Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help Stop Mining in Palawan

I haven’t been to Palawan, I haven’t experienced Palawan for my entire life here on earth yet. But I know that Palawan is a paradise, it's a treasure and this is something we should preserve. Palawan is not owned by the government, it is not even owned by the people of Palawan, and nobody owned it. Palawan belongs to the next generation. We owe this to them and we should always make sure that the children of our children could be able to witness and experience the beauty of this Paradise. This is not a promise but a responsibility. Everyone of us is responsible in protecting Palawan.

But because of it's beauty and natural vast richness, Palawan is now on the verge of danger. Some greedy people would like to destroy Palawan by the senseless mining just to get golds and other minerals that could earn them money. Now is the time for us to stand against this evil plan. Help save Palawan by joining the force against mining.

All you have to do to help the campaign is to sign the "Stop Mining in Palawan" campaign. The goal is to get 10 Million signatures and as of writing this, there are 1, 225, 828 signatures already. This is roughly more than 10% of the goal yet, but I'm sure that if we are going to stand together on this campaign, that 10 million signatures could be attained. Your signature is important and that could make a difference. If you want to sign for this campaign, just go to and fill up the form to sign up.

Please watch this music video for Palawan. Two of my favorite artists in the music industry, Yeng Constantino and Gloc 9, features Palawan in this latest single.

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