potato chips, the other one is chicharon and the third one is the cheesy chips (Of course I don’t want to mention the brands). But when Soyami came into my life, wow, it has become my one and only favourite snack buddy. All the good things I’ve seen on those three chips, I found it all in Soyami.

M- Mom’s choice

You know how mothers are protecting their kids that as much as possible they don’t want to expose them to junk foods. Mothers could not control everything. With the presence of junk foods everywhere, their kids are susceptible to buying this kind of foods without their knowledge. Soyami are mother’s choice, because it is not only delicious, it is also healthy. Mothers know best as they say, so if Soyami is Mother’s choice, then that should be everybody’s choice also.

I- Interesting Food

You think only technology is evolving? No way, even chips are also evolving. Gone are the days when we are worrying about the effect of what we are eating. I for one can testify that eating Soyami is guiltless, that is eating something delicious without really compromising your health. If you are in a healthy diet, you would never hesitate to eat Soyami. And that make this food interesting for everybody.

Here is the good news. You can guiltlessly enjoy Soyami Soya Chips now because it is already out in the market. Just go to your nearest convenience and grocery store and you can now check this product out.

Stay Healthy everyone.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Medical Education and Practice at Its Best

Health is one of the most basic and the most expensive demand in human needs. Needless to say that everybody is striving to be at their best possible health and good energy. But getting sick and getting health problems are just inevitable. Whether we like it or not, or no matter how we take care of ourselves, we always remain at the disposal of sickness and poor health status.

No wonder more and more students are choosing the career in Health and Care. As much as we want to believe that this kind of career is in demand, we could not neglect the truth that some medical students ended up in a call center and outsourcing companies. It is not because we don't need them or we have more than enough numbers of medical people, it's just that some of them are not yet ready to take their health care responsibility.

The quality of education matters most, so it is important that a medical student should take extra mile to stand out among medical graduates. Some schools offer consultant interview course wherein you will have the opportunity to interact with small size groups and develop your career in terms of medical expertise. In this course, you will take the teach the teacher course, some sort of training to teach you how to teach in the field of medicine. If we need more medical people, we also need people who has background in medical teaching course or medical management course. It is through this medical experts that we can produce quality and useful health professionals.

Friday, November 11, 2011

3 Stars and the Son Music and Lyrics By Elmo Magalona

11/11/11 11:11- Release of Elmo Magalona's first single 3 Stars and the Son.

I will post the music and lyrics of Elmo's first ever single on this page.

Elmo Magalona is the son of the master of rap Francis Kiko Magalona. He apparently inherited his father's talent in singing and rapping.

Click PLAY button below to listen.

3 Stars and The Son 
(feat. Kris Lawrence, Jay-R and Billy Crawford)
Elmo Magalona 

Guess who’s the new kid on the block
Taking my game straight to the top
Knocking these joints out one by one
3 stars and the son, we just havin fun

Verse 1
I know I’m 17 but I got big dreams
3 stars I’m the son yeah that’s my team
Rocking shows that’s my thing, though I don’t wear no bling
I got my own swag lemme show you what I mean
Y’all know my name, I’m switchin lanes for fame
Big shoes to fill, I got it all for real
I represent for my pop, rest in peace with the God
I’m the untouchable kid, ain’t no time to stop
All the lessons I’m learnin, stay on my grind as I’m workin
Got all the help that I’m gettin, haters back up get ya steppin
Pop’s got my back up in heaven, yo I know he be watchin
Guidin me through this while I be spittin, Imma make him proud ‘til I finish yup


Verse 2
By now y’all know what the business is
While other kids play this boy’s serious
Ain’t got no time for the booty poppin, I see them ladies jockin
Now watch what I say when the beat comes knockin
Hot and fresh out the kitchen, I’m young and fly with a mission
Now listen up pay attention, ain’t no such thing as a problem
Cuz all I got is solutions, the future’s here gotta love it
I’m having fun while I live it, crossing ova dunk while I’m winning
All the time in the world, get with the girls, stay in school gotta live n’ learn
Don’t drink don’t smoke not my concern, shining star crash and burn
Just tryna be somebody while I rock your party
3 stars, yeah I’m the son tell everybody


Kris L:
Im the first star in this all-star team
I gotta give it up
Cuz im living my dream
Can i get an EY-YO
3 Stars takin over your radio

Now it’s my turn
And they call me Jay-Star
Shinin so bright
See me comin from afar
Known as the prince of RnB
It’s about that time we lift this industry

I ain’t tryna fool you
Im the 3rd star in this crew
Low drop it low
Lil Moe we got it all for you
Droppin these hits like it ain’t a thang
3 stars & the Son we just doin our thang

Guess who’s the new kid on the block
Taking my game straight to the top
Knocking these joints out one by one
3 stars and the son we just having fun (we just having fun) (2x)
3 stars and the son we just having fun


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Create a Google+ Page for your Brand?

The newest addition to Google+ is the Google+ Page. Obviously a rip off of the Facebook fanpage. I envision that Google+ page will not only go up to the level of Facebook page but it may go ahead of the Facebook application.

Google+ page is a good way to promote your brand, business, community or your own profile. With the promising and growing number of Google+ users, I am sure that this application will come in handy in the future.

I would like to make my own version of How Tos in creating Google+ page. The procedure is simple, just follow these steps:

-Go to
-Login using your Google+ username and password
-Once you are in your Homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page
-Click "Create a Google+ page" found on the botom right pane of the page

-Pick your category and add your information
-Click Create button
-Go through the Page setup, i.e. add image, add description, add more information, etc.

Then that's it. You have your Google+ Brand page in just seconds.

Here is by blog's Google+ Page

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Unkabogable Praybet Benjamin Fever is ON

So, the hashtag #praybeytbenjaminfever is trending in Twitter. I bet this movie is very funny. I haven't watched the movie yet, but as per the review of those who already watched the movie is concerned, I have a hint that this is indeed a must see movie.No wonder the praybet benjamin fever is currently on going and penetrated over the Social Media Network Twitter and Facebook.

In the movie, there is this scene in which gays are  branded as "salot", then the birth of this punchline:

"Kapag bakla salot agad? Hindi ba pwedeng malas muna?"

And here are the moviegoers version of this punchline. I am going to get the top 20 punchline posted by the infected people of Praybet Benjamin Fever in Twitter.


Pag maikli na ang shorts eh pok-pok na, hindi ba pwedeng fashionista lang. #praybeytbenjaminfever 


kapag ba kinilig inlababo ka na? db pdeng excited lng sa breaking dawn muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever

Pag nilalandi ka na may gusto na sayo? Di ba pwedeng may kailangan lang? #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Pag straight ang buhok nag paRebond agad? Di ba pwedeng nagBlower lang mun? Chos. #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Pag laging nagiinternet, mayaman na agad. Di ba pwedeng nakikisagap lang sa wi-fi ng kapit-bahay #praybeytbenjaminfever


Kapag tumatahol, aso agad? Di ba pwedeng may hika muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever


Kapag naka IPhone sosyal agad di bA pwedeng Snatcher muna siya #PraybeytBenjaminFever


Pag ba Diva, ZsaZsa na agad? Di ba pedeng Anne curtis muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever


Kapag ba mag isa lagi loner na? db pwdeng mahiyain lang.. #praybeytbenjaminfever


pag malaki ang grade matalino na agad? d ba pwdng sipsip muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever


kapag umuulan may bagyo na agad? d ba pwedeng tropical depression muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever


Pag mdmeng chicks, babaero na agad? Di ba pwede friendly muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever


pag late nagising nagpuyat na agad? di ba pwedeng napasarap lang ang tulog? #praybeytbenjaminfever 


pag di pinapansin, galit kaagad? di ba pwedeng tampo muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Pag mababa ratings, sa GMA na agad? Di ba pwedeng sa TV5 muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Pag hunk ang isang lalaki, underwear model na agad? Diba puwedeng kargador muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Kapag kinilig in love agad? Diba pwedeng kaka ihi lang muna?! #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Pag ba mabaho may umutot na? Hindi ba pwedeng may nagsalita muna? #praybeytbenjaminfever 


"Pag walang girlfriend, torpe agad? Di ba pwedeng choosy muna?" #praybeytbenjaminfever 


Pag tinabihan ng lalaki ang babae, MAGSYOTA agad??? Di b pwedeng HOLDAPER muna?? #praybeytbenjaminfever 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twin Palms Residences-A House and Lot for Sale in Davao City

New Life. New Style. Your LIFESTYLE.

If you are looking for a house in Davao City that would help you and your family live a comfortable life with a sophisticated lifestyle without compromising the cost, then Twin Palms Residences is the right choice for you. Located at the heart of Davao City, Twin Palms Residences offer a Bali lifestyle within the comfort of your home.


·         Fully Landscaped entrance gate with 24 hour security guards.
·         Commercial Areas
·         Basketball Court
·         Wi-Fi ready community

Twin Palms Residences is a project of KISAN LU LANDS INC. If you are interested for this property, please feel free to contact me on any of the following information:

Yahoo Messenger: shi_poy
Skype: eigrihs1
Contact number: 09292719189

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinoy Jokes, Quotes and Pick up Lines

I’ve been reading this pinoy jokes and quotes book and I really found it hilarious. As I am not good in relating a joke story, I think it would be good if I am going to list down the jokes that really made me laugh. I hope you too. We need to laugh once in a while to brush off unhappy thoughts and problems.

This is my way of saying YES to spreading Good Vibes.

Here are the jokes I’ve got from Text Message:

Joke #1:

May Mag syota na di nagkita ng 2 months, dn 1 day nagkta cla at ang unang tanong ng girl sa boy: “MAHAL MO PA BA AKO?”

D nakasagot ang boy pro ang gnawa nya, Knuha ng boy ung kmay ng girl saby itinapat sa kanyang dibdib. At dun napaiyak ang girl, kasi may BOOBS na pala ang Bruha.

Joke #2:

A man buys a lie detector robot that slaps people who lie. He decides to test it at dinner.

DAD: son, where were u today during school hours?

SON: at school *Robot slaps Son*

SON: ok i went to the movies

DAD: Which one?

SON: ToyStory *he slaps son again*

SON: ok, it was day with a pornstar

DAD: what. When i was ur age i didn't even know what porn was! *he slaps dad*

MOM: HAHA!After all he's ur son *he slaps mom*

Joke #3:
Horror Story...
Ipinanganak sa 1 tagong baryo ang sanggol na may nakakakilabot na katangian.Bawat pangalang masabi n2 namamatay.Takot ang mag-asawa na matawag cla na inay at itay..1 araw nasabi ng sanggol ang slitang INAY agad itong namatay.Sa bawat araw na lumipas ikinatatakot ng ama na siya naman ang mabanggit.Ngunit nagsalita ang sanggol, ITAY at..namatay ang KUMPARE nya...

Here are the jokes I’ve got from Facebook posts:

Joke #1:
Naniniwala na ako sa HIMALA, akalin mo, buhay pa rin ako kahit nasa sayo ang PUSO ko.

Joke #2:
Gwapo: Hey miss? May boyfriend ka ba?
Girl: (*kinilig, nag-blush*) Hmm, wala. Bakit?
Gwapo: Ahay! buti pa aketch meron!

Joke #3:
2 guys texting:

boy1: dude what does "idk" mean?
boy2: "i dont know"
boy 1: ommgg! NO ONE KNOWS!!

From Mix sources (forums, tweets, etc.)

Joke #1:

BOY : Ganda ng lips mo ..
GIRL : Thanks ..

BOY : Ganda ng Eyes mo ..
GIRL : Thanks :”>

BOY : Ganda ng Face mo ..
GIRL : Of Course! :”>

BOY : Lahat maganda sayo ..
GIRL : I know right? >

BOY : Buti ka pa ipinanganak na Good Looking samantalang ako ..

Joke #2:

The Setting:
Pageant Night Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant Q&A Portion.

The Finalists:
Miss America
Miss Spain
Miss Great Britain
Miss Iran
Miss India
Miss Philippines

Question: Ms. America, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms. America: Well, I would say that, male organs in America are like gentlemen.
Q: Why do you say that?
Ms. America: Because it stands everytime it sees a woman.

Q: Ms. Spain, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms. Spain: Male organs in our country are like toros in our very own bullfight.
Q: Why do you say that?
Ms. Spain: Because it charges everytime it sees an opening.

Q: Ms. Great Britain, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms. Great Britain: Male organs in our country are like Shakespearean actors.
Q: Why do you say that?
Ms. Great Britain: Because it cries after every performance.

Q: Ms. Iran, how would you describe a male organ in you country?
Ms. Iran: Well, I can say that male organs in our country are like thieves.
Q: Why? Ms. Iran: Because they always enter thru the back door.

Q: Ms. India, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms. India: A male organ in our country is like a laborer.
Q: Why do you say that?
Ms. India: Because it works day and night.

Q: Ms. Philippines, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms. Philippines: Ahh..well, opcors, hi,hi,hi…I can say dat male organs in our country are like chismis!
Q: Chismis?
Ms. Philippines: Ayy sorry!!..It’s ano.. Kuwan… It means GOSSIP in our language.
Q: Hmm.. Interesting comparison.. And why do you say that?
Ms. Philippines: Ayy..diyahe!! Hihihi, Kasi… I mean… Because…it passes from mouth to mouth.

Joke #3:

Bush: What are the pollutants in your country?

Jingoy: We have lots of pollutants.. ..we have sisig, kilawin, chicharon, mani
Erap: Anak, may nakalimutan ka, Boy Bawang (cornik).

Joke #4:

Beauty contest

Emcee: What’s the big problem facing the country today?
Contestant: Drugs
Emcee: Very good, why do you say that?
Contestant: Ang mahal kasi eh!

Joke #5:

Tindero: Hoy, bili ka gatas ng baka. P10 piso lang isang baso
Manong: Ang mahal naman, may tig piso lang ba nyan?

Tindero: Meron Po, pero kayo na Po ang dumede as baka.

All I can say is:


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

House for Sale in Davao City- Bambu Estate South

Stay and Redefine Life- that is what Bambu Estate South can promise you. If you are looking for a place in Davao City to live in where you can redefine your lifestyle, then Bambu Estate South is the right choice for you.
Two types of houses are for sale in Bambu Estate. This is developed by KISAN LU Lands, Inc.

Introducing NORI:

This house model has a very sophisticated design which suits your modern taste of lifestyle. It is a two storey house with carport on the ground floor. Just take a look at the ground floor plan below. The kitchen, dining and the living rooms are in perfect locations for your perfect family time.

And wait, there’s more on the second floor. The Master’s Bedroom and the two Bedrooms are located in the second floor. This model has also a balcony and a hallway. Just take a look at the floor plan below.

The Nori Model has a lot size of 150 square meter and a Total usable floor area of 94.04 square meter. Here is the tabulation:

Ground Floor:

Living area: 10.35 sq. m.
Dining area: 8.05 sq.m.
Kitchen: 4.80 sq.m.
Common Toilet & Bath: 2.60 sq.m.
Stairwell: 3.70 sq.m.
Carport: 15.00 sq.m.
Porch: 1.54 sq.m
Second Floor:
Master’s Bedroom: 17.59 sq.m
Master’s Toilet & Bath: 3.45 sq.m
Bedroom-1: 5.00 sq.m
Bedroom-2: 8.91 sq.m
Common Toilet & Bath: 2.99 sq.m
Hallway: 3.06 sq.m
Stairwell: 5.00 sq.m
Balcony: 2.00 sq.m

Another house model for Bambu Estate is the MAKI.

For those who have elegant taste and artistic style, this house model is perfect for you. Just take a look at the perspective above and you will see how elegant this two storey house is. But Maki does not only offer elegance and good aesthetic appeal, it also promises comfort for you and for your whole family. Just take a look at the ground floor plan below to see what I mean:

The Dining Area is set adjacent to the kitchen for convenience. It has also a carport and a porch. The ground floor has a bedroom, bathroom and living room.

Now, let’s go to the second floor.

The master’s bedroom is located in the second floor, and not only that, there are also two bedrooms available, two common bathrooms and the hallway.

The Maki house model occupies a lot size of 150 square meter and a total usable area of 115.98 square meters.

Here is the tabulation:

Ground Floor:

Living area: 9.97 sq.m.
Dining area: 11.81 sq.m.
Kitchen: 6.74 sq.m.
Hallway: 2.72 sq.m.
Guest room: 7.25 sq.m.
Common Toilet and Bath: 3.64 sq.m.
Stairwell: 4.63 sq.m.
Carport: 17.33 sq.m.
Storage: 1.17 sq.m.
Porch: 1.12 sq.m
Second floor tabulation:
Master’s Bedroom: 12.89 sq.m.
Master’s Toilet and Bath: 3.64 sq.m.
Bedroom 1: 7.25 sq.m.
Bedroom 2: 10.15 sq.m.
Common Toilet and Bath: 4.06 sq.m.
Hallway: 5.79 sq.m.
Stairwell: 5.82 sq.m.

If you want to know more on how to buy this house, just contact me on any of the following information below:

Yahoo Messenger: shi_poy
Skype: eigrihs1
Contact number: 09292719189