Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up Dharma Down Rocks Davao City

The Up Dharma Down visited Davao City to become part of Artwork 5x5 promo. One of the band member, Ean Mayor, designed the Up Dharma Down T shirt for Artwork.

These are the T-shirts designed by Ean, he is the drummer of the band.

I arrived one hour before the band's performace so I can secure a good place. And look how the crowd grows so fast.

* The crowd-less atrium at 5:00 PM

* The less occupied atrium at 5:10 PM

* The more occupied atrium at 5:20 PM

* The crowded atrium at 5:30 PM, 1 hour before the gig starts

Armi, the vocalist of the band arrived few minutes before the gig started.

And of course, I joined the crowd for the picture taking.

Ean Mayor set the drum.

Paul Yap on base guitar.

Carlos Tanada on Lead guitar.

And of course, the vocalist, Armi Millari.

And the fun begins as our favorite band Up Dharma Down started singing their hits.

The crowd head-banged with the band and sing along with them.

I was just goosebumps for awhile. I can't believe that the band that was just previously sitting on my play list is actually performing right in front of me.
Thank you ABreeza Mall of Davao,Thank you Artwork and thank you Up Dharma Down for that fun moment.

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