Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Troubleshoot 100% CPU Usage in your Computer

Have you experienced using your computer then suddenly it hang up and you could not open any application anymore? The possible culprit for this issue is the 100% CPU usage. To determine if it is the 100% CPU usage that causes this issue, you press CTRL+ALT+DEL when your computer hangs, then click Task Manager, then click Applications tab, you will see at the bottom that the CPU usage is 100%.
It could be reasonable if you have opened a lot of applications, but if you only open few applications and it suddenly spikes up to 100 % , then that is not normal anymore.

The 100 % CPU usage issue is caused by the Svchost that is running in your application. This application is not a virus. Svchost or we can simply call it a Service Host is important in running your machine. You could not simply kill this in your task manager because this will stop your computer to work. But if you will check on your task manager, you can see several svchost running, and you cannot simply stop one because it may cause your computer to stop working and you may need to restart which is annoying.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tips for a Better Sidewalk Selling

I saw this woman, she is in her middle age, selling something beside the street in the middle of the night. She's selling fruits and other foods in the street and her little store is open 24 hours a day. It is literally open because it has no walls. Her little space is only protected by a tarp and the only valuable item is a small table where she displays the items that she is selling.

I wonder if she has a lot of customers though because as far as my observation is concerned, only few people are buying from her store. The advantage of selling in a sidewalk is that you are not going to pay any rent. The space is free because it is public property, but it could have been better if it is organized properly.

In order to become successful in selling on a sidewalk, here are my tips for you:

1. Use attractive elements

Instead of using ordinary and plane tarp for your roofing, use custom made tarps instead. You can request to customize your canvas tarp and put in some logos or store names. This will not only make your sidewalk store professional, but it can also attract customers.

2. Maintain Cleanliness

Cleanliness must also be considered. Just because you are selling beside the street doesn't mean you don't care about cleanliness. Sidewalk vendors especially those who are selling foods must show to the customers that the area is clean.

3. Think Big

Sidewalk vendors must also think big. Sure, you can't be McDonalds or Chowking, but you can create your own brand. Think that you have a big store with a big space. You don't need to advertise just to be big. The mere fact that you are on an area where there are always a lot of people is already a good exposure. But of course, make sure that you expose your business in a positive way.

4. Be friendly

Most important of all, mingle with people. Every person passing along the street is your potential customer. Don't hesitate to smile with everybody as if you are inviting them to check what you are selling.

Selling on the street is just like taking your business to people. Customers love it when they can see that you are exerting extra effort to please them. Nothing is wrong with selling on the street, you just have to treat it as true business and you mean true service.

Happy selling!