Monday, December 27, 2010

The Modern Version of Gulliver's Travel

I had been, as a child, a secret fan of Gulliver's Travel. The animated version had been aired on the morning show of ABS-CBN way back I guess 1999 or late 2000's. I am not quite sure with the year, but I know I am still young during that time. I love the story of Jonathan Swift. The story of the life of Gulliver is as interesting as the Lilliput and other fictional events, places and people included in the show. It is a whole lot of entertainment for me and that has officially become the part of my childhood. Since then, I never forgot about the story of Gulliver and his peculiar travel.

And now, Gulliver has come back to life in the personality of the modern actor Jack Black. This could be considered a "remake with a twist" as the new version has modern touch.

On the new generation movie, Lemuel Gulliver is a mailroom clerk at a New York newspaper. The assignment writing about Bermuda Triangle has led the way for the biggest adventure of his life. Instead of discovering the real secret of Bermuda Triangle, Gulliver has ended on the undiscovered world called Lilliput. Unlike in New York, Gulliver is the biggest in Lilliput. And he used his size to be the biggest personality in the land of Lilliput where people are only about 1 inch tall. Gulliver is hailed the greatest man in Lilliput as he began telling tales about his inventions and accomplishments. Because of his great disposition, he was hailed as the leader of Lilliputians to lead the battle against their long time enemy. But since he is not really a fighter and as great as what he is telling to Lilliputians, Gulliver failed to win the battle, and he is now set to undo the damage he brought in to the Lilliputians. Later on, Gulliver realized that men are not being measured by size based on physical appearance, but on how big they are in the inside.

This is the trailer of the movie Gulliver's Travel starring Jack Black. The movie will be shown on January 2011. Enjoy!

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