Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Troubleshoot 100% CPU Usage in your Computer

Have you experienced using your computer then suddenly it hang up and you could not open any application anymore? The possible culprit for this issue is the 100% CPU usage. To determine if it is the 100% CPU usage that causes this issue, you press CTRL+ALT+DEL when your computer hangs, then click Task Manager, then click Applications tab, you will see at the bottom that the CPU usage is 100%.
It could be reasonable if you have opened a lot of applications, but if you only open few applications and it suddenly spikes up to 100 % , then that is not normal anymore.

The 100 % CPU usage issue is caused by the Svchost that is running in your application. This application is not a virus. Svchost or we can simply call it a Service Host is important in running your machine. You could not simply kill this in your task manager because this will stop your computer to work. But if you will check on your task manager, you can see several svchost running, and you cannot simply stop one because it may cause your computer to stop working and you may need to restart which is annoying.

I have 3 simple recommendations for you to try to troubleshoot this 100% CPU Usage issue.

1. Delete the Svchost which is eating up your computer


-Press Ctrl+Alt Delete
-Click Applications
-You will see several svchost running, find the svchost which has big percentage in CPU

-Click it and select End process

If this solution will stop your computer from working, then try the second recommendation:

2. Disable all Startup Items


-Click Start
-Click Run
-Type in “msconfig” (without the quotes of course)
-Click Start up
-Click Disable button
-Click Apply
-Click Ok
-Restart your computer to apply

If this still won’t work, you may need a spyware removal tool to remove all malware and spywares in your computer.

3. Use free spyware removal tool

I recommend to use “Spyware Search and Destroy” because first and foremost, it is free, then it’s just a light file. You can download and install that in a few seconds. You can also use it easily. Try to scan your computer using this Spyware Search and Destroy and remove all spywares and malwares in your computer that may cause this error.

For free download of “Spyware Search and Destroy”, check on the link below:

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