Monday, May 9, 2011

Solution to “Not Supported Content” Error Message for Samsung Mobile Units

One of the important features of Samsung mobile phone that I like most is the video viewing. You can watch mobile videos as long as it is in .mp3 or .3gp format. But what is annoying about the video feature of Samsung mobile is that, sometimes, it won’t play the video. Eventhough the format of the video is in .3gp or .mp4, it still won’t read it and it keeps popping an error which says “Not Supported Content”.

I have downloaded several music videos and funny clips in the internet but I could not play it on my Samsung mobile phone. I have researched on how to convert these videos into format suitable for this mobile version and I found out a good solution.
If you want to convert unsupported videos for Samsung mobile phone, you must go through the steps below. I know this could be a little bit cumbersome and tedious but if you really want to enjoy watching video, then you must do this.

1. Secure the videos that you want to convert, you can use any videos in any format, so we do not have problems with the extension name. Basically, videos may come in different formats such as .avi, .mp4, .3gp, .wav, etc. You must know the extension name of the video first.

2. Now, you need to download Samsung Kies. Samsung Kies is a software application used to connect your Samsung mobile phone to computer unit. If you do not have the installer, download the installer from the link below:

Download Samsung Kies here!!!

3. Once you downloaded Samsung Kies, click on Videos
4. Upload the video that you want to convert
5. Right click on the video and click File Convert
6. Select the format 3gp
7. Select Screen resolution
8. Click Convert

Basically, it would take time to finish the conversion. It also depends on the size of the video. Once done, the converted file will be saved in the installation folder of Samsung Kies or in the location you selected.
Now, copy the converted 3gp video to your phone. You should be able to watch the video now.

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