Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wanted: Reliable and Credible Web Hosting Company

My blog has been sitting in the internet for more than three years now and I am still using the free web hosting courtesy of the blogging platform I am using. Since it is free, my blog URL is in the sub domain of my free hosting provider. I really don’t have any plan to buy a web hosting account, but lately, I am thinking that since I am gradually earning from this blog, I think this page should possess its own identity and not just hiding under a sub domain name.

This is how I see it. A “web hosting” account is actually a space in the server where you can upload your files to make it accessible via the internet.  As an analogy, a web hosting server is just like a “space for rent”. You have to pay the rent for the space, and in return, you can put anything you want in that space and allow anybody to access it. If you have a space, then that space should have an address. In the web hosting terminology, this address is what we called a URL or a Uniform Resource Locator. This is what you will use to allow people to visit your files in your web hosting account.

I am pretty excited to obtain my own hosting account so I can finally create a domain name for my blog. I know transferring my files from free hosting services to the paid one requires a lot of work and sacrifice especially that my free domain is performing well in the search engines. However, the real challenge is finding for the right and credible hosting provider. So here I am, spending some time to find for a hosting provider that I think I can trust. I bet this is more difficult than looking for a girlfriend.  

In finding for a hosting provider, consider those who are accepting “promotional coupons”.  You can save big for the cost of the service if there are some sorts of discounts or promotions. And I think I found the ONE.

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