Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Transfer Photos from Friendster to Facebook Fast?

The information about shutting down of Friendster is not true at all. They will just going to upgrade the interface on May 31, 2011, but they will not definitely leave the world wide web. The upgrade of the system will greatly affect the users in a major way. All profiles, photos, messages, testimonials and everything therein will be deleted. I will surely miss Friendster, it is the first Social Networking site I've ever joined way back 2003 and that is where I first appreciate joining an online community.

At first, I just shrugged off over the idea of migrating photos from Friendster to Facebook, but friends and relatives keep asking me how they can transfer photos from Friendster to Facebook like I have the authority and the say to instruct. So I tried to find ways on how to do it faster so they don't need to save the photos one by one. I found out that the fastest method is to export photos to flickr and use bulkr to bulk download the photos. Unfortunately, the system was not able to handle request from a lot of users and they finally decided to take out flickr as an option. You can now only export to Multiply which I think would make the process more complicated and cumbersome.

As I was looking at the pictures in Friendster, I realized haven't have the soft copies of these photos and I think I really need to save all those precious memories. So, I device the fastest possible way to save the images. I don't know if there are more convenient alternatives out there, but for me, this is the most convenient and the fastest method to save the photos. You can follow this procedure:

1.Open friendster.com in Mozilla Firefox browser
2.Login using your username and password
3.Click Photos tab
4.You need to do this per album, so open the first album you want to save
5.Then click on the first photo on the album
6.In the menu bar of the browser, click Tools-->Page Info

7.On Page Info, click MEDIA tab

8.On the list of addresses, select the links which start with http://photos-p.friendster.com. You can select multiple addresses by pressing CTRL button while clicking the links.

9.Click Save As
10.Select the folder where you want to save the images
11.Click Ok
12.And wait for the images to download.

Basically, you will get to download three images at a time, that is, the image you opened and the images before and after the image that currently opened.

13.Repeat the same procedure for all images
14.Once the photos have been downloaded, login to your Facebook account
15.Using the Facebook upload feature, upload the photos

That's it. It could be a little bit tedious but I believe that's the simplest method to save the captured memories. With a little perseverance, time and patience, you can make it.

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