Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Two Cents on Elmer Lyrics By Gloc 9

The Talumpati album of Gloc 9 is still hot in the market because of the single Walang Natira. We have been reminded about the brain drain problem here in the Philippines because of that song. Actually, we all know about it, but it would take a song Walang Natira to remind us about this ongoing problem and a call to those in the position to find ways to stop this.

Another single from the Talumpati album is about to sprout and the title of the song is Elmer featuring Jaq Dionisio. The song is as simple as the title.

But who is Elmer?

Elmer is a name of a guy, the story of the song revolves around Elmer. He is a guy aspiring to become a rapper. He looks up to Gloc 9 as his rapper idol, but unfortunately, he was blinded by other rapper with bad influences. As we all know, there are a lot of faces around us. And if we are aspiring to become somebody or to pursue our passion, we always look up for somebody to become our inspiration. The song is warning us to choose whom to look up to. We must be responsible and wise enough to determine who should we follow and idolize. Not everything we see on the outside are true, and not everything we believe is true. Just like Elmer, somebody might have incurred on his mind that in order to become a famous rapper, you must be a gangster, you must have a tattoo, you must be ASTIG. But Elmer is just a victim, somebody is using him for their own benefits and this will continue to happen. There are a lot of Elmers around us, it could be your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your friend and even you, and yeah, they need to be rescued, we need to be rescued.

The music video is already available on MYX. If you want to see the video, you watch out for it on MYX channel and vote for the music video so you can see it more often. Here is the preview of the music video:

And of course, the lyrics:
Ito ay Bayan ni Juan
Hindi Bayan ni Run
Dumating pa sa puntong ang braso ay may bayanihan
Bago magkalimutan wag magsapilitan
Walang papalitan
Hindi ito Katatawanan

Wag kang maniniwala sa paligid mo (hindi lahat ay totoo)
Mga naririnig at nakikita mo (isa-isang isipin to)
Piliin mo ang iniidolo (anong ginagawa’t binibigkas)
Dahil pagusad ay hindi ganun kadulas (kung ika’y makata sa pinas)

Kamusta ka na ido
Ako nga pala si Elmer
Ikaw ang aking idol
And idol ko na rapper
Mula nang marinig ko ang kanta mong simpleng tao
Ako ay nabaliw nung nilabas pa yung lando
May bago ka bang album?
Penge naman ng kopya
Meron ako nung luma
Ang kaso nga lang pirata
Sumusulat din ako
Marunong din akong mag rap
Gusto ko ipadinig ko sayo
Wag kang kukurap

Di lang ikaw ang ido ko
Pati rin yung stick figgaz
Bihira lang kasi sa Pilipinas ang matikas
Mabilis kang magsalita
Pero gangsta ka ba?
Meron ka na bang baril?
Nakulong ka na ba?
Ako rin hindi pa
Pero bukas baka sakali
May gang doon sa amin
Susubukan kong sumali
Basta tandaan mo lang
Ang pangalan ko ay Elmer
Ikaw ang aking idol
Idol ko na rapper

Wag kang maniniwala sa paligid mo (hindi lahat ay totoo)
Mga naririnig at nakikita mo (isa-isang isipin to)
Piliin mo ang iniidolo (anong ginagawa’t binibigkas)
Dahil pagusad ay hindi ganun kadulas (kung ika’y makata sa pinas)

Gloc 9 anong balita?
Narito ka rin pala?
Buti napadaan ka?
Mapapatatoo k aba?
Nakikita mob a to ang mga bago kong tattoo?
Mas maangas daw ang rapper pag marami kang tattoo
At makabayan ang dating
Isa pa cool ka!
Magpalagay ako ng watawat
May flag pole pa
Kasi sasali ako sa pa-audition ng isang rapper
At maging isang artist sa kanyang bagong record labe l
Ilan ba ang natanggap
Siguro mga singkwenta
Binigyan kami ng ticket
Para daw aming ibenta
Medyo Malabo ang sabi niya may album pa
Eh bakit hindi nya malabas ang album nya?
O baka naman busy lang kaya pare easy lang
Kasi mga mayabang lang ang mahilig magbilang
Pero sana maalala mo ang pangalan ko ay ELMER
Ikaw ang aking idol
Ang idol ko na rapper
Wag kang maniniwala sa paligid mo (hindi lahat ay totoo)
Mga naririnig at nakikita mo (isa-isang isipin to)
Piliin mo ang iniidolo (anong ginagawa’t binibigkas)
Dahil pag-usad ay hindi ganun kadulas (kung ika’y makata sa pinas)

Ito ay Bayan ni Juan
Hindi Bayan ni Run
Dumating pa sa puntong ang braso ay may bayanihan
Bago magkalimutan wag magsapilitan
Walang papalitan
Hindi ito Katatawanan

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A 13 Year Old Girl Committed Suicide Because Of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

There is a story circulating over Twitter and Social Media network that because of this picture, a 13 year old girl which is apparently a fan of Justin Bieber has committed suicide. According to the report, the 13 year old Belieber was feeling kind of depressed after seeing that picture of Selena Gomez and Justine Beiber kissing. That's crazy! I still need to confirm on this report, but if this is true, this is really crazy.


The suicide rumor is not true at all.  Some jealous fans just started trending the news on Twitter.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Unblock Youtube When It is Blocked in a Computer?

Schools, business offices and other areas where local area network is apparent are generally blocking websites that would affect the internet connection speed and the productivity. Youtube is one of the many websites that would affect the productivity when facing computer and connected to the internet. There are a lot of fun stuffs in Youtube that would divert the attention of the internet users.

But if you really need to watch videos inYoutube, you can try following this intruction to unblock Youtube.

-Click Start->My Computer
-Click Local Disk C
-Open Windows folder
-Open System32 folder
-Open Drivers folder
-Open etc folder
-Open hosts file in a notepad
-At the bottom in the notepad, you can see “localhost”. Delete the line including the ip address where it contains
-Save the Notepad and close all windows
-Open your browser

You should be able to visit Youtube website now.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Peek Inside Abreeza Ayala Malls of Davao

I had this opportunity to attend the opening of the newest and the grandest mall in Davao. The Abreeza Ayala Malls of Davao has officially opened on May 12, 2011. I’ve been there for the first two days of their opening. It was a day of terrible traffic in Davao. But despite the traffic and the scorching heat of the sun, Davaoneos graced the opening of the Abreeza Ayala Malls of Davao. Needless to say that people of Davao are looking for something new and something fresh in the market.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Solution to “Not Supported Content” Error Message for Samsung Mobile Units

One of the important features of Samsung mobile phone that I like most is the video viewing. You can watch mobile videos as long as it is in .mp3 or .3gp format. But what is annoying about the video feature of Samsung mobile is that, sometimes, it won’t play the video. Eventhough the format of the video is in .3gp or .mp4, it still won’t read it and it keeps popping an error which says “Not Supported Content”.

I have downloaded several music videos and funny clips in the internet but I could not play it on my Samsung mobile phone. I have researched on how to convert these videos into format suitable for this mobile version and I found out a good solution.
If you want to convert unsupported videos for Samsung mobile phone, you must go through the steps below. I know this could be a little bit cumbersome and tedious but if you really want to enjoy watching video, then you must do this.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

SESA- An All Girl Project Band On Set for Umaalab Ka

I was culling out information about the incoming release of the fourth album of Yeng Constantino, but I think they are still on production stage as I could not find any single information about it except that Yeng Constantino is currently doing a series of recording. But I landed on this valuable information that I think worth sharing. So I will just get back on this album release soon.

Ok, here's what I found out. Yeng Constantino has formed a band. Oh no, I am not referring to that Morning Glory Band, her band before she joined Pinoy Dream Academy. This is an all girl band and they call themselves SESA.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Transfer Photos from Friendster to Facebook Fast?

The information about shutting down of Friendster is not true at all. They will just going to upgrade the interface on May 31, 2011, but they will not definitely leave the world wide web. The upgrade of the system will greatly affect the users in a major way. All profiles, photos, messages, testimonials and everything therein will be deleted. I will surely miss Friendster, it is the first Social Networking site I've ever joined way back 2003 and that is where I first appreciate joining an online community.

At first, I just shrugged off over the idea of migrating photos from Friendster to Facebook, but friends and relatives keep asking me how they can transfer photos from Friendster to Facebook like I have the authority and the say to instruct. So I tried to find ways on how to do it faster so they don't need to save the photos one by one. I found out that the fastest method is to export photos to flickr and use bulkr to bulk download the photos. Unfortunately, the system was not able to handle request from a lot of users and they finally decided to take out flickr as an option. You can now only export to Multiply which I think would make the process more complicated and cumbersome.

As I was looking at the pictures in Friendster, I realized haven't have the soft copies of these photos and I think I really need to save all those precious memories. So, I device the fastest possible way to save the images. I don't know if there are more convenient alternatives out there, but for me, this is the most convenient and the fastest method to save the photos. You can follow this procedure:

1.Open in Mozilla Firefox browser
2.Login using your username and password
3.Click Photos tab
4.You need to do this per album, so open the first album you want to save
5.Then click on the first photo on the album
6.In the menu bar of the browser, click Tools-->Page Info

7.On Page Info, click MEDIA tab

8.On the list of addresses, select the links which start with You can select multiple addresses by pressing CTRL button while clicking the links.

9.Click Save As
10.Select the folder where you want to save the images
11.Click Ok
12.And wait for the images to download.

Basically, you will get to download three images at a time, that is, the image you opened and the images before and after the image that currently opened.

13.Repeat the same procedure for all images
14.Once the photos have been downloaded, login to your Facebook account
15.Using the Facebook upload feature, upload the photos

That's it. It could be a little bit tedious but I believe that's the simplest method to save the captured memories. With a little perseverance, time and patience, you can make it.