Monday, December 27, 2010

The Modern Version of Gulliver's Travel

I had been, as a child, a secret fan of Gulliver's Travel. The animated version had been aired on the morning show of ABS-CBN way back I guess 1999 or late 2000's. I am not quite sure with the year, but I know I am still young during that time. I love the story of Jonathan Swift. The story of the life of Gulliver is as interesting as the Lilliput and other fictional events, places and people included in the show. It is a whole lot of entertainment for me and that has officially become the part of my childhood. Since then, I never forgot about the story of Gulliver and his peculiar travel.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

All I Want is a Stress Free New Year

Christmas day is almost over, but it doesn’t mean the celebration has ended. We are about to face the New year 2010. That means we are leaving behind the year 2010 and we will be facing a New year which is 2011. Every New year is a celebration. It represents hope, new life and most of all, a new beginning. Whether the year 2010 has been good for you or not, we must leave it all behind.

The best way to celebrate New Year is to keep that stress away. While we consider this a big event of the year, this is also the season where accidents mostly happened. In our effort to follow the celebration of Chinese New year, we are actually putting our lives at risk.

I remember when I was 10 years old, like most of the boys do during New year, I tried to light a firecracker called Triangle. This is an explosive powder wrapped in a thick brown paper and form into triangle shape, and if you will light it up with a fire, it will explode. I think it’s just simple to make it explode, but when I tried lighting one, it explodes immediately right in front of me. Thank God I am still alive. From then on, I decided not to do it again with any other firecrackers.
To avoid conflicts, accidents and most of all stress during New Year, here are my simple tips for you:

1. Do not use Firecrackers

I believe that the reason why we are using firecrackers during new year according to our Chinese friends is to eliminate evil spirits around. While I personally believe that this is not true, I don’t agree with the idea to celebrate new year with explosions. Ok, you want noise? Then get some tins, aluminium and cans and make a noise to the top of your lungs. I am sure evil spirits will be more than annoyed with these than firecrackers.

2. Use Pyrotechnics

So you want to call me kill joy for suggesting not using firecrackers? Ok, I want you to enjoy your New Year’s celebration, so if you want to be really “IN” with celebration, then use alternatives. There are some safe pyrotechnics that you can use in replacement for firecrackers. You can light up some colorful rockets that light up the sky, Airburst, Comets and fireballs. Most pyrotechnics are just whistling and sparkling, no annoying explosions like that of firecrackers.

3. Don’t drink and eat too much

Well, foods and drinks are almost everywhere during New Year. But watch out for your health. You can save some for tomorrow, control yourself from eating too much because this is unhealthy. Don’t also drink too much especially hard liquor. You know worst things happened when people are under the influence of alcohol
May you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Where is the Line to See Jesus?(Christmas Reflection 2010)

This is how we celebrated Christmas in the church awhile ago. You might have celebrated yours with videoke, loud music and games, but we choose to celebrate it this way.

That candles that we are holding represents our renewal of commitment to Jesus Christ. We are remembering that this occasion is only for Him. He is the birthday celebrant and all credits, honor, glory and worship should be dedicated for him alone.

I opted to celebrate my Christmas in the church and joined this Christmas eve worship instead of going to parties because I want to dedicate this wonderful day to our celebrant. I want to celebrate with Him because his birth paved the way for our salvation.We are not as free as we are now if not for the birth of Jesus Christ. But the sad story is that, we almost forgot about it because we are more on the festivities, the activities and the party. We forgot to greet the birthday celebrant and spend time with Him on His special day.

Let me tell you a story:

A mother and a child went to the mall to buy Christmas gift and foods. They happened to pass on this very long line, both men, women, children, young people and adults patiently waiting for their turns. Then the child asked his mother, "Mom, what is that line for?". The mother answered,"Oh, that's the line to see Santa Claus, would you like to see Santa Claus?". The boy smiled and answered,"Oh, yes, I want to see Santa Claus, but if there is a line to see Santa Claus, then where is the line to see Jesus?". The mother was speechless.

We are all blinded by the traditional Christmas, the sad story is, Santa Claus and other Christmas symbols tend to steal our attention from the real celebrant. The boy's question to his mother is a profound sentence for me. With that simple question,people will able to realize that there is more to Christmas than seeing a fake Santa Claus in flesh, than having more gifts and loud parties. Christmas time is not yet over,if you have not greeted the real celebrant yet, then pause a short break, stop the party and talk to Him by heart and thank Him for this celebration and for His sacrifices.

I want to share this video to you and I hope you too will follow the line to see Jesus. Have a blessed Christmas to you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Symbols of Christmas

Busy people.
Traffic jam.
Party party.
Shopping in the mall.
Gift giving.
And everything.

All of these happened in one special occasion, and that is no other than the Christmas. Personally, I think Christmas is the busiest season of the year. If that's the case, then I would beg to disagree with other people wishing that everyday would be Christmas. I enjoy being busy, but I don't want to be busy all the days of my life.

Because of the "busy-ness" of Christmas, people tend to overlook the real concept of Christmas. We just follow what other people are doing without even knowing why we are doing this and why we are doing that. Now, I would just like to share my slightest idea about the symbols of Christmas and where it originates.

1. The Star

Colorful Christmas lanterns are everywhere. The sizes vary from small to big. They are in different shade of colors. Some are attractive, others are simple, but there are also sophisticated ones. But do you know exactly where it originates? Christmas won’t be the same without these colorful stars. The symbol of the star originates from the three wise men. Remember that when Jesus was born, the three wise men set on their journey to find Baby Jesus. And the only guide they have that time is the star. Because of the star, they were able to find the manger where Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus stayed.

2. Exchange Gift.

When the three wise men found Baby Jesus, they know for sure that He is the Messiah. That is the first time they witnessed God in the form of a human. Because of that, the three wise men worshiped the Baby Jesus Christ. During the time of the Old Testament, worshipping God is very expensive. You need to offer something, either an animal or crops from your field. As a sign of worship and respect, the three wise men offered Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. This is the reason why we are giving gifts during Christmas.

3. Christmas Carol.

Christmas time won't pass without hearing Jingle Bells, Rudolph the red nose reindeer and Deck the Hall. The Christmas carol is a symbol of celebration and joy. I think this one originates from the angels and shepherds on their celebration for the birth of the Messiah.

As we celebrate Christmas, I hope we respect these symbols as these had paved the way for the birth of our Savior.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Suggested Parlor Games for Christmas Party

Christmas party will never be the same without games. The best way to enjoy Christmas party aside from the foods and the gifts is through playing some old games.

I was assigned to organize the parlor games for our company's Christmas party for this year, so I started soliciting advices. I also searched for information on the internet about the best games for Christmas party. I was able to come up with this list: 
1. Follow My Dance Move

Inspired by a segment in a game show, this game can be played by pair. The game is some kind of similar from that of Stop Dance, but with a twist. Players in pair will dance along with the music, and when the music stops, the two leaders will pose and the players will follow the pose of the leaders. The fun comes with the degree of the difficulty of posing. The last pair standing will win the game.

2. Perfect Combination

This game has been taken from a segment of a noon time show. Two teams consisting of 5 members will play the game. The mechanics is simple. Each team must be able to complete a sequence of numbers that will be shown to them. Three seconds are given on Level A consisting of 5 numbers, and Level B consisting of 7 numbers. Five seconds are given for Level C consisting of 11 numbers, and Level D consisting of 15 numbers. Seven seconds are given for Level E consisting of 17 numbers. The member who can make it up to the last level will win the game.

3. Blow the plastic cap

This one I saw in a youtube video. Two teams consisting of 5 members each will blow a plastic cap from one end to another. Each member will take turn to blow the plastic cap entwined in a thread. The fastest team will win the game.

4. Tiebox Relay

For this game, you need a tiebox of about 3/4 to 1 meter. You should tie both end of the tiebox to make a round shape. Two teams will compete consisting of 5 members each. The first person in line should let the round shaped tiebox pass to his or her body and pass it on to the next person. The next person will do the same until the last person on the line.

5. Pinoy Henyo ala Charade

Obviously, the game has been taken from Eat Bulaga's segment, but with a twist. The mystery word written on a cardboard will be pasted on somebody's forehead. And then, he will try to guess the mystery word through the actions of his partner. The partner is not allowed to speak. He can only give clue through body language, facial expression, hand signal, or by acting.

6. Shoot the glass

This is an individual game. The aim is for the person to shoot the stick on the glass with the blindfold on. He should listen to the instruction from people around in order to aim the glass. The person who can shoot the stick on the glass in the fastest possible time will win the game. You should note that the participant will only allowed to shoot once.

7. Blindfold Banana Eating

I saw this on Youtube. This will be played by two teams with 5 members each. The first two person on the line will be blindfolded, the other one will hold banana, and the other one will wait for the banana to be feed. After the first person finished eating the banana, the first person should pass the blindfold to the third person on the line, and the second person should now feed the banana to the third person. This should be done until the fifth person. The team who can finish first will win the game.

8. Guess that Christmas Tune

This game will be played by two teams consisting of 5 members each. The game master will play a Christmas tune and anybody from competing team should guess the title of the Christmas song. The first to reach five points will win the game.

9. Lemon Slam Dunk

I had played this game last two years ago. The game will be played by pair, one girl and one boy. The girl will try to let the lemon pass from foot to head of the boy. The girl can select any route to the boy's body, as long as it should pass through from bottom to top.

10. Christmas Quiz and Spell

Two teams will compete for this game. An alphabet from A to Z will be provided for each team. The game master will ask a question regarding Christmas, and the team will answer by spelling it. They must pick the alphabets available and spell it. The rule is, one alphabet per member. The first team to reach five points will win the game.