Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romantic Retreat: Villa Rentals Outside of Asia

For a romantic vacation overseas, luxury villa rentals are difficult to beat. Combining space, comfort, and privacy, villa rentals offer just about everything you could want. However, not every villa is perfectly suited to a romantic getaway. Some villas are simply too luxurious and distracting for romance, and others are far too large. Some villas are even both. Here are a few romantic retreats outside of Asia that fit the criteria for a truly romantic trip.

[View of Blue Waters, a luxury villa in Mustique, Caribbean]
Created with the idea of a ‘storybook’, Blue Waters is a unique villa planned out by stage designer Oliver Messel to give a truly creative feel. With two bedrooms, Blue Waters supports both a romantic couple and, should they happen to tag along, a pair of children in having an unforgettable experience. The charming, yet secluded nature of the villa helps to ensure an atmosphere away from the bustle of the city, and entertainment is largely designed around having fun together. One of the region’s best snorkeling beaches is quite close to Blue Waters, and a tennis court is nearby for those who would rather have a little fun on land.

[View of Il Frantoio, a luxury villa in Tuscany, Italy]

Originally built as a working olive press building as part of a larger estate, Il Frantoio is a luxury villa with a vivid history, yet its recent restoration has helped to make it into a truly comfortable facility. Olive trees remain around the villa, making for scenic countryside walks, and a classical Tuscan kitchen allows for the preparation of authentic Italian cuisine. The pleasant, neutral tones of Il Frantoio also help to encourage relaxation and the timeless experience of the Italian countryside, where the modern world is present but always kept just out of reach to help you concentrate on what’s truly important. Italy villas are renowned for their hospitality, and Il Frantoio’s convenient location, with easy access to many methods of travel and local sights (such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a full 18-hole golf course) help make it an inviting, romantic destination in the Italian countryside.


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  2. I have visited koh samui 3 times. It is a awesome place. Thai food is my favorite. What do you think about Thai villas?


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