Sunday, January 23, 2011

Integrity Matters Most

They always said “Masarap ang Bawal”. I can't help but to agree. Sometimes I am thinking why is it so difficult to avoid “Bawal” in life? Prohibited things or actions are very tempting and this is the primary reason why people are not living a righteous life.

Integrity is one of the foundation in achieving God's Best. This is what has been preached to us today in the church. Integrity means always doing the right thing no matter what will happen. So if you are prohibited to do things because it will displease God, then by all means try to avoid doing it because God is testing your Integrity. The only way to become strong of the strongholds and the temptation in life is to strengthen the virtue of Integrity.

One of the most perfect examples of integrity in the account in the Bible is the life of Joseph. His character is very consistent. No matter what happened to him, he stood strong with his belief. Remember that Joseph was sold by his brothers because of jealousy. But because of his integrity, God put Joseph in a good position. But even during his stay in Egypt, King Potifar's wife tried to tempt Joseph to sleep with her, although there's a chance to do so, Joseph did not give in to the temptation. He was even imprisoned because he was accused by Potifar's wife of raping her. But Joseph stayed the same and continued to do good even when he is in prison.

You can apply integrity at work by doing what you think is right even though nobody is watching. Remember that when you are in your workplace, you should work on pleasing God and not pleasing your boss. Do your job with all your heart without expecting your boss to appreciate you. Whether your boss is watching over your work or not, always do your best.

You can apply integrity with your words. You must practice what you preach. A Yes should be a Yes and a No should be a No. Always make sure that what you are saying should always reflect your action.

If we have the virtue of integrity, we can always project God's best in our life.

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