Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soccer Versus Rugby

I just watched sports news this morning and I was so dumbfounded on how the Philippine soccer team known as Azkals influenced today’s kids and teens to hook up into the sports called Football. Since the Azkals brought in the popularity of this sports in the country, there have been a lot of training centers and schools to train kids to play this game. Recently, another Philippine sports team has been organized and they call themselves the Volcanoes. Unlike the Azkals, Volcanoes play the sports called Rugby. They are a group of strong and muscled men.

Both Soccer and Rugby are good sports and I am happy that Filipinos are now gradually embracing these sports on top of Basketball and Boxing. But what really is the difference between Soccer and Rugby? Let’s start with the ball used. The shape of the soccer ball is round while the rugby ball is in spheroid. This is how the rugby ball and the soccer ball look like:

In order to score in Rugby, you must kick the ball over the bar. On the other hand, you can score in soccer by placing the ball into the net. Rugby requires steep power to pass through your opponents and drive the ball to the other side, while in soccer, excessive use of power is not allowed, or else you will get a yellow card.

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