Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jacob Latimore on His Way to Stardom

He is ambitious. He is driven. And He is a star.

Jacob Latimore is a 13 year old singer and a natural born singer. This kid is in love with singing that even at his young age he already decided for himself that he would be a singer. He knows what he wants to do and he would like to prove that he could be a star.

Jacob Latimore came from a musically inclined family. His father and his Uncles are actually the once famous Latimore Brothers singing in quartet. With that influence, the young singer has decided that he too would tap into the music scene and he is bound to make a big name on that.

Being a natural singer, Jacob, at his young age tried to replicate the songs he heard from the movies including the dance step. This kid could make a total performer following the footsteps of Justin Beiber and Michael Jackson.
At the age of nine, Jacob confirmed to her mother that he wants to be a singer and a dancer. As a first move, he teamed up with Milwaukee producer who helped him produce his first ever song entitled “Best Friend”. This song has inspired a lot of listeners and he was branded as the next kid star.

In the year 2007, Jacob and his family moved to Atlanta to take his career to the next level. He entered Atlanta Music scene on that same year and continued to make more noise with his music.

The following years could be a hard journey for the young boy to follow his dreams. But he would like to prove that age doesn’t matter in fulfilling a dream. He is just contented performing underground for now for he believes that he soon too will make it on mainstream.

And you may not know about this, but this young boy at the age of 13 has a long list of songs waiting for radio stations to pick it up and play on air. These are the songs of Jacob Latimore:

Slow free download
I Go Hard free download
Following My Dreams free download
Voodoo free download
Fantasy Girl
Camera Phone (ft Scooter Smiff) free download
I Am The Future
Like I do
Walking on Stars
In My Dreams
Try Again
Take You From Here
Superstar - A Cappella
Love Letter
In My Locker
Fantasy Girl (Prod. By The Cornaboyz)
Superstar - Instrumental
That's You
Jacob Latimore - Fantasy Girl
Camera Phone (ft. Scooter Smiff)
Camera Phone ft. Scooter Smiff
Girl Like Tish
Jacob Latimore - Slow
Like I Do (djweetart.com)
Jacob Latimore - I Go Hard
I Love You
Can I (W/O Bridge) (Cornaboyz Remix)
03 Voodoo
Jacob Latimore - Following My Dreams
Jacob Latimore ft. Scooter Smiff - Camera Phone
Pretty Girl
Camera Phone (Feat Scooter Smiff)
Fantasy Girl (Prod. by The Cornaboyz) (2008)
Camera Phone Feat. Scooter Smiff
Jacob Latimore - Voodoo
How I Feel
Fantasy Girl - Jacob Latimore
Super Star (Cornaboyz, Crownworld & Rico Love) (Mike & E Remix)
Jacob Latimore - I Am The Future
Jacob Latimore - In My Locker
Supastar (Prod. By CornerBoys)
Wanna Be
Camera Phone
Jacob Latimore - Dance With Me
That's You (Prod. By Cornaboyz)
Super Star (Cornaboyz, Crownworld & Rico Love)
Popcorn Love

And if you want to peek on his performance, watch this out. This is his single entitled "Like Em All".

I think we could consider him a young version of Chris Brown? What do you think?


  1. Check out this great interview with Jacob Latimore! http://bit.ly/jKIKdR

  2. This kid is so inspiring, i would love to know this kid plus he is so cute and talented.

  3. This kid is so inspiring' i would love to know this him plus he is cute and talented

  4. yes, and he is so adorable too


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