Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where is the Line to See Jesus?(Christmas Reflection 2010)

This is how we celebrated Christmas in the church awhile ago. You might have celebrated yours with videoke, loud music and games, but we choose to celebrate it this way.

That candles that we are holding represents our renewal of commitment to Jesus Christ. We are remembering that this occasion is only for Him. He is the birthday celebrant and all credits, honor, glory and worship should be dedicated for him alone.

I opted to celebrate my Christmas in the church and joined this Christmas eve worship instead of going to parties because I want to dedicate this wonderful day to our celebrant. I want to celebrate with Him because his birth paved the way for our salvation.We are not as free as we are now if not for the birth of Jesus Christ. But the sad story is that, we almost forgot about it because we are more on the festivities, the activities and the party. We forgot to greet the birthday celebrant and spend time with Him on His special day.

Let me tell you a story:

A mother and a child went to the mall to buy Christmas gift and foods. They happened to pass on this very long line, both men, women, children, young people and adults patiently waiting for their turns. Then the child asked his mother, "Mom, what is that line for?". The mother answered,"Oh, that's the line to see Santa Claus, would you like to see Santa Claus?". The boy smiled and answered,"Oh, yes, I want to see Santa Claus, but if there is a line to see Santa Claus, then where is the line to see Jesus?". The mother was speechless.

We are all blinded by the traditional Christmas, the sad story is, Santa Claus and other Christmas symbols tend to steal our attention from the real celebrant. The boy's question to his mother is a profound sentence for me. With that simple question,people will able to realize that there is more to Christmas than seeing a fake Santa Claus in flesh, than having more gifts and loud parties. Christmas time is not yet over,if you have not greeted the real celebrant yet, then pause a short break, stop the party and talk to Him by heart and thank Him for this celebration and for His sacrifices.

I want to share this video to you and I hope you too will follow the line to see Jesus. Have a blessed Christmas to you.

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