Saturday, February 26, 2011

Filipino Singers Continue to WOW the World

Filipino people can proudly say to the world that we have the best singers in the world. Modesty aside, Filipino singers can make it to the top if we are going to talk about world class talent.

Just recently, the world's attention glued on Maria Aragon as she posted her video on Youtube singing her own rendition of Lady Gaga's latest single “Born This Way”. She was commended with her pure talent and humble performance by no less than Lady Gaga herself. Maria Aragon is a Filipina kid based in Canada. Her recent stint on Youtube paved the way for her to be invited on Lady Gaga's concert in Canada. Maria Aragon is now following the footsteps of Charice Pempengco who acquired her fame through Youtube.

Speaking of Charice, she just received her international award in Japan. Charice, as branded by Oprah Winfrey as "world's most talented girl in the world", beats international singing stars Justin Beiber, Kei$ha, Orianthi and another Filipino singer Bruno Mars for the coveted Best New Artist award in the J-Wave's Tokio Hot 100 Award. Charice Pempengco will also return as cast of Glee. Charice started her singing career in a singing contest.

And of course, if we talk about singing contest, American Idol is one of the most watched singing contests in the world. In fact, the Season 10 of American Idol is currently the talk of the town. Since Filipinos are everywhere, American Idol won't be the same without a drop of Filipino blood. One of the female contenders is Thia Megia, she is the last female contestant who made it to Top 24 of American Idol Season 10. And if we have Thia Megia on the top 12 female contestants, we also have Clint Jun Gamboa on the top 12 male contestants. He is also a filipino. Good luck to Thia Megia and Clint Jun Gamboa, the Filipino people will support both of you.

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  1. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! im filipina i am proud to be one you guys are awesome keep it up


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