Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Information about the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

Are you one of the Education graduates who will take the licensure examination? This information is for you.

Here are the requirements that you must bring in filing an application:

1. TOR or Transcript of Records with your picture
2. Birth Certificate Authenticated by NSO. You must bring both the original and the photocopy
3. If you are married, bring your marriage contract
4. Bring also extra papers, pen, glue
5. Money

Speaking of money, here are the following items that you must pay at the PRC station. Warning: Do not deal with fixers, make sure you are paying on the right people.

1. Examination fee
2. Picture (passport size)
3. Metered Stamped Envelope
4. Notary / Notarization
5. Cedula

Approximately, all payments would cost P1,500.

These are the possible steps in filing an application:

1. Go to the PRC office as early as you can to avoid a very long line
2. Get an application form
3. Fill it out completely. Make sure you place your right thumb mark and paste your two IDs in passport size
4. Have your application meter stamped
5. Next, you go to the evaluator and submit your application form, make sure you followed steps 3 and 4 properly, otherwise, the evaluators will demand you to repeat the process
6. Along with the application form, you also need to submit your TOR, birth certificate and your cedula
7. After the evaluation of papers, you will receive a white registration card
8. Fill it out completely, attach you passport picture, put in your thumb mark and sign
9. Then proceed to the cashier for payment
10. After that, notarize your application form
11. And finally, proceed to the Verification window. At this point, you must be able to provide the following items:
  • Completed, evaluated, and notarized Application form (attached TOR & B. Certificate)
  • •White Registration Card
  • •2 pcs stamped, metered mailing envelope
Then you will be advised to wait for the letter from PRC. This letter contains information whether your application is Denied or Approved. If you are approved, then the information should be about your schedule, the location and more information about the examination.

God Bless on your exam.

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