Friday, October 7, 2011

Will You Dare to Succeed?

As I was rearranging the disarranged books on my table, I found this book entitled “Dare to Succeed- A Treasury of Inspiration and Wisdom for Life and Career” by Van Crouch. I bought this book some 6 months ago and read it from cover to cover and I realized I haven’t shared anything about this book. So I decided to write a review.

Basically, the book is a small guide on how to live a successful life. While I believe success could not be found in books, they could be used as guide or a source of knowledge on how to possess the right attitude and the right approach to situations in life that would lead us to live the life that we want.
I bought the book because of its biblical factor. Most parts of the book are all about verses in the bible that you needed for a particular situation. For example, if you need wisdom, you can find a list of verses to read about wisdom. It entails a lot of topic, from decision making to forgiving others. All the verses you need in the bible are listed on this book.

What I really like about this book is the Devotional part.  It’s just like Daily Bread, but limited to 30 days only. I was really inspired with the stories featured and the topic is concentrated on living life to the fullest, achieving your dreams and being a successful one.

The book also taught me how to possess a winning attitude. We can all be winners in our own right, but it’s the attitude that really matters. God will never grant you bigger things in life if you do not have the right attitude to handle it. So if you want to grow bigger in life, you have to be on guard with your attitude. Evaluate yourself if you possess the winning attitude before you ever complain why you are not successful.

For me, success is just a by product of doing things we like. If you are happy with what you are doing, if you are just passionate about it, no matter what kind of job it is or no matter how small it is, you are successful. If you manage a multinational company and you are not happy doing it, you are not successful. Success can only be achieved if you will learn how to become happy with what you are doing. That would lead us back to the idea of having a “winning attitude”. For me, everything can be conceived in our own thoughts. Everything starts from an idea. You dream because you think, you decide because you think, you aim a goal because you think. Winning attitude can be achieved by thinking about it. If you will always instil in your mind the idea of winning, you sure can achieve what you really want in life.

So I dare you to succeed.

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