Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Make God the Center of your Life?

Today, I learned something new in the church. It’s all about making God the Center of our life. This is an aspect of my Christian Life which I have taken for granted. It is not enough for us to just serve God, go to church, praise God, read the Bible and pray everybody. Just because you are all doing these stuffs doesn’t mean God is already the center of your life.

We mean it or not, we focus most of our time in our daily lives on our tasks, activities, etc. Our attentions are being diverted to worldly things. Pastor Jay Cruz of Davao City Alliance Gospel Church has itemized the following important things we should consider if you want to put God at the center of your life.

1. Decide that God will be the ruler of your life by following his standards

It’s easy to say that God is the ruler of your life. In church, we can hear it from almost anybody. It’s just that easy, but it is difficult to manifest in your life. What kind of standard you are following to live your life? If you really want to live your life with peace of mind, follow God’s standard and let him rule. You will know that God rules your life if you always prioritize him above any other things. Remember his words in Matthew which says “seek ye first thy kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. Let him rule your life and you will get the kind of life that you deserve.

2. Obey wholeheartedly the command of God

Along with allowing God to be the ruler of our life, obeying God is a must. We know the story of Jonah, the Bible tells us to listen and obey God’s commandment, if not, there are always consequences.

3. Love the Lord with your whole being

By whole being we mean not only the spiritual aspect. This involves all our aspects. From physical, to emotional and everything. If you love God with your whole being, nothing will go wrong in your life.

We always complain to God why our life sucks, but the question is, did you allow Him to at least manage your life? If you want to get the life that you want, let Him rule over your life.

God Bless brethren.


  1. Shirgie... it's about 2 years ago you posted this and i hope i wont 'scare' you by pinning a reply after youve written for so long.. how are you now, i hope you are still after the Lord faithfully.
    My fiance left me for his air stewardess colleague.. leaving me with nothing, i scambled, and only found God... after everything has gone, there is only God. I feel 'shame' like i am only 'going after God' after having failed elsewhere, but remember the prodigal son is exactly the same..
    am browsing online looking for anything that says 'making God the center of our lives' and chanced upon your writing, and your penning down of your pastor's points... I found them to be a GREAT summary, one that includes everything, and is filled with 'verbs' (my way of saying - there's at least something i can do!!) i noticed how sometimes (often) we in church advice another person with 'this, that' and they consist of very, very abstract and hard-to-understand thoughts... which is why i am always very thankful and glad when i hear sermons filled with verbs, you know - "finally! something i can PUT MY HANDS TO/DO"
    Pray that you are well,
    that you are still walking closely, to the Lord,
    that Christ be the center, truly, of all His saved-ones', lives...

    I need to learn to forgive. it is VERY HARD. among other things, depression, seeking God, etc.. can be quite the handful. BUT I AM SO GLAD chancing upon your words... feels like at least i am not the only one trying to get-right, and/or seek God.
    i mail with FEEL FREE to drop me a line if you like to mutually keep each other encouraged, in the Lord!

    1. hello, I am glad that at least through the words i wrote here channeling the information from our pATOR, I was able to encourage you. God Bless Brother


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