Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Power of Internet Research: A Quick Research on the Life of Andrea Chénier

Nowadays, it is so easy to research information in the internet. Thanks to the web hosting company who made this possible. Through the web server, people can upload their files and it can be accessed via web browser. If not for the hosting server, internet research would never be possible. There are a lot of reliable hosting companies out there. Some of them earned credibility by winning best web hosting awards.

Through the help of the internet, I was able to research about the life of Andrea Chénier. So far, this is what I’ve found out on my research:

Considered as one of the most popular operas of all ages, Andrea Chénier is an opera that tells a story of a French poet who became the victim of the French Revolution. The opera is comprises of four acts under the supervision of the composer Umberto Giordano.

In the first act, the first scene depicts the servants, headed by Gérard, busy preparing for Coigny’s ball. The said event is to be attended by the aristocrats and selected guests. Gérard is filled with resentment when he saw his aged father in great distress because of an abusive labor. One of the guests who attended the ball is a popular and sweet poet guy named Andrea Chénier. Maddalena, the beautiful daughter of the Countess, requested Andrea Chénier to compose a poem about love. As he could not resist the request from a beautiful lady, Andrea Chénier agreed to improvise a poem and recite it in public. However, Chénier forgets that the topic he should recite is all about love. He reveals the sorrow and the distress of the servants and the poor under the hands of aristocrats. He also reveals that this is the sole reason why the poor outburst their anger against those who have a power in the church and state. All the guests except Maddalena are outraged and alarmed with Chénier’s eccentric idealism. This poem has triggered Gérard, the anguished servant, to lead his own crowd but later on ordered to leave the castle. Chénier follows Gérard’s group as they march out of the vicinity.

The second act focuses on the characters of Chénier, Maddalena and Gérard as the three of them became revolutionary activists. Roucher, Chénier’s best friend advised him to flee as he is now a wanted man. But Chénier doesn’t want to leave Maddalena, so he stayed with her. A fellow activist, Gérard who is also in love with Maddalena intercepted and he fought with Chénier with sword. Gérard became wounded and he advised Chénier to save Maddalena against the wrath of enemies.

On the third act, Gérard has recovered from the wound and set under the Court of the Revolutionary Tribunal. Gérard, in the mood of cynicism, summons against Chénier. To plea for the life of Chénier, Maddalena showed up and offer herself to Gérard. Gérard was moved by such love and agreed to save Chénier, but it’s now too late. The verdict of death for Chénier has been approved.

The fourth act is all about the persecution of Andre Chénier. He spent his last moment writing poems. Maddalena also permitted a final and brief talk with Chénier. He is scheduled to be beheaded at the dawn. Maddalena then bribed the prison guard and persuaded him to take the place of a condemned woman beside Chénier. So at the scheduled time of persecution, the two lovers faced death together.

Thanks to the internet technology that I was able to know the story of my subject without the need of watching the actual performance.

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