Saturday, February 12, 2011

Preparing for Camping Exquisitely

Camping is a great way to commune with nature. Sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the four corners of your bed room and find your way and sleep amidst the forestry or spend the whole night beside the beach and wait for that sun to rise.

If you want to relax, then plan an outdoor activity with your family and friends on the weekend. You can spend camping overnight on the beach or on the mountains.

The reason why some people hesitate to go on camping is because they are not on the mood to prepare for it. You know, you may need a lot of stuffs to set up a camp. However, it is a wrong notion. You don’t need to bring the whole house just to make yourself feel comfortable. You actually just need few things to make camping a convenient experience. Just bring and prepare the basic needs and you’re off to go.

Here are the important things that you just need when you go on camping:

1.       1. Food and Water

Of course, fun is nothing without food. It is important to bring enough food supplies for the whole family or the whole team on the camping. How can you enjoy the activity if your stomach is rumbling? The amount of food needed must be based on the number of days you will stay on camping. The camping site may have available water for you, but just bring at least 5 liters of drinking water just in case.

2.      2. Stove and Grills

You don’t want to eat canned goods for the whole camping period aren’t you? Whether you like it or not, you must bring stove and grills so you can cook something once in a while. Do not worry about the baggage, there are some handy stoves and camping grill that just weigh less. You can also keep it on the bag so you can carry it easily. 

3.       3. Light and Torches

Night time could be very difficult in the camp. You could not simply sit there and watch TV because there’s no TV at all, and worst, no light bulb. If you want to enjoy the night in the camp, you can bring in some flashlights or pre-charged emergency light. But hey, the concept should be natural and should in tune with nature, so I guess you should also bring some torches in the camp. The tiki torches are the best option for this. The tiki torches are great for outdoor activities like camping. So if you want to feel nature at its best at night, you better bring it.

4.       4. Clothings

You actually don’t need to bring your whole closet on the camping. Just bring some shirts that you can wear if the weather is warm or jackets if its cold. Remember there’s no washing in the camp, so it is always good to bring some extras.

5.     5. Tent

If it is just an overnight stay, then you may take this out as you can just sleep in an open area or under the shade of a tree. But if you will stay for at least three days, a tent should be a must.

6. First Aid Kit

Accidents may happen at any time, bring your first aid kit with complete equipments and some medicines.

If you want to spend a happy camping, then bring what you need to bring and set your heart to commune with nature.

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