Thursday, May 5, 2011

SESA- An All Girl Project Band On Set for Umaalab Ka

I was culling out information about the incoming release of the fourth album of Yeng Constantino, but I think they are still on production stage as I could not find any single information about it except that Yeng Constantino is currently doing a series of recording. But I landed on this valuable information that I think worth sharing. So I will just get back on this album release soon.

Ok, here's what I found out. Yeng Constantino has formed a band. Oh no, I am not referring to that Morning Glory Band, her band before she joined Pinoy Dream Academy. This is an all girl band and they call themselves SESA.

SESA is actually am all girl project band which includes Yeng Constantino, Acel Bisa van Ommen, Karmi Santiago of Novus Luna, Julie Samonte of Blind Stereo Moon, and Edrei Olarte.

Here is how they've come up with this "All Girl" Band:

Last October 2010, the two girls Yeng Constantino and Acel collaborated for a project band. They both worked together and came up with original compositions that would best fit to be performed by all girls singer. So they call on their friends who share the same passion and talent and they created a band called "Sesa".

They're all pretty. They're all rockers. They're all talented. And they are all set to make history in the Philippine music industry.

These are the members of the all girl project band SESA:

Vocals: Acel Bisa-van Ommen
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Yeng Constantino
Lead Guitar: Julie Samonte
Bass: Edrei Olarte
Drums: Karmi Santiago

The group is currently shooting the music video for their first single entitled "Umaalab Ka"

Here are some behind the scene photos on the shooting set of Umaalab ka. Credit to the Official Facebook Fanpage of SESA for the pictures:

And here is the first ever music video for their first ever single entitle Umaalab ka.


  1. ganda nito. san makakabili ng album ng SESA?

  2. wala pa po silang album....single lang yon

  3. sesa.. short term po ng prinsesa.. =)

  4. prinsesa talaga sila ! wooh galing talaga buti sila ang nagperform para sa youth summit 2012 ng KKB !


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