Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Biblical Foundation in Achieving God's Best: Values

I would just like to quickly share what I learned from church last Sunday.

For the first quarter of the year 2011, our topic in the church is all about the virtues that would help us Christians represent God's Best and our first topic is all about values.

I remember Values as a subject way back high school and it is the most boring and the most "never-mind" subject for me. But later on, I realized that what I had learned from Values Education have become my armor and shield for the temptations and all the strongholds that this world can offer.

Values are the things that are special to us or something that we cherished. If we are talking about something valuable, we are thinking about the material things, the power, the fame and whatever that brings us happiness.

But values can also be found on intangible things and the most valuable item that we could ever share to other people is LOVE. In new testament, the LOVE of GOD is branded as the most valuable of all. But because of the material things and the wordly elements, we tend to focus more on valuable objects here on earth rather than focusing on the Love of God.

In New testament, the 10 commandments have been summarize into two things: Love your neighbor as you love yourself, and Love God. That is how simple it is. This is the true value that we should always consider. If we have the LOVE OF GOD, wherever we go, whatever we do, and whatever situation we are in, we are carrying with us the true value.

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