Saturday, December 25, 2010

All I Want is a Stress Free New Year

Christmas day is almost over, but it doesn’t mean the celebration has ended. We are about to face the New year 2010. That means we are leaving behind the year 2010 and we will be facing a New year which is 2011. Every New year is a celebration. It represents hope, new life and most of all, a new beginning. Whether the year 2010 has been good for you or not, we must leave it all behind.

The best way to celebrate New Year is to keep that stress away. While we consider this a big event of the year, this is also the season where accidents mostly happened. In our effort to follow the celebration of Chinese New year, we are actually putting our lives at risk.

I remember when I was 10 years old, like most of the boys do during New year, I tried to light a firecracker called Triangle. This is an explosive powder wrapped in a thick brown paper and form into triangle shape, and if you will light it up with a fire, it will explode. I think it’s just simple to make it explode, but when I tried lighting one, it explodes immediately right in front of me. Thank God I am still alive. From then on, I decided not to do it again with any other firecrackers.
To avoid conflicts, accidents and most of all stress during New Year, here are my simple tips for you:

1. Do not use Firecrackers

I believe that the reason why we are using firecrackers during new year according to our Chinese friends is to eliminate evil spirits around. While I personally believe that this is not true, I don’t agree with the idea to celebrate new year with explosions. Ok, you want noise? Then get some tins, aluminium and cans and make a noise to the top of your lungs. I am sure evil spirits will be more than annoyed with these than firecrackers.

2. Use Pyrotechnics

So you want to call me kill joy for suggesting not using firecrackers? Ok, I want you to enjoy your New Year’s celebration, so if you want to be really “IN” with celebration, then use alternatives. There are some safe pyrotechnics that you can use in replacement for firecrackers. You can light up some colorful rockets that light up the sky, Airburst, Comets and fireballs. Most pyrotechnics are just whistling and sparkling, no annoying explosions like that of firecrackers.

3. Don’t drink and eat too much

Well, foods and drinks are almost everywhere during New Year. But watch out for your health. You can save some for tomorrow, control yourself from eating too much because this is unhealthy. Don’t also drink too much especially hard liquor. You know worst things happened when people are under the influence of alcohol
May you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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