Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Albums from Foreign and Local Artists to Watch Out this 2011

Are you looking for new music this 2011? Let's make this year a good year for music and support new albums from new and old artists and from local and foreign artists.

I have a neat list below of “possible” music albums that will be released this year. I have to declare that this may still subject to change and may be postponed for next year but hopefully these albums will be set to be released this year.

Let's start the list from local artists:

1.Talumpati Album by Gloc 9

The album has been officially released today January 24, 2011. I have posted more information about this album here on my blog and if you want to read about it, just check out Talumpati album by Gloc 9.

2.Yeng Constantino- 4th Album

I have read on Yeng's Tumblr page that she is currently writing some songs for her 4th album that will be released this year. I have asked Yeng Constantino about this but I haven't received confirmation yet from her. The previous three albums are sure hit. She started her first album on the year 2007 under the title “Salamat” inspired by her stint in the reality show Pinoy Dream Academy. Her second album is titled Journey which was released in the year 2008 and the latest album released on 2009 is Lapit. No title yet for the fourth album but definitely, it will be released this year.

3.Save Me Hollywood- 1st album

This is the newest band in the block headed by the vocalist slash video jock Julz. If you want to know more about this band, check it here as I have also featured them here.

4.Tanya Markova- 2nd album

I am currently listening to this band in Monster radio and they have just announced that they have enough songs to make a new album. That could be good news to the fans of Tanya Markova. After the success of the first album which is a self titled album, Tanya Markova will set to dominate again the airwave this year. Well, basically, the new songs are entirely different from Linda Blair, Disney and Picture Picture. The band has mentioned they will release a song about the book of Revelation.

5.Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree

Ebe is a band member of Sugarfree which apparently left the band just this January to pursue a solo career. After eleven years of being a frontman and vocalist of Sugarfree, he decided to try going solo. Definitely his solo album will be about to release this year.

For Foreign Artists, this is my unofficial list of new albums:

1.Lady Gaga- Born this Way

Just in time for Valentines, Lady Gaga is set to release her Born this way album this February or maybe early March. I am sure fans are going gaga over her album.This could be the third album of Lady Gaga following off the success of The Fame released in the year 2008 and The Fame Monster in 2009.

2.Justin Bieber- My World

The previous albums are sure hits, but the next one is the E.P album which I think will be shown in 3D. I don't know much about it but I am sure fans will like it.


As a follow up for her 2008 double platinum album called “I Am… Sasha Fierce”, Beyonce is currently working hard to release a new album for the year 2011.


These guys are set to dominate the airwaves for this year 2011 for their 8th record. People are always looking forward for their new albums.

5.Jonas Brothers

For the teen market, here is the good news for you. After being silent for a year, Jonas Brothers will be back for a possible album this year 2011. So watch out for that.

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